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Legally Blogging, Round 2

Since it's Tuesday, you know what that means.  No, not Taco Tuesday...but that does sound pretty good right about now.  It's time for another edition of Legally Blogging. 

If you don't remember / don't want to go back and read, I'll give you a quick refresher.  Jackie from Jackie Jade, Allison from Lawfully Lost  and ME from Bailey Dailieshave teamed up to start a Legally Blogging series.  Our hope is to connect with other lawyer bloggers out there in blog-land who want to be a part of the series.  So, for any of you out there who want to get in on the action, shoot one of us an e-mail or comment on the post, and we'll get you on the schedule!  

The point is to not only connect with other similarly situated bloggers, but also to show the blog-land that lawyers aren't necessarily who you might think they are.  There are a lot of myths out there, and we're here to show you a different side of being a lawyer!

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This week, you get to meet, Allison of Lawfully Lost! Take it away Allison!!

 That's me.  Hi!

I'm a little different than Catherine and Jackie in that I'm still in law school.  I quit the working world of federal politics and government to go back to school, and I haven't looked back sinceYou'll find me in Ottawa, Canada, where it's very cold right now and I'm freezing my butt off.  I live with my boyfriend, Brock, who's my partner in crime. 

I'm originally from British Columbia, and one of the main reasons for going to law school was to be able to move back there.  That's one thing that was very appealing to me about law.  As a lawyer, I can work anywhere and there is so much diversity in the field.
This summer, I'll be working at a national firm in Vancouver as an articling student, and then finishing up my articles with them after I graduate next year.  Brock will be holding down the fort in Ottawa for the summer, so it'll be interesting to see how that works out.  

I'm interested in corporate / commercial litigation.  We do a rotation at my firm, so I'll spend a few weeks with the litigation group, a few weeks with the real estate development group, then finish up with the corporate group.  Should be an awesome experience!

My blog, Lawfully Lost, chronicles my life as a 26 year old law student.  It's a mixture of stories, adventures, thoughts, and whatever else I feel like writing about on any given day.  I've been known to openly discuss my lousy cooking attempts, my failed artistic endeavors, the trials and tribulations of living with my neurotic boyfriend, my addiction to reality TV, and my love for photography.  I opened a little Etsy shop of my photos, so go check that out, too!  

Without further ado, here's my Q & A session:

1) Why did you start blogging?

My sister was visiting one weekend in November and we started talking about some of the blogs we read.  We both love reading blogs, but we were finding that some of the blogs we read were difficult to relate to.  We're both not married, we don't have kids, and we don't bake.  However, we do love to travel, oogle over pretty things, and enjoy life.  I've always loved photography and story telling, so before I knew it, we were brainstorming blog names.  It's funny because I had always thought of starting a blog, but I guess I never really had the confidence to do it.  My sister gave me the push I needed, and it has been such a great experience over the past 3 months.  

2) What do you like to do when you're not blogging?

Aside from the whole school thing...but you don't want to hear more about that!

It's no secret to those that know me that I love to eat and drink.  So, 9 times out of 10, you will find me at a restaurant or bar meeting up with friends.  I love trying out new places and exploring cities through their restaurant scene.  There isn't any cuisine I don't really like, so I'm usually up for trying anything.

I also suffer from a severe case of Wanderlust.  I love to travel, I think about traveling every day, and I'm always planning my next trip.  If I have a week off, you won't find me at home.  I just did a quick mental count, and I think I've traveled to about 20 countries, and don't plan on stopping any time soon.  My money is not spent on fabulous clothes or pampering, it is spent on traveling. 

I'm also a British Columbia gal at heart, so nothing makes me happier than hiking in the mountains, swimming, and being outdoors.  My parents are super outdoorsy, so I have to keep up with them ;-)

 My Dad and I hiking this past summer.

Windy trip to the outhouse at 9,600 feet!

3) What do you find is the biggest misconception about lawyers?

I'm probably not ready to answer this one yet, so ask me again in August and I'll have a better answer for you.  As for biggest misconceptions about law students?  I don't think there are any.  Most are type-A, slightly crazy, and super keeners.  I don't mean that as a bad thing, it's just more entertaining than anything.  And let's be honest, I sometimes fit the bill pretty well myself.

When a gunner is assigned to be my co-counsel for a simulated negotiation assignment.

I'm like: 
Courtesy of my favourite Tumblr: #wheninlawschool.  It's pretty accurate and sums up law students / school to a T.

4) What's your favorite vacation you've been on?

I don't think I can answer this with just one favourite.  There are too many amazing ones to pick just one.  My girlfriend and I backpacked across Europe for 2 months when we finished our undergrad, so I'd say that probably wins as ultimate favourite vacation.  But, I also rented a car with 4 other people and spent two weeks driving through England and Scotland.  That was pretty epic, too. 

I can honestly say though, that it doesn't matter where in the world I am, as long as I'm with great people and enjoying their company, I'll be having a great time.  For instance, I've never laughed so much in my life than when some friends and I did nothing but lay on a beach for a week in the Dominican Republic.

A few weeks ago I went to Mexico with an amazing group of friends and we had the time of our lives.  Every trip is different and is somehow my favourite in it's own unique way.

I'm heading to Iceland in 6 weeks, so that will be amazing!  Cannot wait!

5) What's your best and worst home reno project?

Best: Well, that's easy.  The reno where I didn't have to lift a finger!  You see, this one time, I was a TV star and had my apartment reno'ed on HGTV.  Ok, so TV star is a stretch, but yes, I was on HGTV.  I was actually supposed to be on with my roommate, but there were some filming delays, so by the time they scheduled us, I was on the verge of moving out.  I had lived in my "new" ratty / tiny / horrible basement bachelor apartment for approximately 2 days when a film crew moved in for a week and re-decorated the entire thing.  It was glorious.  The concept of the show was that I went to "design school" with an interior designer and then put my new skills to test, on their dime.  At the end, I got a grade on how well I did.  I still get the occasional phone call or email that my episode has re-aired, so maybe if you watch HGTV at odd hours of the day/night, you'll catch me on TV.  You don't even want to see the before pictures, so here are the after ones with my feedback:


Worst: that award definitely goes to last weekend's attempt to replace the fan in my bathroom.  Let's just say that when Brock removed the old fan, only to discover that both bathrooms were suddenly without power, it was not the best situation.

Three hours later, after several attempts to get at the wiring in the attic above the bathroom, and re-setting every fuse in the electrical box many times, I was trying not to laugh and Brock was convinced we'd have to get an electrician in to fix it.  Turns out, after all that, it was only a breaker that had tripped and a simple push of the button on the electrical outlet turned all the power back on.  Man, did we have a good laugh at that one.  I mostly just laughed at this image, which will live on forever:

That's all I've got for now peeps, so come over to Lawfully Lost and see what else is going on. Thanks for hosting this week, Jackie and Catherine!



Thank you Allison for such a great post!! Please go check out her blog and show her some love! And while you are showing love, make sure to check out my feature on Heavens to Meighan! I am super excited to be featured on her blog, to be her first sponsor, and to be her real life friend! Don't you just love the blog world? There are so many sweet people out there!

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