Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Paws for a Cause

Last Thursday we attended the annual Paws for a Cause auction benefiting our local humane society. I was a member of the board last year and this year I was put in charge of the live auction. I was running around like a crazy person, literally, all of last week. Clients had appointments with me despite the fact that there were live auction items strewn about my office. I had 25 bottles of liquor in my car (for the liquor wagon prize). I took Forrest to Wal Mart at 9:30pm in search of tissue paper and the perfect shade of green gift bags. It was intense. The auction is the main fundraiser for the shelter and so it is an event that I hold near and dear to my heart. Plus, we got Ruffles from the auction (I am the ONLY person to ever attend the auction and leave with a pet, as no pets are auctioned or available for adoption--they just bring a few to look cute) 3 years ago! Despite the fact that I was exhausted by trying to juggle work, auction, and all of the other things I have going, I was honored to be a part of such a worthy cause! The night was actually quite a success and we all had a good time in the process. There is a silent auction as well and Forrest loves nothing more than a good silent auction! He won a couple of pretty great prizes and was very pleased. I also had to sell raffle tickets for a game through which you could win your choice of live auction item (wine tour, Africa trip, etc). They were $100 each and we had to sell 50. There were 2 teams and I sold 37--yep, 37 out of the 50! I was super proud!! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our shelter! Please keep giving, and remember "Why buy when shelter pets die??" Something to think about!!

 photo EA55DC11-64C7-45F5-B4D8-8C1B3A350101-8025-0000051D7214CA98_zpsd283ec19.jpg  
Me with Mark the Leprechaun!

 photo 8D9F9D4B-83A7-49B9-AF39-5A0555662171-8025-0000051D6E3E552B_zps18df2176.jpg
Sweet friends supporting a wonderful cause!
Claire, Anna, Farrah, and Me


  1. I love that you went to a silent auction and came home with a dog! I feel like that's something I would do. Good thing there weren't any shelter animals at the silent auction I went to on Thursday! Glad to hear it went so well, what a great cause.

    1. Thanks Allison! My Ruffles is the best thing we have ever gotten at an auction! Thankfully they only bring one shelter pet since the nigh I got Ruffles (they changed the rules for me--seriously). I'm a sucker for sweet little babies that need a good home! That's how I wound up with 4!!!

  2. You are so tiny and adorable! I loved this post. I think supporting shelters is such a great cause. There is a shelter here in Denver called the Dumb Friends League (I know, weird name) and I used to volunteer there. It was a great experience!

    1. Whitney YOU are too adorable! I could never actually volunteer at a shelter--I would totally be animal hoarder! I'm glad to have other opportunities to support the shelters that do so much for our community!


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