Monday, March 4, 2013

Riding the Train

Wow what a great weekend! I usually would be saying boo for Monday after such a great weekend but when I saw SUNLIGHT peeking through my window this morning I was instantly ready to start my day. Hooray for sun! This weekend was a doozie--totally jam packed with fun fun fun! Most of it involved me following my sister around but we will get to that. Prepare yourselves for LOTS of pics!

On Friday night we went to the 9 o' Clock Dancing Club with several friends. This is one of the dances that has a dinner which makes it really fun. We had 6 super fun couples and 2 tables so we divided up boys and girls, of course!

 photo F1FD1C67-75B6-4715-831D-D577A69EB572-263-000000130F13A9DB_zpsae965fb9.jpg

 Me, the hubs, and my lovely sock bun. My sweet assistant did my hair for me at work. It was super professional, I know.

   photo 68743A56-B716-4BCC-984F-BE0CCF201698-263-00000012F2BCE8C8_zps366ff391.jpg

With Mom and Dad at the dance

   photo 5CD62EC1-E7AF-4B74-9869-EE09C239C273-263-0000001292AFDB8E_zps5097ea44.jpg

A double decker Kelly Sandwich 
Kelly, Farrah, Kelly, Me, Kelli

 Saturday was "follow Miss Alabama USA around day". We started with a signing at a local florist. Not only was my sister there but also 2 Alabama players: DJ Fluker and Jessie Williams. It was a SUPER fun afternoon!!

 photo 64165204-6099-4572-9FAC-70005C7B6B73-263-00000012C6DB0662_zpsb5769e71.jpg

 Getting the key to the city from the Mayor

   photo 0B423E97-DC05-4B1B-9380-7A14B5349084-263-000000148A34AE17_zps2ab32151.jpg 

Hanging out with DJ Fluker. He follows me on Twitter now! Oh yeah! I know he's pumped about seeing all of my cat pics.

   photo ADB13BDB-FD9F-476C-808F-A87895A46F2C-263-000000149E3008D2_zpsc159532c.jpg

The radio station  interviewed me on the radio about being Miss Alabama USA's sister.

 photo AE922A44-6334-4BE0-B58F-6303BEAD3B32-263-000000151CF6DEF5_zpsc16e4369.jpg

The fam (minus my brother and husband)

   photo C9D8124D-38C8-40F6-A965-2C11FC85EC9C-263-00000014F8BA45FE_zpsf63706c2.jpg

I loved getting to meet Jessie Williams, aka ThaMonster!

 That evening my mom and I went to watch MMM in Birmingham Fashion Week. It was my first time to go and I felt like I was on an episode of Sex and the City. The snow was falling (literally--come on Alabama weather--get with it), we were drinking wine in the front row of a runway show, and well, maybe that's all but I still felt really fancy.

 photo 7603B8F9-102A-48A3-B76F-9CCE4AE01A42-263-00000010F865E0AE_zpsc3689e06.jpg

See, it looks like a for real fashion show, right?? 

   photo 74E4CDBF-D253-436D-91D5-16F83F43FB5A-263-0000000FF760DEF4_zpsc8d9ac17.jpg 

 Mom and I ready for the main event

   photo 38234A69-5B99-4C58-B33C-91E0BB47B5CB-263-00000010DA61CF22_zps452a09fe.jpg 

This is my sister in the Heidi Elnora show. She looked so crazy, Mom and I didn't know it was her until they came out the final time! 

 photo 85E6737F-EDF3-443B-A925-A963153F6326-263-00000010D37275DA_zps99a38847.jpg 

Heidi's show was based on Snow White and the Huntsman. This is the bad bride trying to give the good bride (with antlers) the poisonous apple. When she wouldn't take it, the bad bride threw the apple--at me. I will have nightmares for months. 

 photo 7138FBFC-3429-458C-BFF5-6FF757E74300-263-00000010CB7A1DAB_zpsa8fbd67f.jpg  

My favorite part of the show was seeing the outfits made out of non-traditional materials. This was the winner, made out of pop tops and soup rappers.

 photo E4F6DC69-74AB-4897-840F-779A4B61172B-263-0000001033E5DA50_zps20dabc5c.jpg 

MMM modeling TIBI

Forrest spent his day car shopping and snuck in a little The Dark Knight viewing since I definitely would have nightmares about that! The part where the football field caves in during the game freaked me out enough during the trailer to ensure I would never watch the whole movie.

We rounded out the weekend with an errand filled Sunday and a yummy dinner of chili at my parents' with Justin and Farrah.
Bring on the week! We have lots of fun stuff planned and I'm ready already!!

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  1. First, your dress from the dance is super cute! Absolutely love it! Second, the fashion show looks amazing. How cool that your sister was modelling in it!

    1. Thanks Allison! It was actually my friend Kelly's dress (the Kelly in the middle).

  2. Looks like you had the best weekend - I love that black and white dress!

    Pearls & Paws

    1. Thank you Heather! It's nice to have you over at Bailey Dailies! I LOVE your blog--2 of my favorite things combined! :) And since I borrowed the dress from a friend, I will let her know it was a hit! Hope to see you back here soon!


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