Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Pioneer I Am Not

I'm sure that after reading my post about the storm 2 weeks ago you figured out that we were sans power for several days. I'm talking several. Thank goodness there was no real roughing it since we stayed with my parents who had power the entire time, but I felt like I just never felt settled and was crazy the entire time. A change in my routine throws me way off kilter and I never seemed to be able to get balanced this time. I kept worrying about my poor cats who were still home so I drove up through the mess twice a day. This made me late to work and therefore extra busy the whole time. The cats were of course fine as they are ridiculously furry and I left them 3 bowls of food and water which I replenished every time I visited. I had just read Homers odyssey and it really freaked me out about them being alone, but they are tough "street kitties" so they maintained. I also had all of my girlfriend gala stuff at home so I had to make a trip to load it up in the dark so we could decorate on Tuesday and Wednesday. I also got more clothes each day and wound up with 5 bags at my parents'. Then, we had the added fun if having to pack for our Atlanta weekend so we made a trip home for that. Oh, and since I believe that life must go in in the face of any routine changer, I also took all the laundry from our house to my parents' and did that over lunch one day. Top all of this with working full time jobs and you have a recipe for much crazy and exhaustion!! I even made time to run my couch to 5k session which thrilled me actually because it calmed me down but it did require a trip home for the right shoes. I really don't know why I just spent all of this time whining when I had power and tv and a warm bed and home cooked meals when my friends and neighbors had trees in their houses. We are so blessed to only have had to deal with inconveniences instead of real problems.
I need to give a big shout out to my parents for taking us in for basically a week! On Monday night mom had dinner ready and waiting when I arrived, and each night after that we got a home cooked meal. They took the dogs out and fed them and even threw sticks for Sonny, who always tried to get in the car when I pulled up so that he could go home. Poor thing. We got to store all of our food that I rescued from our fridge and freezer in their own even though it took up so much room. Mom even made me breakfast on the day school was cancelled (she is a teacher) and packed Forrest lunches for work and stayed up with me wrapping girlfriend gala gifts. It was really really really nice to be taken care of and to not have to worry about any every day things while I was worrying about my house and the power situation. Thanks a bunch, Mom and Dad!!  photo 68743A56-B716-4BCC-984F-BE0CCF201698-263-00000012F2BCE8C8_zps366ff391.jpg


  1. aww sweet mom and dad!! that sounds like MADNESS. I would have let everything just sit until I came back, especially laundry. you know me, hahaha. (except the kitties...)

    1. Hahahaha I wanted to but I knew it would be a nightmare if I did! I think the cats are just starting to forgive me, although I don't know why they were mad! Dark house, tons of food, no dogs?? Sounds nice to me (if I was a cat).


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