Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday Shenanigans

Hello and Happy Monday! Did everyone have a great weekend? Mine was all about birthdays! We started our celebrations on Friday night--Michelle was turning 30! I had been helping her sweet husband Ben plan a surprise for her for MONTHS and I really couldn't hold it in any longer! We all gathered at a local restaurant  and waited for her to arrive. Ben's parents brought Daniel, Ben and Michelle's adorable little boy! He and Forrest played with his cool light up Buzz Lightyear and with Woody who talked. Kids toys are pretty fun, I have to admit! Daniel was SO proud of his mommy and kept running up to people saying "IT'S MOMMY'S BIRTHDAY!!" Finally, Michelle arrived!! Surprise!!

 photo 781BFF85-1DC4-4417-BA4C-96352F3A683F-14057-00000594CF7142F0_zpsc0029e02.jpg 

St. James Young Marrieds girls celebrating with the birthday babe! 
 Jenna, Me, Michelle, Emily, Diem 

 We had a great dinner complete with key lime pie, and of course, presents for the birthday girl!!

 photo CF3FFD90-4E07-4302-8B61-CA533F81A9EC-14057-00000594C135E2D4_zpscb1efb31.jpg 

Ben and Daniel helping Michelle with her present from them--a gorgeous necklace! 

On Saturday we were up and at'em for two birthday parties, both for 2 year olds. The sun was shining and even though it was chilly, it was a beautiful day! Our first party was for Henry at Noccalula Falls. Julie had the pavillion decorated so cute for the train themed party. I really enjoyed watching all the toddlers running around, chasing balloons, and thoroughly enjoying themselves!

 photo 326DD6D4-A9BE-4EBA-8138-AE2F455ACCC2-14057-00000594530E368E_zps8ed2d27f.jpg 

Happy Birthday to Henry!!

   photo 1F067141-35D4-4547-AB40-B71C92CAC666-14057-000005944862EBAA_zps699d3891.jpg

His cute smash cake!

   photo 0bec0da0-3718-4a16-9438-4c3116c95bc8_zpsdcad16d1.jpg

Cookies for all the party guests!

   photo A826DB52-85EB-4D29-82E9-EBF30EE0097D-14057-00000595540C5E1C_zpseb0b3902.jpg 

 This is Forrest with our friend Paul, who is married to Claire and they have an adorable little boy and are expecting a baby girl this summer. Paul is a fan of Taco Bell, Waffle House, and Bailey Dailies. He was mentioning that he never makes the blog, so I wanted to make sure he had his day in the sun. Hi Paul!! 

 After singing to Henry we had to head to Hudson's birthday party. It was Bubble Guppies themed--what is that? I still have no idea. I know it is a tv show and I'm guessing it is about fish. Lauren and her mom really went all out with the fishy theme--everything was so cute!

 photo EDC5902A-08A1-4185-BFCC-2F0A4690053E-14057-0000059431D05B5B_zpsa71d5839.jpg 
 SUCH a cute cake! Delicious, too!!

   photo 567809B8-A599-4E32-973E-577353490B3C-14057-00000594258E5E33_zps405c6985.jpg

Forrest hanging out with Hudson. Hudson LOVES balloons and has about 4 tied to him in this pic. Also notice more cute party decor in the background!

   photo 5BE7D034-75BB-48AF-A7AA-747165AAA324-14057-000005943EFD9F9F_zps6245b576.jpg 
 Opening his present from us--a cute dish set with fish and turtles. Notice again the balloons he has tied to him! Sweet boy! 

 We ended the party with fun and frolicking in the bouncy house. Yes, by "we" I do mean me and Forrest, Joseph and Lauren, all the grown ups! Obviously I have no pictures since I was jumping but Lauren took several which I'm sure she will post. You can check them out on her blog HERE!!

We definitely learned a lot about kids birthdays this weekend and truly had a blast at each and every party! Have a great week, friends!!


  1. I love planning surprise birthday parties! You had a lot of birthday celebrations this weekend! Happy Monday! Stopping my from weekend shenanigans :)

    1. Thanks Jennie! Hope you will stick around! The surprise party was SO much fun to be a part of and it made me want to do another! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE birthday parties!!!! They all look like so much fun!!!!!

    And I love planning parties! How exciting you and your friend's husband planned her bash! Sounds similar to a friend of mine.. Her BFF and her husband did something similar for her 40th. It was spectacular!!

    1. They all were a blast! It was so cool to be included in the planning of Michelle's. Really, my job was to throw her off the scent to make her think we were doing something for our group at church. I was so nervous while we were waiting on her to arrive!

  3. Well aren't you guys just birthday party animals! I always have so much fun at my cousin's birthday parties.. little kids seem to get all the fun stuff! :)

    1. OMG the kids got the most amazing toys! Then, of course, there was the bouncy house/jump jump, whatever you call it. I could have bounced in that thing all day!!

  4. New follower. Cute birthday pix! I have a nephew about 3 1/2 years old and he is obsessed with Thomas the Engine.

    1. OMG I know Thomas. My cousin was obsessed with him years ago and I remember he dropped a Thomas on my head--that thing HURT!! I will never forget who Thomas is now!! So happy to have you at Bailey Dailies!

  5. Children's parties are always fun! New follower from the bloghop. ;)


    1. Thanks K! So great to have you! We are slowing learning about kids parties since all of our friends are starting to have them. It's so much fun!
      Hope you will stick around!


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