Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Jenny!!

I need to take this opportunity (bloger-tunity?) to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my dearest friends. Jenny is the reason I started blogging, actually, and Jenny is also the reason that I have as many sweet friends in my town as I do. That sounds kind of weird but it's true. After Forrest and I moved back home I felt really lost and like I had no friends, even though I was living in my hometown. It was really hard for me but Jenny took me under her wing, invited me to book club, and the rest in history. I think I've told this story on here several times, but it is true so I hope you aren't bored by it! ANYWAY, mushiness aside (well not really), I was SO sad when Jenny and Adam moved back to Birmingham but satisfied in the knowledge that she would always be a great friend, no matter how far away she was! Kelly, Kelli and I took the opportunity to take her to dinner to celebrate her birthday last week and we had the BEST night! Laughing, chatting, eating,  drinking--what more does a good girls' night need? We went to Five, a cool new restaurant in Birmingham. Each night they have 5 beers, 5 whites, 5 reds, 5 apps, 5 entrees, you get the idea. It's kind of nice--no overwhelming menu that slows you down, no wine book instead of wine list. The atmosphere is amazing and our waitress happened to be a friend of my sister (hi B!!) so I give the restaurant a 10! I give the night with good food and great friends a 20! Yay!

 photo A9003F80-96B4-46AC-8B36-6BA41CE3B31F-7906-000003273F926396_zpsc1da9b8d.jpg 

 I had the nightly Gulf Catch Special--I honestly ate every bite off of this plate--no regrets!

   photo 6A938A56-E5C9-4760-A62D-69CE5422F711-7906-000003274B6B9A9F_zps7900e31a.jpg 
Happy Birthday Jenny!
 This bread pudding was TO DIE FOR!! OMG we thought we were being good to order just one--we should have gotten 4 because it was to spectacular to share!  photo 7A581F23-3F04-4D55-884D-2DB6D73073DB-7906-0000032753670C97_zps7fe9d531.jpg

Me, Jenny, Kelli, and Kelly 
Fun night with fun friends!!
(Ok, I thought I looked pretty cute but when I got home Forrest said "you look like Kimmie off of Full House". I'm not sure why--the baggy sweater? The bright pants? Do I look like I'm channeling Kimmie??)


  1. sorry to say this but you do look like kimmy haha its the combo that reminds me of her haha.

    1. Jillian I think I agree with you! The whole bright pants, off the shoulder sweater does it! Next time I should go with a neutral pant, but man I am obsessed with those mint pants right now!

  2. I was about to ask if this was the Kimmie Gibbler outfit! Hahaha. So funny! You look great! I need to try that restaurant. I could literally walk from work.

    1. They have lunch too! OMG you have to go! It was SO good!

  3. Hey, Lovely! I just found your beautiful blog and I nominated you for the Liebster Award over at my blog.
    Hope that's ok. :)

    1. Oh Christa thank you so much!! That really means a lot to me!


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