Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm Loving It! POP DOGGIE!!

Remember when I showed off this cute print I got Forrest for Valentine's day??

  photo 452D99A8-5B4C-4B34-B11B-6EB1AAE0CB81-1072-000000D38C157330_zpsc0c94ea7.jpg
Isn't it totally adorbs? I mean, it is personalized and everything!! Forrest took a picture off of the wall in the den that very night and hung this up, and there it remains.

I was so happy with the product that I email Pop Doggie owner, Kari, to say thank you. She emailed me back and oh good gracious is she a sweet little doll! I love buying things from companies that I believe in, but I love buying good products from good people even more!! Kari is SO stinkin sweet that she is offering and exclusive discount to YOU, the lovely readers of Bailey Dailies, for absolutely no other reason except that she would love to have you as a customer! There are no following requirements AT ALL! (Although it would be really really cool of you if you were to follow Pop Doggie on Twitter, and if you haven't yet, you can follow Bailey Dailies on GFC by clicking the "Join this Site" button to the right, or you can follow with BlogLovin, Twitter, or Facebook)

The code is: 

It is available for 1 week, so don't delay!! 

You know you want one of these:

 photo popdoggie3_zps04afedd5.jpg 
 or these:

 photo popdoggie2_zpsc1cefa29.jpg 
 or these
 photo popdoggie1_zpsbf533ada.jpg
or one of these!!
 photo popdoggie_zps2bc681fd.jpg 

You can get just about any an every breed on her site AND you can customize your pet by color and add their name to the print or magnet. She will also let you customize the sayings on the prints or magnet as well. I'd say that's great service!!

The code is for, so get your pet shopping on. 

Please help me thank Kari for such a great offer by heading on over to her site and finding something you can't live without! Thank you Kari for such a sweet opportunity!!

I want to give a quick shout out to my first real sponsor! What's up Kenzie! Check out her link up today--it's called Pieces of Happy! I'm linking up because duh, Pop Doggie makes me happy!! 

I'm also joining the Friday blog hop today! Join in and meet some friends!

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  1. Oh my goodness, these prints are too cute!!! I think I have some ordering to do :)

  2. I love the corgi one! Life is short, so are my legs. Might need to get that one for my parents since they have a corgi. I'm all about having 800 photos of my dog displayed around my house so these would fit right in!

    1. Nadine I KNEW you would enjoy all of the cute doggie stuff!! They are really all adorable--make sure you check out the Goldens! Archie needs, a present, I'm pretty sure!!

  3. Those prints are so cute! I think I need to get a dog now... ;) Thanks for the shout out girl!

    1. Of course girl!! And yes, you need a dog. EVERYONE needs a dog! :)

  4. cute! i always love some good doggie art - i'll be checking out her shop when i'm in the market for more!

    1. Great Jackie! I knew you would like it! Let me know what you get!

  5. Love love love the pittie "aggressive snuggler" one!!


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