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Legally Blogging, Part 6

The Legally Blogging idea was dreamed up by three ladies who all met in blog-land and instantly clicked.  You could say it was love at first sight.  The immediate connection stemmed from the one thing they had in common: Law.  Obviously, as time went on, they discovered they had much more in common than just law, but that was a great starting point.

Here they are!

They decided to join forces and start a blogging series, to show that lawyers aren't always what you'd expect.  The main goal of the series is to connect with other legal ladies out there and meet some great new people.  Every week, the hope is to showcase a new person in the series.

Series so far:

If you're interested in participating in the Legally Blogging Series, just send an email to Jackie: jjstoughton [AT] gmail [DOT] com. 

We'd love to have you on board!

Hi Everyone! My name is Crystal and I'm the newest edition to the Legally Blogging series. Thanks so much Jackie, Allison and Catherine for having me!! Now let's get to the Q&A!

  1. Why did you start blogging?
I actually started blogging in the spring of 2009 (about two years before 29 Rue House) on a family blog that I still keep up. I started my house blog because I wanted to share our house projects and ideas but didn't want to inundate people with all the cute/crazy pictures of my kids that I put on our family blog. Like this one...
 When I started the house blog in December of 2011, we'd been living in our house for a couple of years without making much changes (we did have two kids during this time though). It was about this time that I realized we didn't have to wait until we were rich to decorate. I also decided that I'd never learn my style until I tried something any style. So we've started finding more frugal ways of decorating and remodeling and have been DIYing as much as we can. Here's our house after we've painted the shutters and front door, DIY installed a new light fixture and screen door and added new landscaping and flowers to the porch. The bench on the porch was a ReStore find (I ♥ thrift shopping). As you can see, there's still lots to be done so we always stay busy.
2. What do you like to do when you're not blogging?
Besides blogging, I'm pretty much obsessed with anything related to house, DIY, decorating, projects, design ideas, etc. Literally my mind never stops going. I do love to read when I make time for it and I listen to a lot of audiobooks commuting to/from work (if you like HP, I highly recommend the audiobooks). I'm also pretty in love with these two kids. I squeeze in as much family time with them as possible every day before and after work.
3. What do you find is the biggest misconception about lawyers?
There are a lot of misconceptions and for some reason lawyers get picked on just out habit. Almost like making a joke or a comment is an icebreaker. I don't know that this really affects me but I think most people assume lawyers are rich. I know I thought so. I also though the student loans would be easy to pay off. But like a lot of other lawyers (and anyone who went to an expensive undergrad school) they are not.   4. What's your favorite vacation you've been on?
My favorite vacation so far would definitely have to be our 10-day trip to Italy. We went in the fall of 2007, just a few months after I'd taken the bar but before I found out that I passed both the CT and NY bars (took them at the same time).  We spent time in Rome, Florence, and Milan. I love history and being able to see or read about how things were in a certain time so seeing all the ancient ruins in Rome was amazing.
 If I loved Rome, then I was in love with Florence. Such a beautiful place that I never wanted to leave. Here we are on the famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge.
While we stayed in Florence,  we made a couple of day trips out on bus or train. We went to Pisa and Lucca one day and Sienna on another day. Here's a beautiful view of buildings on the water in Pisa.
We finished off the trip with a couple of days in Milan which was an amazing place in its on right but quite a bit different from both Rome and Florence. We're sitting atop the Duomo (cathedral) in Milan which was started in the 1300s. 
One of our favorite, much more budget-friendly and close to home places to visit is Newport, RI. We lived in Rhode Island for a year before moving to CT and we still try to go back and visit Newport at least once a year.
Here we are on our way into a Newport mansion. For some reason I never take proper pictures of the mansions' exteriors, anyway, with front doors this large and intricate, you get the idea.
And we use to live in Alaska (we met each other in college there) so any trip we take back there to see family is great.
  5. What's your best and worst home reno project?
Hmmm....the best is kind of hard to say but I guess it would have to be one of the major changes we made in our kitchen. We've added tons of cabinets and a new gas stove on a blank wall, we took out half a wall to open the kitchen up to the dining room and we built a pocket for the refrigerator to recess into (all of this with the help of the in-laws). (P.s. That is my man, he makes my house project ideas a reality whenever I need him to.) Everything else we've done ourselves (except for some electrical/plumbing work) and I have some smaller projects that have been a fail. Like the time I tried polying a giant faux peacock to keep in our backyard. It was made of a paper mache type material and the water got past the poly. He's still in our basement.
I hope you enjoyed this little bit into our lives and the life of a lawyer blogging. Lawyers definitely aren't just lawyers and I love this series that Jackie, Alison and Catherine are doing. It is a fun way to get to know other bloggers out there who moonlight daylight?? as lawyers.


  1. Hi Catherine! Thanks for letting me join in on the Legally Blogging series fun! I would have stopped by sooner but I came down with Strep on Tuesday and it is bad!

    1. Thank YOU so much for being a part of our series! We are so happy to have you along!! Hope you are feeling much better!


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