Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Supper Club and a Shower

Last Thursday the Gandhi's hosted our monthly dinner club--but we had a trick up our sleeve--we were using it as a cover to throw Shannon a surprise baby shower for Oliver! Mamatha went all out with dinner (tons of pick up foods--my most favorite type of dinner) and the preparations for the shower. See for yourselves!!

 photo 5812B39D-F0FB-43A8-81AB-7012E9645CD1-11740-000004AC5BDFF337_zps0c365143.jpg 

 Is this not the most adorable cake ever???

   photo 00FA0144-6CAF-46C6-8B14-809F5C4EEA14-11740-000004AC45038450_zpsfac7b9dd.jpg

This made me tear up! Mamatha found this pic of Shannon and coupled it with the quote. 

 Next, it was time for presents.

   photo 3C7EDC52-AE4A-4F7C-89F6-406802E77088-11740-000004AC5177A261_zps9f6f6ce9.jpg

Eloise was such a big helper for her mama. She will be a great big sister!

   photo 65EF2E1D-CB54-4266-8507-363DEF4A010C-14057-00000594F55765D0_zps95585b12.jpg

Girls with the mommy to be! 
Claire, Shannon and Eloise, Mamatha, Me, Julie, Claire, Farrah 

 Congrats Shannon and Daniel!! We can't wait to meet sweet Oliver in a few weeks!!


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