Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You Like Me!?!

A few weeks a go, super mom Christa nominated me for the Liebster Award--what a sweetie she is! Lauren nominated me a couple of months ago so I was familiar with the award and THRILLED to be nominated again! The award is given by bloggers to bloggers with less than 200 followers to encourage them to continue their writing and to keep up the good work. I technically don't qualify anymore because thanks to some amazing sponsors, I am over 200 followers. However, since Christa was so nice to nominate me and since I qualified at the time that she nominated me AND because it was my fault for not getting my post done before now, I'm going to accept her award anyway--yay!! :)

Since I already did the "11 things about me" part of the post I'll spare you those details again, but you can check them out HERE if you are so inclined. (I have to admit I thought they were pretty entertaining)
On to Christa's questions. Her questions were actually asked by her nominator Cortne. You should totally check these girls out!!! 
Ok, here we go with the question portion of our show:

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Questions? I LOVE answering your questions!!

Are you a beer, wine, or cocktail person?

Wine or cocktails. Typically, I'll order wine (my fave is pinot noir, but I enjoy a yummy glass of moscato too) but I love a cocktail. I usually only order cocktails on vacation because I'd much rather eat dessert than consume 1100 calories in a drink (but hey, I'll do it, don't get me wrong). I NEVER drink beer. I just can't. 

What is your favorite genre of food, for example: American, Italian, Indian, Mexican or other?

Mediterranean. I love all things Italian and Greek. Man, now I'm hungry. Really though, I'll eat just about anything. 

What form of exercise do you partake in, if any?

I started running back in February when I found out I have very high cholesterol. It's genetic so the only things I can really do are to take meds and/or run. I chose running for now, since I am so young. I actually ran my first 5k over the weekend!

Do you think question #3 crosses out indulging in question #1 and #2?
YES! I'm all about canceling out. After I ran the 5k I requested Outback for dinner. I had a sangria sampler (3 different fruity drinks at once), Bloomin Onion (shared), Cheese fries (shared) wedge salad (only dressing, lettuce, and cheese), and dessert (shared). Since I ran that day, none of the dinner calories counted, right?

Fishhooks, Courage and the Cowardly Dog, or Beavis and Butthead?

I don't know what Fishhooks, is, but the rest are cartoons so I'm going to use context clues. I hate cartoons--they literally make me want to pull my hair out. Heaven help me when I have children.

How do you hang your toilet paper, over or under?

OVER--it is the only way!!!

Do you drink alcohol while answering questions like these and why?

No--I don't think I have ever drank while I blogged, probably because I blog in bed or at work.

When choosing your toothbrush, do you pick a particular color?
Purple only. It's my favorite color. My husband is a dentist so last year he got me this super awesome electric toothbrush with 2 heads (I don't share) and a part that you put the head in that heats up to sanitize it.It's like using a new brush every time! Perfect for this germaphobe. It came with little colored bands to put on the heads so you know whose is whose (again, I don't share) and they were all shades of blue but no purple. It made me sad. 

Who is your favorite nemo character nemo in a Disney nemo movie?
I'm thinking Courtney is a NEMO fan, but I have to go with Dory. Just keep swimming swimming swimming!!

 Lipton or Luzianne?
Luzianne--the only way I roll! I haven't made iced tea in a while, but my mom only does Luzianne, thank you very much!!

That's a wrap! Christa, darling, thank you SO much for nominating me and I'm sorry it took me literally 18 days to do this post! You are a DOLL and I hope I can be an awesome mom like you one day! You are a rock star!!


  1. Yay! Congrats on your award. I'm a Dory fan as well :-) And totally an "over" girl with the toilet paper. I actually change it if I see it "under" :-)

    1. Thanks Ashley! I totally agree with you on the toilet paper. They should people the right way in school, so we don't have these people who do it wrong! :)

  2. LOVED IT!!
    Thank you so much for accepting the nomination and congrats on being over 200!!

    1. Thanks Christa for the nomination! You are too sweet!!


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