Thursday, May 9, 2013

If I wasn't a lawyer...

I've been sitting here with the laptop on my tummy while watching Dancing With the Stars on my DVR and thinking how much I would LOVE to be a dancing with the stars dancer. I mean, what's not to love? They dance all day, get to wear sparkles several times a week, have their hair and make up and tans done, hang out with celebrities, etc. Yes, they dance like 12 hours a day, but their bodies are pretty amazing, so that would be the trade off, I think. Am I right? Anyway, it got me thinking about if I wasn't an attorney, what job would I have? I must start out by saying that I literally have the best job ever. I work for my dad so my hours are flexible when I need them to be. I get to work with people, which I love. I get to talk and people have to listen--it's like a performance, in a way, when you are in court. I get to dress in suits and cute shoes. I get to help people at their most vulnerable times. I get to talk talk talk. It's pretty much the best job ever and totally suited for me. I knew since I was 4 that I wanted to be an attorney, and by golly, I did it. Plus, after surviving law school and the Bar exam, I will never change jobs, if I can help it! Aside from sparkly dancer, I came up with a short list of potential job options should I ever need a quick job change--not that that will ever happen. It's always fun to play the "what if" game, right?? These are jobs that actually exist and suit my skills...

Law school graduation with Shelley and Sarah 
A proud day, one that I will not soon forget!

Event Planner
I LOVE just about everything about party planning: flowers, invitations, decor, you name it, I love it. Aside from that, I am very organized and love a schedule/itinerary. I know it would be fun with to work with different people on all sorts of different events, from weddings, to showers, to kids parties. I think I would enjoy entering people's lives for happy occasions and becoming part of their families for a while. The down side I think would be that you are constrained by the demands of the client--if they want something at the party that you don't think works, you have to do it. Plus, the time, which probably very flexible, is NOT flexible when it comes to the party dates. Since they are probably mostly on nights and weekends, I might not be able to do all the fun stuff we like to do like go to the lake, football games, out to dinner with friends, etc. 

Public Relations...
I couldn't think of what you call someone in PR--"PR girl", "PR agent", "PR executive"--nope, not right. That's pretty bad, considering my sister's graduate degree is in PR. Ooops. I think though that the skills she uses in her future career are many of the same skills I use as an attorney. You have to be able to "sell" yourself or company to the client--make them know that you are the one to help them. You also have to be good with people and know how to relate and connect with different personalities. You have to be smiley (I would think) and enjoy talking to people. I don't necessarily think I would be good at selling a product (although I did sell all of those $100 tickets at the Humane Society auction that time) or particularly good at marketing, but figuring out how to reach people and pull them in and keep their interest would be my specialty. That is probably why I was drawn to being the recruitment chair of my sorority, and I guess why my sister was too. 

I got to play receptionist at Forrest's office for about an hour this week and I honestly LOVED it! Receptionists have to be a jack of all trades--answer the phones, welcome clients/patients and then send them on their way, deal with problems, direct traffic, etc. I think this goes hand in hand with being a good PR representative (is that the word I'm looking for?). A receptionist should be happy and always ready to great the incoming client/patient with a smile and kind word. After all, they are the first face the person sees when they enter the office. They have to be likable and friendly so the person's experience starts off well! However, they have to be efficient and able to multi task when things start to get crazy, ie a client is checking in, one is trying to check out, and the phone is ringing. Keeping your cool here would be key, and I happen to be really good under that kind of pressure and boy, can I do 5 things at once. 

I would LOVE to write--like things I really wanted to say. I'm not sure if I'd be good at novels since they take so long, but writing for a magazine or website might be really fun. I get my writing fix through my blog, of course, and doing the Gracious Entertaining articles for our local magazine really let's me feel like a writer. I know that deadlines would make it tough, but I work with that kind of pressure every day. I think this would be my most favorite "what if" job, by far. I think the downside would be that there is far less people interaction on a daily basis, but on the upside, maybe I could write from home in my pj's? 

Just for fun:
Nail polish namer/cocktail namer
Person who gets paid to lay out all day (with SPF, of course)
Proofreader of papers (interesting ones)
Wedding dress model
Any kind of model (really just someone who gets to try on clothes and shoes and accessories and keeps the ones they want)
Inspector of homes before they go on the market (I just love seeing how people decorate)
Food taste tester (at reputable places only, and no really weird stuff)
Maybe even a food critic, if I could use words like "yummy"
Book critic, as long as I could pick the books and had ample time to finish them
Pet namer (I swear, animals send their names to me telepathically) 

Ok--your turn. What other job would you like to have/be good at???

OH and guess what! My giveaway has a winner! Victoria G, you should have gotten an email from me! Please send me pics of you rocking the Barbara dress! Thanks to three07 for partnering with me on this giveaway, and thanks to everyone who entered! I may or may not have another giveaway coming up soon, like, tomorrow soon!!!! Love you all!!


  1. thats so funny you mentioned wanting to be a DWTS dancer because I got voted most likely to end up on DWTS in gr.12. Thats almost exactly what I'm doing now that I can't be a library tech (a least for another few years) what do I want to be...I'm seriously thinking about trying my chances on the music scene.

    1. How funny that you were voted most likely to be on DWTS! Good luck with your goals!

  2. Replies
    1. Haha thanks! I was REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrell--I had NO idea what to write about and I just kept thinking "MAN I'd love to wear that outfit" while watching DWTS and bam! Instant post!

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