Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm Loving It!!

It has been a GREAT week--probably because it was only a 4 day week, but who know. Here some of the fun things I'm loving this week. There are LOTS! :)

Miss Alabama
My mom and I dropped my sister off at the airport this week with 4 suitcases and a dress bag. Where was she going? VEGAS! Yes, that's right, she is already in Vegas for Miss USA! I have no idea what they are doing out there for 3 weeks (other than getting tan and looking good) but I know she will have a blast and it will be an experience she will treasure forever. Have you been voting for her? PLEASE continue to vote HERE each day to help her earn a spot in the top 16! 
Love you for this!!

 photo null_zps2f9fa184.jpg

New Shoes

After dropping my sister off on Wednesday mom and I used the opportunity to shop. I ended up getting 4 pairs of shoes--all totally necessary of course! 

 photo kelly-katie-dsw-evening-shoes-jubilee-glitter-pump_zps5fc683af.jpg
Totally adorable champagne glitter pumps. I can't wait to wear these. The heel height is perfect for dancing. I simply cannot dance in sky high heels (or walk or stand or anything, for that matter).

 photo img-thing_zps692fb8c6.jpg
I actually did need new silver dressy shoes--a staple for any girl's closet! These look really high but they have a platform at the ball of your foot so they don't feel as high as they look. PLUS they are the MOST comfortable heels I have ever worn--seriously! I actually ordered these off line because they didn't have my size in the silver in the store, and I ended up getting them 10 dollars cheaper. Score!

 photo annmarino_zps7c68f469.jpg
Let's all take a moment of silence, please, for the wonder that is this shoe. If I could design a shoe for myself, this is what it would look like. Low but descent heel, rounded toe, appropriate for work, and a bow. I will always add a bow. There is actually elastic under the knot of the bow so you never actually have to tie it--it always stays perfect. I may be too scared to wear these--they are that beautiful. Plus, I got them on CLEARANCE. Having tiny feel pays off ONLY when it comes to the clearance rack.

 photo TB_11138641_203_zps155d64c3.jpg

These Tory Burch pumps were a surprising find. I had actually purchased 5 pairs of shoes at DSW and also ordered the silver shoes above. Then I went to Saks to try to find something special for myself. Forrest had won a $150 gift card for me and I hadn't used it yet. Well lo and behold, I walked right into their shoe clearance. Again, the perk of having tiny feet is the clearance rack--they always have cute shoes left in little sizes! I could have bought tons of shoes but I went with these Tory pumps. I actually needed a new pair of beige pumps and even though these look kind of yellow in the pic, they are actually beige. They fit perfectly, plus I paid like nothing for them since I had the gift card. Since I had already bought a pair of nude pumps at DSW I took them and 2 other pair that I wasn't in love with back. I felt REALLY good about my savvy shoe decisions!

OK--now which pair is your favorite??

The Great Gatsby

I LOVE this book! I think I have read it 4 times now. When I found out it was being made into a movie, I nearly flipped. Toss in Baz Lurman and Leo? I'm sold!! I went with Kelli, Kelly, Farrah, her mom, and my mom to see it on Wednesday in 3d and it did not disappoint. I loved the costumes and make up and glitz and glamour of the twenties. I loved the lingering shots on Leo, for no apparent reason other than to be thoughtful. I loved the Beyonce and JayZ songs sprinkled in. I REALLY loved how they stayed true to Fitzgerald's language--it's beautiful, it really is. If you haven't seen it, go this weekend!!

 photo the_great_gatsby_trailer_zpsbde86025.jpg 
Leo in 3d? Yes please!

 photo null_zps90dc9ee1.jpg
Farrah, Kelly, Kelli, and I ready for the show!

Best Friends
A big shout out to my BFF Farrah this week. Not only did we celebrate her birthday with dinner and Gatsby, which is reason enough to say "HEY" to her on the blog, but she did me a HUGE favor on Wednesday. While I was out of town, she picked up Ruffles from the groomers (which is out of the way) and then kept her all afternoon. It may seem small but it was a HUGE help to me. Ruff hates the groomers so I pick her up as soon as they call to say she is ready (they probably are super glad I do this because she acts like SUCH a diva when she is there). Thankfully, Farrah was available to help. She is always ready to help in any way she can and I totally appreciate it. She even doesn't mind when I break into her house and take things out of her refrigerator so I don't have to go to the store. It is just really nice to have a friend I can always count on. Happy birthday sweet friend!! Thanks for everything!

 photo null_zps6d2f9909.jpg

Birthday girl and our white peach sangrias pre-Gatsby

Healthy Dinners
On Thursday I whipped us up what I have to say was a terrific yet also healthy dinner. Check it out!

Poached Salmon with Pesto (From Can You Stay for Dinner)--love this girl--check out her blog!

1 lb salmon filet (I used frozen--I ALWAYS have frozen salmon in the freezer)
1/2 cup chicken stock
1/2 cup dry white wine
2 cloves garlic, sliced thinly
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup fresh basil pesto
1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
Bring the chicken stock and wine to a gentle boil in a large dutch oven (any two inch deep pan with a tight fitting lid). (I just used my big skillet with the lid. I poured in extra white wine to make sure the fish was covered.)
Add the salmon filet and lay the garlic slices evenly over the top to coat the fish. Cover with the pan’s lid and let the fish simmer in the hot stock for 7 minutes. You’ll know it’s done when it flakes as you press the flesh with a fork.
Remove the fish from the pan immediately, discard garlic, and spread evenly with pesto while the fish is still hot. Sprinkle with feta. Serve.

 photo null_zps9d04a211.jpg

Pea Salad
So I went on a veggie buying spree and wound up with snap peas, snow peas, and 2 portobello mushrooms. I found THIS recipe on Pinterest and so I just kind of modified the amounts (and decided to use the mushrooms this weekend).

8 oz snap peas
8 oz snow peas
4 oz feta (I used Athenos Garlic and Basil)
olive oil
slivered almonds
salt and pepper to taste
Wash peas and place on a baking sheet (I used a jelly roll pan since it has sides).
Sprinkle almonds on the peas (just as many as you would like-we like a LOT)
Drizzle (liberally) olive oil over the peas and almonds.
Sprinkle on the feta. I used the entire 4 oz container. Why not?
Add salt and pepper to taste
Bake at 425 for 10 minutes. Voila! Delicious!

 photo null_zpsb01f7bcf.jpg

This was really easy, fast, and delicious. I loved the sweetness of the peas mixed with the crunchy of the almonds and the tangy of the cheese. It was even good cold and would be a great salad type meal for lunch one day!

Fur Babies
My furry critters have been especially adorable this week!

 photo null_zps924aac2f.jpg
Brownie and Stella enjoying the open window 

 photo null_zps6b63dc6e.jpg
Ruffles got groomed and looks beautiful!! 

 photo null_zpsbd897dfe.jpg
My sweet Sonny boy LOVED being at the lake this past weekend!

Don Draper
Forrest decided to start watching Mad Men and I wouldn't watch with him because I don't like to start things in the middle. He remedied that by ordering Netflix so on Tuesday night we started with Season 1, Episode 1. Y'ALL--all I can say is I AM HOOKED. I can't figure this Don Draper out--he is such an interesting guy! All I want to do is watch this show. I've stayed up WAY too late watching every night. The only reason I haven't finished all of the episodes already is that Forrest falls asleep and I can't continue. That would mess up the process! I think it is supposed to rain Sunday so I'm planning a full day of Mad Men watching!

 photo dondraper_zps7f0f040c.jpg
Oh Don Draper, you are so cool. I just can't quit you!!

Sorry for this long, rambling, mish mash of a post! There was just so much to love this week! 
What are you lovelies loving this week??? Let me hear from you!!
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xoxo Rebecca


  1. I found you on the hop and what a fun blog entry. You and your sister both are drop dead gorgeous and I will send over a vote for her. I'm glad you liked Great Gatsby, I absolutely loved the movie. Admittedly I have not read the book but now I want too. I look forward to reading more from you. Have a fab weekend girl! XO

    1. Thank you so much Liz! I'm excited to make a new blogger friend! You MUST read the Great Gatsby. You will love it!

  2. Hello! I'm connecting to you from That Friday Blog Hop. I'm loving your writing and looking forward to following you as your future posts continue! Hop over to my blog and see if you're interested in following my blog...

  3. What a fun filled post! I found your blog a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading along. You can tell you put a lot of effort in and it really makes for a fun read. Looking forward to all the fun future posts to come!

  4. Those shoes are all to die for! I used to go for the sky high heels but realized that there was no point in doing so if I couldn't even walk in them. I am so jealous of the Tory Burch find!
    XO, Rachel
    With Love, Rachel

  5. Miss Alabama?? That is a such accomplishment!! Oh and a white peach sangria, yes please!

  6. I love the shoes with the bow. Bows are pretty much my favorite girly thing. And Gatsby? I've seen it twice now. It was so beautiful. Really well done and stayed true to Fitzgerald's masterpiece. Kudos to Baz Luhrmann... he is quite the genius.

  7. congrats to your sister! that's awesome!!

  8. Thanks you for sharing your experience for me. So funny, I love the shoes that you choose, the style is very fashion, and I am very glad that i can share this happy things with my friends. wish your next post, have a nice day!! Autoclave Sterilizer for sale


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