Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prom Season and a CONTEST!!

For high school students, spring= prom season! Who doesn't love prom? I always love seeing the new dresses going up in the formal store windows and I get sentimental when we go out to eat and we spot kids in their sparkles and tuxes. Ahh, to be young. Forrest and I actually went to my senior prom together, 11 years ago. Precious, I know!! I was going to do a "best and worst" prom style post, with pics of dresses that I loved/hated, but then I started to look at prom sites and I started putting dresses in my cart and I decided that I had to quit. What can I say? I'm addicted to sequins!! 
Instead, I will show you pictures from my cousin Sara's prom. Sara is 11 years younger than me but she is SO much like me in many ways. We have always been close and I love that I get to live vicariously through all of the fun things she gets to do! I'm lucky that she doesn't mind me being a part of her fun life! 
 photo null_zps0decbd27.jpg
Isn't she lovely!! Her date is the son of Sara's dad's college roommate--isn't that bizarre??

 photo null_zpsc0773f6c.jpg
I was like a stage mom, making them take pics all over the house. Heaven help my future children. 

 photo null_zps00d1b060.jpg
Aren't prom pics funny? Why do we think it's a good idea to take these pictures all over the house and yard?

 photo null_zpsc26ef0b3.jpg
I had to have a prom picture too! And I promise I am not pregnant, and I promise that I am never wearing that shirt again!! Ick!!

Ok friends, so I need you to comment below with your best/worst prom story! If it's long, you can email me. If we get 10 entries, I'll do a post including them all and then have my readers vote for their favorite story. The winner will get a gift certificate to a restaurant, suitable for a pre-prom dinner! Get to commenting!! Can't wait to hear the stories you have to share!! 


  1. my school didn't have a prom but we had a grad banquet (no dance) and (this is where Jillian gets embarrassed) I didn't have a boyfriend or a guy friend so...I took my 15 yr old brother. Ya I'm that girl. But my grad night was insanely special as I loved my dress and wore a tiara that was over 50 yrs old (it was actually my grandma's grad tiara). So yeah I took my brother but you know what I wouldn't change it for anything.

    1. Jillian that is such a special story! You will be so glad that you had that experience together! Thanks for sharing!

  2. aww i love her dress! so fun you were so excited too.

    i don't really have a good prom story... but when i went to prom a music video had just come out with courtney love (i think it was celebrity skin and yes, i'm dating myself...) where she had all these rhinestones in her hair. I wanted to do that for my hair for prom and a few months or a year later they came out with rhinestones you could clip into your hair. Well, they didn't have those yet so my hairdresser used craft glue and glued over 100 rhinestones into my hair. they actually came out really easily and didn't do any damage. but yeah that was my ahead of the times fashion moment haha. i will have to find a photo for you!

    1. Oh Jackie I bet you looked so cute! I actually did buy some of those hair rhinestones for a dance! They had a little spring looking thing that you twirled down in your hair. Super classy.

  3. My worst prom story: I didn't end up going to my senior prom. I was going to go with a huge group of friend and take pictures at a lovely garden, wear a pink dress, and dance the night away. And then I had pityriasis. It's nothing serious, nothing contagious. Just a rash of little red bumps everywhere. I was so embarrassed that I hung up the dress into my closet and called my friends telling them I couldn't go. Then the bumps all cleared up the next day... Perfect timing.

    1. Oh how sad Samantha! I hate that you had to miss it! I hope at least you got to wear the dress another time!


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