Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hi guys!! Have any of you heard of Operation Smile? They are a fantastic international charity that has provided over 200000 FREE cleft palate surgeries to children and teens all over the world. WOW! According to their website, every 3 seconds, a child is born with a cleft. Many of these children are in areas that are unable to provide them with the surgeries that they need, and therefore, many of these children die. Those that survive, however, have a hard future ahead of them. Many are unable to eat, speak, or smile. Some come from areas where they are shunned by the public and treated as outsiders. Enter Operation Smile! With help from their worldwide partners, they are able to provide the care that these children need in order to grow and thrive in over 60 countries for as little as $240 a surgery. Now this is a charity that I can get behind!! Please check out their website for a more detailed look into what they are all about!

One of their partners is, who approached me about doing this post about the great things Operations Smile is doing. contributes a portion of the rental of EACH one of their textbooks to Operation Smile. It's kind of like the Toms shoes of books, except they send money, not books. I know there are several college students out there reading and I hope you will consider ordering your books from instead of buying them for full price at your college's book store. Boo for full price, right?? Other perks of renting from CBR include:

-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices (cha-ching)
-free shipping both ways (yay!)
-can highlight in the textbooks (thank goodness)
-flexible renting periods

To my readers who have already graduated, did you have to have brand new text books while you were in college or did you try to get them on the cheap? I'm an on the cheap kind of girl. Maybe the first semester I was worried about having a very new book, but I quickly got over that once I got the receipt. I didn't see the point in paying full price when there were perfectly good used books out there to buy and rent! I always ordered them from text book sites online and I worried about when they would arrive, the shipping cost, etc. I really wish that I had known about CBR when I was in school I could have saved SO much money, paid zero shipping, had no worries about when they would arrive, and helped a fabulous charity in the process! I am definitely going to tell my cousin Sara and all of her little college bound friends about and I hope that they will want to support them in all of their efforts with 
Operation Smile! 

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  1. this is such an amazing charity and the work they do is so important. and yeah i was totally into used books if possible in college - gotta save money where you can!
    -- jackie - jade and oak
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