Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Smith and Bailey Dental--The Back Story

Now readers, I have to admit to you, I've been keeping a big secret from you, for like, a year and a half. Remember all those posts I did about our weekends and I would tell you that "we hung out with Julie and Lance" or "we randomly went to Oregon with Julie and Lance" or "there was a snake in my basement and Lance killed it because we were randomly going to Birmingham in the middle of the week". Remember those? Well, what I conveniently left out was that Forrest and Julie decided to go in together as partners and open a dental practice! I mean, are we grown ups or WHAT!! As I said, this was a year and a half long project, and we could not have found better people to join us on this journey. I knew Julie from way back--we went to the same Catholic school and we would spend the night together at our friends' Rachel and Laura's house. Laura and Julie were 2 years older than Rachel and I and so when we played, Julie was always my mom. We went to different high schools and college but our mom's were friends so we always were kind of in touch. I knew she got married and went to dental school and was living in Birmingham. Rewind to two Septembers ago--we had just gotten home from a football weekend and Forrest made me walk because we ate like pigs. We saw a young couple looking at a house on the next street over (which they didn't buy, but our friends Claire and Paul did, coincidentally). I couldn't see the girl but the guy looked familiar. Then as we walked back by, they drove passed, and I recognized Julie in the passenger seat. I got so excited that they might be moving back home! We ended up talking the next day and set a date for dinner so I could meet Lance and talk to him about being a lawyer in Gadsden. The conversation turned to teeth, and the rest is history!
Picking out chairs in Oregon

We are really really lucky to be partnering with the Smiths. They are a great family and always have the best interest of the group at heart. Plus, they are super fun and like red wine and good food! I can't wait to see where this adventure takes us! Many thanks to everyone who helped us along this journey, and thanks to you readers out there who have been so excited and supportive! Please remember to enter my giveaway so you can celebrate in style!!


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