Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Non-Post

SO many reasons why I just do not have time to post today! Here are a few!

1. We are showing our house! Yay! I'm super excited about that of course but that meant that last night we were in hyper clean mode. Not like, wipe everything down and hide everything else in the bathtub mode, but clean and organize EVERYTHING. I mean, I open cabinets when I look at houses to gauge the amount of space, so I figure people will do the same at my house. I think we finished about 11:30pm and I was to tired to write!  Then at lunch today I had to run home and pick up my critters to disburse them so there went that hour.
2. I have a real job! Not that blogging isn't a real job, but I do have my big girl lawyer job. I had court this morning and court this afternoon so there just really hasn't been time for posting (until now--haha). I have clients coming in this afternoon so that is why this post is so thrown together.
3. I really have nothing interesting to report or say! Other than seeing 2 houses yesterday, no new news to report on our end!! Life is CRAZY with the house going on the market but really it's a waiting game. No need to write about sitting around and waiting.
Ok! Just wanted to stop in and say hi!!

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