Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jade and Oak

Hooray for Guest Post Week! Today I have Jackie on the blog. She is so much fun and I am so happy that she agreed to stop by the blog today! Please check this girl out!

Hi everyone! I am Jackie from Jade and Oak and I am so excited to be doing a guest post for Catherine today. She is a total sweetheart and I am so glad that we "met" in the blogging world. We came together since we are both attorneys and starting the Legally Blogging series (along with another legal lady, Allison from Lawfully Lost. Today I wanted to share a post about prepping for a summer beach vacation.

Since summer is finally here, we have been starting to think about where we want to go on vacation this year. (The first photo above is from a vacation a few years ago to Ft. Lauderdale and the other is from Mexico last fall.) I am dreaming of a vacation somewhere beachy and warm. And with vacation planning comes shopping. Here are some of the gorgeous items I am eyeing up before my vacation.

Bikinis are a must have of course and I am loving floral obviously. I also need a beautiful beach bag for both the beach and evening dinners. And don't forget a hat (and sunscreen!) and some pretty flip flops.

Besides just beach wear, I love to have some beautiful clothes and cover-ups when I am on vacation. I'm obsessed with both of these kimonos and I'm just trying to figure out which one I need to buy. I have no idea why I need a kimono but I absolutely want one.

Are you planning a summer vacation? Where would you love to go and what is on your shopping wishlist?

Thanks so much to Catherine for letting me guest post. I hope that you will come over to Jade and Oak and say hello!

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