Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On the Market! BIG NEWS!

On Monday we put our house on the market! I actually was not at all prepared for that step. Forrest has been wanting to list the house for months and I just didn't want to get into all of that while his practice was still under construction. Well, now they are starting week 5 at the practice so I wasn't able to use that as a reason! Here is a quick list of reasons I didn't want to list the house:
1. We don't have to! We have no extra people or critters living here so we haven't out grown the place. Why put me through the stress of packing unnecessarily?
2. We LOVE our house! It has everything we need and we are so comfortable here. It suits us to a T and I can't imagine living anywhere else! Everything is updated and new and shiny and I love it!
3. We LOVE our neighbors! My best friend Farrah lives right across the street from me. I'm probably more torn up about leaving her than anything else. It's so easy to just bebop down the street in my pjs to hang out with her, and she always has the groceries I am missing when I am in the middle of cooking and realize I don't have everything I need. Who is going to meet me in the street with butter? We really do have a wonderful quite street with lots of friends all around us. It will be hard to leave that!
4. We have no where else to go! We've seen a few houses already, but haven't pulled the trigger. If our house sells we will be homeless! I suppose I'd much rather sell it sooner rather than later, so the plus is that now I really get to delve into house hunting!

Despite those reasons, we really felt like it was time to list. I am excited to find a new home and decorate it so my pinterest and Houzz are about to get really interesting!
What I need from YOU are your moving and packing tips! I want to be as organized as possible so any ideas you would like to share with me would be MOST appreciated!!

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Oh sweet house! I will miss you!!


  1. This is so exciting, and scary at the same time. Believe me, I KNOW!!!!
    - Pack one room before going to the next one.
    - Start sooner than later. Nothing is more stressful than having to pack up your entire house in one week. Been there, done that.
    - Label the contents on the box as well as possible. Lowe's has great bright room label stickers too, to identify what goes where. Stands out better than a black Sharpie.
    - Have some "open first" boxes for each room with things you'll need right away.
    - Use your towels, dishcloths, etc. for wrapping fragile items. We have SO MANY towels and this keeps us from having to buy too much bubble wrap or packing paper.
    - Hire a moving company!!! We moved into our first house from our apartment all by ourselves. Since then, every move has been done by professional movers. Just trust me. Spend the money and have the pros do it. SO much easier on you.
    - You can leave everything in the drawers/cabinets of the furniture you're moving. Although, you may want to pack anything fragile separately in towels or bubble wrap and put your "unmentionables" in a suitcase or bag where no one can see them. The movers may need to open the drawer to help them lift a piece of furniture up and it's quite embarrassing when they find your lace thongs right on top!! Eek!!
    - Go ahead and pack up out of season clothes/shoes/etc. This will help the closets look better for showings and get some stuff out of your hair. Pack those last remaining clothes in your suitcases(you can't pack those in boxes anyway so you might as well use them AS boxes!!)
    That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure I've got more info in me if you need it. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask. We've become pros at the whole moving thing. Excited to see where you guys decide to move. :)

    1. Thank you Lauren! These tips are GREAT! Keep them coming!!

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  3. Catherine - we just moved and I second the moving company. By the time you rent a truck and have dads, friends come over and do it - it is only a few dollars more to let a moving company do it if for you. We packed it all they moved it. Start packing out of season things now and things you don't use every day - pictures and knick knacks. It will also help your house showings if you can go ahead and get some of that stuff out and store it at one of your parent's. People will be able to picture their things in your house if it is minimalist. We took all of our pictures off the walls and patched the holes and personal pictures, d├ęcor and packed up serving pieces, Christmas and fine china. My in-laws kept it in their basement for us.

  4. We are moving this week, so it's funny you post now!

    Ditto everything Lauren said.

    Pack up things you don't use everyday or out of season items ( also, decor and nick nack items that personalize your current house, it may help clear clutter and sell the place faster). If you are lucky enough to have a new place to store them, the better. We are taking loads over to our new house every day or so so when the big move comes its easier. We also have a 2 week overlap of possession of the new house and getting out of our condo, so we have painted a few rooms, and had the floors refinished while it isn't a hassle.

    When you find a new place, hire a cleaning service to scrub it down. You will appreciate it!

    I swear by movers for furniture and large items.

    Good luck!!!!!

  5. Good luck with everything! Just curious, why exactly did you guys decide to put your house on the market if you're happy in it/haven't outgrown the house etc.?

    1. It sounds weird, doesn't it! We know that we will want to upsize and we would rather do that before we actually have to, instead of scrambling when the actual time comes. I'm usually the one that is all about doing things early but this is a big deal so I stalled forever!

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