Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beachy Keen

This weekend Forrest and I headed down to my grandparents' beach condo for a quick weekend. We were supposed to go after work on Thursday but he ended up having to work on Friday so we had to wait an extra day. I was kind of iffy about go to the beach for less than 48 hours, but it turned out to be fantastic! When he got home from work I had the car packed and gassed up. I had dinner in the car, a cooler of drinks, and extra road snacks. We were getting down there as fast as possible and so I did my part to make that happen! We rolled in exactly 5 hours after we left, which wasn't so bad after all!
We woke up to an overcast Saturday. We started the morning with a run and despite the clouds it was HOT! We stopped when we got to the bridge and found a new restaurant called the Gulf. It was open air and they had cute beach couches and chairs, plus food and drinks! We didn't have money so we decided to finish our run and come back for lunch, since it looked like you could wear your swim clothes (I hate having to get cute just to get back in my swimsuit afterwards). We immediately changed out of our running clothes and into our swimsuits so we could cool down in the pool. When we finally made it to the beach, we were greeted with thunder! We held out as long as possible before running in to avoid the rain! No fun! It wasn't raining too badly so we did get back to the Gulf for lunch, which was awesome! Forrest was so proud of his find! Our afternoon was spent napping and of course catching up on Mad Men! You would think I would be sad that one of our 2 beach days was rained out, but I LOVE a relaxing, do nothing kind of day, and ours was perfect!

 photo null_zps5657c16f.jpg

I had been looking forward to having dinner at our favorite beach restaurant, Cafe Grazie, all week long. However, we were seated in the back room with a large party of VERY loud and obnoxious people who were screaming, cussing, singing, yelling at the tops of their lungs. It was miserable. I literally inhaled my food (which was delicious as always) just so we could get out of there. It's really sad when people with bad manners ruin things for everyone else!
 photo null_zpscb1cfeb7.jpg  photo null_zps18a9844e.jpg
They didn't spoil our fantastic food though! Seafood linguine and seafood pizza!

The next day we woke up to SUN! Hooray! We were outside and enjoying the sand before 11am! It was so nice to just be still and quite for a change. After a while we walked back to the Gulf restaurant for a drink and a snack. This time instead of hunkering out of the rain, we hung out in this cute little beach cabana and enjoyed the scenery. Ahhh! The life!
 photo null_zps9955154d.jpg  photo null_zps48318b6a.jpg  photo null_zps5e86b309.jpg  photo null_zpsd70468be.jpg

Even though we were only there for a little while, the trip was definitely worth it. Good food, good sleep, good relaxing with the husband. I feel like we are always busy or we are always with other people, which, don't get me wrong, I love! However, it was awesome just to decompress, leave the stress of selling our house and work and everything else behind, and just enjoying being with each other. Now that we've done the beach this way, and since we have easy access to the condo, I think we will be taking many more quick weekend trips in the future.

Where are your favorite places to go for a quick weekend away?? Do you like spending this kind of quite alone time with your significant other?

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Legally Blogging plus a GIVEAWAY!

Good morning friends! What a fun day I have for you on the blog! First up, it's Legally Blogging, and then at the bottom of the post is an awesome, winner take all giveaway that Jackie and I, along with some other bloggers, are helping Whitney and her Yoga Pants to host. Enjoy!

The Legally Blogging idea was dreamed up by three ladies who all met in blog-land and instantly clicked. You could say it was love at first sight. The immediate connection stemmed from the one thing they had in common: Law. Obviously, as time went on, they discovered they had much more in common than just law, but that was a great starting point.

Here they are!

They decided to join forces and start a blogging series, to show that lawyers aren't always what you'd expect. The main goal of the series is to connect with other legal ladies out there and meet some great new people. Every week, the hope is to showcase a new person in the series.
Series so far:

If you're interested in participating in the Legally Blogging Series, just send an email to Jackie: jjstoughton [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

Hey guys, I'm Heather and I blog over at Sarcasm and Stilettos.   I am a 27-year-old, soon-to-be official, lawyer living in NYC.  I'm a New York City girl, born and raised, but in Long Island is where I spent most of my days....(reference...anyone?  Bueller?).  I was born in Brooklyn, NY and moved to Long Island when I was 10.  I went to undergrad at SUNY Albany and then attended Brooklyn Law School straight out of college...because being in school for 23 years straight seemed like a fantastic idea at the time.

I graduated with a certificate in criminal law and I aspire to be a District Attorney one day or work in criminal law in some capacity, but for now, I'm working in landlord-tenant and personal injury law.

My blog is a mix of sarcasm, snark, and sarcasm with a little bit about my day-to-day thrown in.  If you get a good chuckle out of some classic GIFs of reality television, then check out my blog 

Also featured - cute puppies, things I will never be able to afford and some good old-fashioned whining about struggling to live in one of the most expensive places in the world.

Never featured - anything having to do with stilettos.

Clearly my blog name suits me.

Anyway, moving on to the questions....

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging just recently - January 2013.  I had had blogs before, but never kept up with them and I was one of those people who was doing the whole near year, fresh start approach.  It's been a rough year and I just wanted a place to write with honesty, but I also wanted to put it out in the universe because I liked knowing that other people could read my struggles and maybe feel like they weren't alone.  

What do you like to do when you're not blogging?
Well, since I stink at keeping up with my blog, I do plenty of things when I'm not blogging.  I work at a law firm during the week and I waitress on the weekends.  I love going to see live music and I'm grateful to live in a city that offers so much of it.  I also love to read and have a strong addiction to anything that could even remotely fall under the category of trashy reality television.

What do you find is the biggest misconception about lawyers?
I think a lot of them have already been discussed, but I do think I have one that hasn't been touched upon.  I feel like a lot of people think that if you're a lawyer, you automatically are an expert on all aspects of the law.  I have people constantly coming to me for legal advice on any type of subject, expecting me to know the exact answer and a lot of the times, it's a very specific issue pertaining to a very specific area of law and it's not the area of law I work in or graduated with a specialty in.  

What's your favorite vacation you've been on?

While I love Disneyworld and I am lucky enough to have been there A LOT (my friend works there and lives in Orlando), Disney is not my favorite vacation.  I have two that top my list - my trip to Anguilla and my three weeks of studying in Italy while in law school.  But Anguilla wins in the end because I lived in Italy (Bologna) to be specific for three weeks and I took classes, so it wasn't really a vacation.  

Anguilla was amazing because I could never afford to go there on my own and I was lucky enough to have an amazingly generous friend take me with her as her gift for graduating college.  We went for six days and six nights, stayed in the Viceroy Anguilla, and were generally in heaven for two weeks.  We went jet skiing, parasailing, horseback riding on the beach and got horrible sunburns as a bonus.  I also had some of the best seafood I've ever eaten.

What's your best and worst home reno project?
I live in an itty-bitty NYC apartment with my roommate and I can barely keep that clean, let along renovate it. question? 

Congrats if you stuck with me this long! Thanks for learning more about me - I hope you'll check out my blog.  I don't update it as frequently as I should, but when I do, it's a full on snark attack....which is better than a shark that's a plus already.   I'm so grateful to the Legally Blogging girls for letting me be a part of this :)

And now it's time for the giveaway!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Mouthwatering Mondays

Hi! Did you think I had forgotten about you? I haven't put up a post this late in forever! I was SO busy today at work and of course I was busy relaxing at the beach all weekend, so I've been a blogger slacker today! I'll catch you up to speed with the weekend in a day or to, but for now...

Welcome to the Third edition of

Mouthwatering Mondays

I along with 8 other ladies have joined forces to bring you this exciting weekly linkup. Every week we will have a theme to follow. The schedule for the coming weeks will be posted at the bottom of the linkup so you can plan out your posts in advance. Find your favorite recipes to go along with the theme and be sure to take lots of pictures!!

There are only a couple rules to play by!

1. Follow all your beautiful Hosts using at least one of the methods provided below.

Babies Bosses & Boyfriends: Blog / Bloglovin / Twitter
Rhyme and Ribbons: Blog / Bloglovin / Twitter
A Beauty Moment: Blog / Bloglovin / Twitter
Bailey Dailies: Blog / Bloglovin / Twitter
The Active spirit: Blog / Bloglovin / Twitter
The Campbell's: Blog / Bloglovin / Twitter
Well Worn Soles: Blog / Bloglovin / Twitter
Caravan Sonnet: Blog / Bloglovin / Twitter
Lost in Boston: Blog / Bloglovin / Twitter

2. Grab a button, place it on your blog, and link up your post for your favorite recipe following the weekly theme!
Mouthwatering Mondays

3. Check out some of the other fantastic links & Have a blast!

And it is as easy as that! So get your favorite recipe book out and practice up! NO strings attached just a fun and friendly weekly linkup for working girls, single moms, Stay at home moms, housewives, or even the single lady looking for a great idea!!

The schedule for the coming weeks:

  • July 29: Quick & Easy Appetizer
  • Aug 5: Favorite Crockpot Recipe
  • Aug 12:  Favorite Side-dish

Link up your Appetizer recipe below!! Can't wait to see what you come up with! I read all of the Mouthwatering Mondays posts and I'm building a huge list of recipes to try! Link up link up link up!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm Loving It!

Hooray for Friday, hooray for Friday! Someone in the crowd is yelling, "Hooray for Friday".
Ok, enough singing but really, hooray for Friday!

This week was rainy and dreary but there was still a lot to love! Check it out!

Masters Tickets
So after my brother won tickets to the Masters practice rounds this year he was determined to win again. Therefore he, Forrest, myself, and my mom all signed up for the ticket lottery. I WON!! The boys are beside themselves! I don't know if I will go with them since it is kind of their thing, but it is pretty awesome to have the opportunity!

 photo EE6F943F-23ED-44E0-92BA-5151D58E965F-1518-000000863E8ECBED_zps1edcb4fc.jpg

Although, if I can get this close to Tiger, I may change my mind.

Sister Sister
So my sister moved to Nashville this week. I'm not exactly sad about it because she isn't that far away, it is a cool place that I can visit without any reason, AND, since she has been Miss Alabama USA, I have hardly seen her anyway. Really the best part of her moving is that she cleaned out her closet and I get the benefit of all of her extra stuff! Who doesn't love free clothes!! And if you are wondering "Why Nashville?" to that I say "Why not?" Like I said it isn't that far from home (maybe about 3 hours), it is a very charming city, and many of her friends live there. Do any of you live in Nashville or have you ever been? Any good restaurant/bar/shop advice? I have only been once for a bachelorette party so I don't know much about it! I'm hoping to visit soon!

 photo null_zps2f9fa184.jpg

I'm coming to visit sooooooon! Prepare my room!!

Beautification Award
I am SO proud of Smith and Bailey Dental! They were honored with a Beautification Award! I went with Julie to receive it on Monday night (Forrest was putting the finishing touches on some veneers) and it was such a great experience. The whole city council thanked them for building in the community and were seemed very pleased with them. Also, I got to see Carnell Williams' parents (professional football player who played at Auburn). They had won an award for their home. Forrest and Julie worked so hard to make their building attractive and this award was wonderful validation of their efforts.

 photo null_zps149773f1.jpg

Turkey Lurkey
Ok, so if you follow me on instagram (which you totally should!) I have been posting random pictures of turkeys lately. Why? Well apparently this turkey family moved into the neighborhood last summer and they have gotten quite comfortable. You will always find them patrolling traffic (aka standing in the middle of the road slowing every one down), taking a stroll through someone's yard, or eating up all the grass seed this one poor guy keeps trying to plant. They are so tame they will come right up to you, which is super frightening because they are huge. They could definitely take me. They are really cool though and everyone in the neighborhood likes them (even if they did peck my tire one time when I tooted my horn at them) and have adopted them as our mascots.

 photo null_zpsf6184232.jpg

I hate to say this but they are also pretty ugly! (and I was in the car when I took this--I wouldn't dare get this close to one without at least a door between us)

Local Love Magazine
Y'all--my friend Shalon started an online magazine! Isn't that awesome? It is super cute and all about weddings. She has even asked me to write an article here and there! I am SO proud of her and can't wait to be a part of it!

and speaking of first article in the Gadsden Style magazine is finally online! You can check it out HERE!

and speaking of weddings, my blogging bestie MEIGHAN got engaged! SO excited for her and I can't wait to follow along with all of her wedding plans!

 photo CFA60BDD-744A-42E0-975E-BCC686FAC874-10693-0000044631DCF8D1_zps94a33d65.jpg
Me and Meighan on our blate (blogger date) this spring. We need to schedule another soon so I can see the bling in person!

So Bailey Dailies is going start hosting sponsors! Yay! It's going to take a bit to get started, especially with the new Passionfruit 2.0. I have used Passionfruit ads for my button swaps but I'm not sure what to do now that they are charging $9 per month. I may have to host them myself, so I need to get that plan put in place before I decide. Other bloggers--what are you doing regarding the new passionfruit? They have really been fantastic and I hate to make my life harder by leaving, but I don't know if I can justify the $9 a month since I'm just now starting to offer sponsorships. Any thoughts? I'm so torn!

Finally, it is my friend Jenny's birthday and she is giving away FREE MONEY to Etsy!!

It's her party and she'll giveaway if she wants to!! In honor of Jenny from Dancin' With A Dolly's  birthday we have teamed up to give you an opportunity to win a $50 giftcard to Etsy. How amazing is this prize?! I mean who isn't obsessed with browsing on Etsy?!

Your sponsors: Jenny with Dancin' With A Dolly, Kimberly with A Night Owl Blog & Catherine with Bailey Dailies

I hope you'll celebrate with us and enter this giveaway below!! Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So what are you loving this week? Leave me a comment with your blog link so I can check out your week! 

That Friday Blog Hop 


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Buying a house

Yes, we need to sell our house first, but I am having all these emotions about the house we will buy and the process it takes to make it ours. When we purchased our first home, our situation was very different. I had just moved home after finishing law school and taking the bar exam and Forrest was finishing up his second semester of dental school in Birmingham. We had initially planned on living in Birmingham while he finished school and I would commute to Gadsden for work, but we changed our minds and decided to flip flop that process. Since Forrest couldn't come up every day to look at houses, the task was left to me (and my mom). I didn't really mind that because that meant I could pick only my favorites to show him. I was excited to start the process but once I got into it, I was totally overwhelmed. I had NO knowledge of banks and loans and mortgages and the rest of that nonsense and got really bogged down in that. Then, the house hunt was so much harder than I thought! I would look at a house and Forrest would shoot it down. Too big, too expensive, too much work, too this, too that. I was looking all over the county, which is admittedly the smallest county in the state but still...that's a wide range of locations. I remember having a melt down half way through and we decided to pick our favorite areas and stick to those only, which greatly reduced the number of houses I was going to have to see. If we couldn't find one we liked, we could get an apartment until one became available. Then, I found it. It was quaint and beautiful and big and had so many of the features that I wanted in a house. It was a little over budget but this was 2009 and things were being sold for way under asking. So we made an offer. And waited...and waited..and waited. And then, the offer was rejected. I will tell you this--that is the WORST feeling. You go through this exhausting process of finding a house you like, then you fall in love with it, and then they say NO, you can't have it. I was devastated. Forrest and my mom all said that it wasn't meant to be but I was so stuck on it that it took me days to get over it. I don't know if I was more upset about losing the house or about the fact that I still had to keep looking. Finally, after 31 houses, we made our decision--and bought the very first house I saw, the one that Forrest said sounded great but I should probably see some more so we knew what was out there. Yes, that was frustrating, but at least I knew that we were getting the very best house for our money and more importantly, the very best house for us. It wasn't as easy as that, even in the end. The mortgage company jerked us around and kept wanting more and more money up front for a myriad of reasons that I don't remember, so we switched our financing a week before closing, which was 2 weeks before our wedding. It was quite the process but in the end it all worked out for the best!
As we start our search for a new house, all of the emotions from the first search keep welling up inside me. I don't think the process will be nearly as arduous, because we know the areas that we are willing to live and we aren't looking outside of those (although we have strayed a time or two). Things with the banks are much easier now because we have both been working for several years so I'm assuming we are "safe bets". Still though, I know that the possibility of heart break is out there and I fear it the most. I know that is silly, especially since I'm steeling my heart just in case, but I can't help but see a house I love and start planning. I've mentally filled closets, placed the Christmas tree, hung our future children's stockings. I have to be able to think ahead when we see these houses because we are planning on a life that we do not have yet, but I'm trying to keep my planning and dreaming in check. I know everything will work out and as my friend Deborah said, whatever happens happens, and I know to expect bumps and set backs along the way. I'm really just anxious to have the process over with so we can get this next aspect of our lives underway! Wish me luck!

 photo null_zpsb123c30a.jpg

Do you have any house heartbreak stories? Suggestions on how not to get too attached? Ideas to make the house hunting process a little less stressful? You know I'd LOVE to hear from you below! 


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A day for the dogs

Yesterday was my dog Sonny's 4th birthday! Forrest got him for me for our first Christmas after we were married. You can read all about that crazy tale HERE. Poor Sonny had to spend his day in the rain (which he hates) at Farrah's because our house was being shown so I'm celebrating for him today on the blog.

 photo SonnyCollage_zps374fec9a.jpg

Top to bottom, left to right
1. The first picture of Sonny that we ever got! The rescue sent me this picture trying to convince me to get a puppy that was available instead of waiting for an older dog. It worked!
2. First bath!
3. First day at the lake--he took to the water instantly!
4. Sonny's first birthday at the lake!
5. Riding in the tube (slowly)
6. Posing with his cute mat from Auntie M
7. On his new big boy bed
8. Again, at his favorite place, the lake!
9. This year on Memorial day. He is getting to be a grown boy!

Since we are hopefully moving soon, I wanted some advice from all you pet lovers out there on doggie stuff for the new house. I'm hoping that the dogs can spend more time outside at whatever house we find and that their food can be somewhere easy to access but not right in the middle of the kitchen so it's not in the way when people come over. Any product advice will be most appreciated! Also, do you have any tips on acclimating your pets to their new home? I'm less worried about the dogs that my scaredy cats, bless their hearts, but I'm afraid that the dogs might try to escape or run away to find our old house. Please share your tips in the comment section below!! Sonny appreciates it!!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bloggy Besties plus a GIVEAWAY

Hi! Today I have a super fun post for you. My friend Noor and I teamed up to do a question and answer post a week ago and I wanted it share it with you. Plus, I'm helping to host a giveaway over on her blog today so please enter at the bottom of this post!

Favorite Thing About Blogging
Catherine : I think the best thing I have discovered while blogging is that there is a wonderful community of women out there that are warm and encouraging and inviting! I know it may sound silly to say that I have made "friends' while blogging but I really have (here's looking at you, sweet Noor!!). It's nice to have so many sweet people out there witnessing your life and encouraging you to do what you love! 

Noor : Blogging is far too exciting that just from writing . There're crazy anecdotes , awesome peeps , fun projects and ultimate opportunities . You don't need to wear a stylish LBD for being social , you can do it in your PJs as a blogger ( something I really like , cheers ) . And a more clear description , you have read above mine concern ( hey Catherine )

Biggest Celebrity Crush
Catherine : Oh my gosh there are SO many and they change on a daily basis. I think that Luke Bryan (country singer) is totally adorable and I just went to the New Kids on the Block concert and I have to say that Jordan Knight still has "the right stuff". As for movies, I'm sticking with Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper. 

Noor :  It would be a hard choice because I'm so indecisive for these matters . But constantly , it's John Cena 
(whoops who watches WWE?)
and afterwards , Channing Tatum , because he's a look like of John Cena . Pretty good deal for moi .
Count in Dev Patel too .....

Go left or right? Errr , I'm stuck!

Worst High School Moment: 
Catherine : Something about being a teenage girl makes everything seem like SUCH a big deal. I was so dramatic and wore my heart on my sleeve about everything! I'm so glad that high school is over for that very reason--it's nice to be a grown up and have gotten a little perspective on the world!

Noor : I changed many schools so I'd have a stack of not-so-cool stories with mean girl or whatsoever . But worst thing I could ever remember is when I attended a sports event and I was the only photographer of DA CROWD . I had a Nikon s4000 in my jeans pocket . When we were setting off on a wagon , camera button just pushed and lense got out & crushed... BOOM!! I was freaked out and there was NO way to get over with it . So it ended up at the lost of 200$ , lots of scolding and zero snaps from our event . #fail

A Hidden Secret: 
Catherine : Hmm let's see--this is hard! It's hard to have any hidden secrets when you have a blog! I guess my 'hidden talent" is that I can stick my tongue out and touch the tip of my nose with it. It's super classy. I can also pinch really hard with my toes! :)

Noor : My hidden secret is imitation . From donald duck to Paris Hilton .
It's super fun unless someone whom I don't know calls me and I reply in a donald duckies voice , woosh!

Disney Princesses?
Catherine : I am ALL about princesses. My favourite movie growing up was Cinderella. It is such a great story!  I love all of the princess stuff now that they have for kids and I just hope I have a girl because whenever we have kids I'm going to buy all of that stuff! :)

Noor : I love disney princesses ( even new ones , yeah I still watch ). I wanted to be Snow White , for no reason perhaps . For me , it was so cool to get  a living in forest with lots of hard working people who do your chores while you can wait for your prince charming . 

And while you're hang around , grab some peeps from Grab a Friend.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Adorable kids, plus Mouthwatering Mondays!

Happy Monday! Did everyone have a fun weekend? We were running crazy as usual! We spent Friday night with some friends at dinner. It was really hot but we got to eat outside and listen to the amazing singer, so it was really lovely!

 photo null_zpsb346b722.jpg
The husbands were there too, but of course, they had to take the pictures so they couldn't be in them!

On Saturday we were in rare cleaning form because we had an open house on Sunday. I was out painting our windows at 9am! I know that this is not that early but I don't do ANYTHING that early on weekends--ever! Luckily my friend Rachel was able to come and actually paint them well, so I bailed out of that job and tackled as many other projects as possible. We literally worked until nearly 5pm and I was exhausted! Thank goodness we had a shrimp boil to go to that night so I didn't have to cook dinner! Our young marrieds group from church met at the Monk's home for a fantastic summer supper. I ate plate after plate--all work and no play makes me a hungry girl!
 photo null_zps538694f1.jpg photo null_zps6d0267a8.jpg    
Um, how cute are these kids?? They were all so sweet and well behaved too! 

 photo null_zpsa243b2d8.jpg 
Shrimp, 3 kinds of sausage, corn, and potatoes. I wasn't exactly eating heart healthy that day, but it was super delicious!

 The next morning we went to early church and came home to get the house in tip top shape for the open house. It really looked great if I do say so myself! I'll do a post later this week for my tips and advice! After the showing we went to visit new baby Mary Catherine Yother. I had so much fun snuggling with her I never took any pictures. Rest assured there will be plenty of pics of her in the future--she is gorgeous! We ended the evening at my parents' house for dinner. Again, it was so nice not to worry about dinner when we had been so busy throughout the weekend! We may have worked a lot but we were able to sneak in lots of fun as well!  

So what did you do this weekend??
Don't think I haven't forgotten about the link up!!! Hope you have your favorite bbq or picnic recipe handy! I'm actually linking up an old post with recipes I used for supper club when I did a cookout theme. Hope you find some of them to your liking! Remember, if you want to link up, you can use an old post! 

And now it's time for:

Mouthwatering Mondays

I along with 8 other ladies have joined forces to bring you this exciting weekly linkup. Every week we will have a theme to follow. The schedule for the coming weeks will be posted at the bottom of the linkup so you can plan out your posts in advance. Find your favorite recipes to go along with the theme and be sure to take lots of pictures!!

There are only a couple rules to play by!

1. Follow all your beautiful Hosts using at least one of the methods provided below.

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Caravan Sonnet: Blog / Bloglovin / Twitter
Lost in Boston: Blog / Bloglovin / Twitter

2. Grab a button, place it on your blog, and link up your post for your favorite recipe following the weekly theme!
Mouthwatering Mondays

3. Check out some of the other fantastic links & Have a blast!

And it is as easy as that! So get your favorite recipe book out and practice up! NO strings attached just a fun and friendly weekly linkup for working girls, single moms, Stay at home moms, housewives, or even the single lady looking for a great idea!!

The schedule for the month of July:

  • July 22: Favorite BBQ/Picnic Recipe
  • July 29: Quick & Easy Appetizer
 Now bring on those tasty Picnic style recipes!

Blogging tips