Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bloggy Besties plus a GIVEAWAY

Hi! Today I have a super fun post for you. My friend Noor and I teamed up to do a question and answer post a week ago and I wanted it share it with you. Plus, I'm helping to host a giveaway over on her blog today so please enter at the bottom of this post!

Favorite Thing About Blogging
Catherine : I think the best thing I have discovered while blogging is that there is a wonderful community of women out there that are warm and encouraging and inviting! I know it may sound silly to say that I have made "friends' while blogging but I really have (here's looking at you, sweet Noor!!). It's nice to have so many sweet people out there witnessing your life and encouraging you to do what you love! 

Noor : Blogging is far too exciting that just from writing . There're crazy anecdotes , awesome peeps , fun projects and ultimate opportunities . You don't need to wear a stylish LBD for being social , you can do it in your PJs as a blogger ( something I really like , cheers ) . And a more clear description , you have read above mine concern ( hey Catherine )

Biggest Celebrity Crush
Catherine : Oh my gosh there are SO many and they change on a daily basis. I think that Luke Bryan (country singer) is totally adorable and I just went to the New Kids on the Block concert and I have to say that Jordan Knight still has "the right stuff". As for movies, I'm sticking with Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper. 

Noor :  It would be a hard choice because I'm so indecisive for these matters . But constantly , it's John Cena 
(whoops who watches WWE?)
and afterwards , Channing Tatum , because he's a look like of John Cena . Pretty good deal for moi .
Count in Dev Patel too .....

Go left or right? Errr , I'm stuck!

Worst High School Moment: 
Catherine : Something about being a teenage girl makes everything seem like SUCH a big deal. I was so dramatic and wore my heart on my sleeve about everything! I'm so glad that high school is over for that very reason--it's nice to be a grown up and have gotten a little perspective on the world!

Noor : I changed many schools so I'd have a stack of not-so-cool stories with mean girl or whatsoever . But worst thing I could ever remember is when I attended a sports event and I was the only photographer of DA CROWD . I had a Nikon s4000 in my jeans pocket . When we were setting off on a wagon , camera button just pushed and lense got out & crushed... BOOM!! I was freaked out and there was NO way to get over with it . So it ended up at the lost of 200$ , lots of scolding and zero snaps from our event . #fail

A Hidden Secret: 
Catherine : Hmm let's see--this is hard! It's hard to have any hidden secrets when you have a blog! I guess my 'hidden talent" is that I can stick my tongue out and touch the tip of my nose with it. It's super classy. I can also pinch really hard with my toes! :)

Noor : My hidden secret is imitation . From donald duck to Paris Hilton .
It's super fun unless someone whom I don't know calls me and I reply in a donald duckies voice , woosh!

Disney Princesses?
Catherine : I am ALL about princesses. My favourite movie growing up was Cinderella. It is such a great story!  I love all of the princess stuff now that they have for kids and I just hope I have a girl because whenever we have kids I'm going to buy all of that stuff! :)

Noor : I love disney princesses ( even new ones , yeah I still watch ). I wanted to be Snow White , for no reason perhaps . For me , it was so cool to get  a living in forest with lots of hard working people who do your chores while you can wait for your prince charming . 

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