Thursday, July 11, 2013

Starting A Supper Club

A week or so ago I talked about my supper club's night out for a tasting dinner. Afterwards, I got a few comments and even more emails about how we started our club and how we operated it. When I hear the phrase "supper club" I typically think of a group of older Southern men and women sitting around being served a super fancy meal in their finest attire (maybe I watch too many movies, I don't know). Well, that is NOT how our club operates BY FAR, and we love it that way. More and more, younger people are starting these groups as a way to have a fun social night out with people their own age. If you are interested in starting one of your own, I highly recommend it! Here are some ideas you might can use to make your club your own.

1. Pick your members wisely. You will probably want a group of people with similar interests, schedules, ages, etc. Our group is composed of all couples, around 30 (give or take), about half have kids, the rest don't. Ours actually started as an accident. We had been to dinner at several friends' homes and I needed to return the favor, so I just had one big dinner party (maybe this was cheating?). Everyone really enjoyed each other's company and thus our group was born! Mine worked out thankfully but you want to make sure that you build a group of people who actually like each other and get along. You don't have to all be best friends though. It's fun to include people that you might not see all the time! Also be mindful of the numbers. Our group does a sit down dinner so we can't really have 20 people because who has that many places at their dining room table (you might?).  I will say though that my parents have been in a supper club for 29 years and it has been a wonderful experience. I grew up with the children of the other couples and we are all very close. It's like another little family--and I hope that our group will be the same way!

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Hi from our group!

2. Decide how often you want to meet. We meet once a month, which is plenty. Every other month might work nicely if everyone can keep on schedule! We will meet on weekends or week days depending on what works the best for everyone, but the host has final say on the date. 

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3. Hosting: Each month, a different couple hosts at their home. We have a schedule so everyone hosts the same number of times. However, once we get to the end of the list we reevaluate and make a new line up that suits everyone best. When you host, you are in charge of everything and you get to do it your way. Sometimes we have a theme, other times people just cook what they want. The hosts can go as fancy or as casual as they wish. One time I did a casual cook out and the next time I did a fancy Italian style dinner. We found it easier for the host to be in charge of the entire meal, but you could also do it pot luck. Or BYOB. Or appetizers and drinks. Or however you wish! I've also heard of clubs that eat out every month. We decided that we eat out every June and December since those months are busy for everyone. Plus, it gives everyone a fun evening out on the town!  

 photo FB4EC355-EE8A-4D3F-B1C7-6611B8973673-5666-000002538DC0B4B2_zpsa7711fa8.jpg
I went all out last time with my Italian dinner: china, silver, crystal, the works! Check out my menu and recipes from that night HERE. 

4. Guests: Our group doesn't invite outsiders to our dinners. Maybe a time or two a host has invited someone that everyone needed to meet because they were new in town, but otherwise, no guests. It just makes the group too large. However, I know some groups allow the hosts to invite whomever they want, or each couple is allowed another guest couple each month. It just depends again on what type of meal you are serving and how much space you have. I do think it would be fun for a group to host a party where everyone brought an appetizer, a bottle, and a different couple each month. Maybe I will start that!

 photo 7252B824-4AD6-48F8-B1E1-F341D5EF5827-21349-000009356454262C.jpg
Celebrating Mamatha's birthday at Claire and Paul's dinner in January. We always try to do something special for birthdays and babies!

Anyone out there interested in starting a group like this? Anyone already in one? Let me know how your group works!

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  1. That is such a cute idea! I love the supper club concept :) I saw your post over on Noor's blog - I *love* Jane Austen and Downton Abbey as well! Probably two of my favorite things in the whole world <3

    Ellie @ Serendipitous Whimsicality

    1. OMG well we would totally be bff's then!! Did you know you are a no-reply blogger? I can't comment to your comments via email. Google keeps changing me back to no reply so I wanted to make sure it hadn't happened to you!

    2. Oh shoot! Well thanks for letting me know! Oh google - trying to keep my email address private..

  2. I wish I could have a supper club! We just moved to GA and don't have many friends haha. Love love love this!

  3. It all sounds amazing . I have never been a part of supper club but in last years , I just joined a foodie community so all I know is none . If I'd visit you sometime , you would have to take me in , lol.
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. this is such a cool idea! my friends and i were starting to do this (taking turns hosting dinners at each house) but we've been slacking lately. i've been wanting to have something but we are still waiting to have our driveway fixed after that stupid tree fell. once it's all fixed up and pretty - i'm hoping to host something fun!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. I love this idea! It seems like a lot of fun to have a supper club, and I think I'd have a lot of fun putting together a little dinner party. I saw your guest post on Noor's blog, and I love Downton Abbey too! Can't wait for next February/March for season 4. Congrats on your column0 that's so cool that you're doing that!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  6. I liked that you separated the topping and the bread for brushetta. It keeps the bread from getting soggy. Great idea!

  7. I love this idea! I think I'll keep it in mind for when my husband is done with college and we have a place of our own!

  8. this is a really fun idea. I have a group of friends that we sometimes eat together at lunchtime on saturdays. only it is usually 2-3 families that eat together and it's not always the same people - meaning people get invited more often than others. It's totally informal, so I like how yours is scheduled!

  9. This is such a cool idea. May toss around this idea to a few and see what happens.

  10. I would love to get something like this started! We are in a new area and community, but I can see something like this building in the next few years!


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