Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm Loving It! Game Day Style!!

It's football season y'all! The college football season officially kicked off last night and my team, the Alabama Crimson Tide, kicks off tomorrow! I'm on pins and needles--I can't hardly sleep I'm so excited! Do I sound crazy? Well, I kind of am about football. It's a way of life in the fall down here. It dictates not only our Saturdays, but our entire fall. Not only does that mean that I am out of commission on Saturdays and that my blog posts will include game days recaps, but it also means I will start dressing in red, gray, and houndstooth until mid January. For fall, I'm always decked out in game day wear no matter what day it is. One day a Judge asked me if I got lost on the way to the stadium when I pranced into court in my most adorable houndstooth suit (of course, this Judge tailgates with my family, so he was just kidding with me, plus, he probably had an Alabama polo on under his robe). In the South, we do our game day style up right. That being said, I was THRILLED when I found a new shop that has TONS of game day dresses and accessories! I actually met Katie, the website and social media director for  Dress U, on twitter (clearly she does her job well!). I LOVED their darling game day wear and was so pumped about their site that I wanted to share it with you, my fearless readers! You can get dresses in just about any team colors, including some for pro teams! Not only do they have dresses but also scarves, jewelry, everything! I wanted you all to know a little bit about Dress U so the girls behind the fashion have included a post about themselves AS WELL AS some game day style tips just for you!!  Take it away girls.........

Founded in 2008 by Georgia native, Jenna Kimsey, and built on her love for college football and the long time tradition of “dressing to the nines” on gamedays. DressU is a unique retailer that provides feminine, fashionable and spirited clothing for every Gameday Fashionista.
DressU started in Jenna's garage where she filled online orders for the once, online only store. Since then, DressU has expanded to a larger warehouse as well as expanding the website to include more university color schemes. 
DressU was created to eliminate the endless search for the perfect gameday clothing, and it’s our hope we have done that for you. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

One of my favorite gameday looks, especially since I live here in the South, is pairing an airy dress, in
school colors of course, with cowgirl boots! It's cute AND comfy, which are my two requirements
when dressing up for a football game! Plus you can never go wrong with cowgirl boots, because
really, do you want to be the girl who wears 4 in stilettos to the game only to be in pain later?
Yeah, me neither!


If you're not big into doing the casual look, dressy is also a good way to go! I personally love
doing the dressy look (sans stilettos, of course) when the weather cools off!

There are some days when I don't feel like dressing up AT ALL for games and I will just throw
on some cute accessories to show my school spirit. Accessories are always a great way
to show your spirit without being super girly. My favorite right now has to be our state scarves.
I am ob-sessed to say the least!

Can't wait to see y'all sporting DressU on gamedays! 

The DU Girls 

Aren't their clothes adorable? Don't you want to buy some? Well I have good news for you! The Dress U  team is offering YOU, my fantastic Bailey Dailies readers, the chance to win a $20 gift card to their store! I mean, you really can't pass this up, right?  Who is excited??
Please enter below, and share share share! 
Have a fantastic Friday and HAPPY FOOTBALL SEASON!
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And to get you fine people in the mood for tomorrow:

All I Do Is Win (feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross) by DJ Khaled on Grooveshark
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Game Day Etiquette, According to Moi

As football season approaches, I wanted to share some of my personal feelings on game day etiquette, just in case you were going to be sitting near me or someone else who has very particular feelings on this subject!

1. I paid for my whole seat--you do not get to share it.
Why must I even type this? Do not put your random, stranger leg in my personal space. I do not want your sweaty knee touching mine in the 100 degree blazing sun. I also don't want your hip on me--you can scoot over. Your purse doesn't need to sit next to me--it didn't pay for a seat and I most definitely didn't sell it part of mine. OH--and my legs are NOT your back rest. You would think I didn't have to say this but seriously this guy at the Bama v. Penn St. game in State College kept laying back on my legs like they were a recliner. No sir--no thank you.

2. If you pay $8 for a giant drink, you really need to keep an eye on it
Nothing infuriates me more than a spilled drink at a game. It sounds ridiculous, but nothing can upset the balance of a perfect game more. I mean, you kick that giant drink over, it runs down and affects everyone sitting below you. Now, we are all standing in a wet, sticky mess, which gets splashed when we jump up after a good play--OR--you, the spiller, splash your feet it in and it gets on my back--gross. Now I'm having to hold my purse in my lap because your drink is under my seat, where purses, and my own drink belongs. Some people decide to put their now moistened possessions on the seat next to them, which jacks up everyone else (see number 1). Either buy a bottle, or put your drink all the way up under your seat. It's really not that hard.

3. If you hit me with that shaker, I'm calling the cops
I know that not all of your teams are lucky enough to be cheered on by 101,000 fans shaking shakers in time with the stadium music, but my team is. You may mock us and call it a pompom, but a shaker is really the best game day accessory. You can stir your drink with the handle (actually, Bama shakers exclusively have skinny handles for this exact purpose), you can pass them out at your wedding and have people shake them as you leave your reception (although, if you hand me another team's shaker at your wedding, I'm not going to shake it, I'm sorry), you can use them to cheer on the team OR slap things with them out of frustration. My shaker and I are inseparable at games. I had to sneak one in at Ole Miss because for some reason they treated them as weapons. Oops. I had my lucky shaker stolen out of the back of my purse in Knoxville in 2010--and the football karma totally got those people because we've beaten Tennessee every year since then. Ha! (sorry Sarah). Anyway, back to the point--if you are going to use the almighty shaker, you need to use it properly. You will NOT hit me or anyone else with it--one time, I'll give you, twice, we have a problem. It's not that hard--just hold your arm higher! Also, under no circumstances are you to shake your shaker after it has been raining or some idiot has spilled their drink all over it (see number 2). When you do this, you shake nastiness all over me, and that is just not cool. When I was little and my parent's took me to games, I wasn't allowed to have a shaker if I hit anyone with it--neither should you--as you are a grown up.

 photo SAM_1800_zpse3e7fc6e.jpg
Right after this photo, my shaker was taken. I'm going to blame the bald guy behind us.

4. Standers
I mean really, we are up by 35 at half--is there any reason to continue to stand during the game? Don't get me wrong--I'll stand and cheer with the best of them. But after some point, I really want to watch the game, not your back. I don't get these people who want to stand the entire game. I did that--it's called the student section. Typically we stand during the first drive or really exciting plays, you know, the good parts.  Did you know that when you stand, the people behind you can't see and they have to stand, so the people behind them have to stand, and so on? I'm not trying to be no fun, I'm trying to see the game that I paid to see. If I have to watch it on the jumbo tron, I may as well have stayed home. Therefore, let's consider those around us, please, and also realize that 4th and inches is a reason to stand and that +30 in the 4th quarter is not. It's all about manners, people!

5.  Kids--mixed feelings and mixed reviews
I don't have kids so I do not have any idea of how difficult it is to bring them to games, although I will be bringing my future kids to the games when  I think they can handle it.  I do think it's a little nuts when people bring their infants to the hottest game of the year (aren't you hot, holding them through out the whole game?-- although, I guess if you are a nursing mama, you have to. I mean, baby gotta eat and mama gotta watch the Tide play, right?) but in general I love seeing kids at games. I think they are darling all dolled up in their game day finest and usually if they spill on me or hit me repeatedly with their shakers, I'm going to blame who ever is with them, not the child, because hello, they are children, and hitting people with shakers is fun. I typically don't care if your kid is climbing on me, going to the restroom 8 million times, forcing me to get up each time, or if they are spitting Skittles into my hair (yep, true story). What does bother me is when it is an important game, during a pivotal play, and these things are happening and the parent is too wrapped up in said important game or play to notice that I am not watching the game because their child is hanging off the upper deck and I'm the only one who is trying to stop him from plummeting to his death. I don't begrudge the adorable boys dressed like mini fraternity boys in their baby Sperry's and Bama polos, or the precious little girls with smocked dresses and Bama bows in their hair, the experience of an Alabama game. Heck, I went to my first Bama game at the ripe old age of 4. What is annoying is when these kids are doing their kid things and no one is paying attention to how they are affecting those around them. I'm not talking your Bama v. Western Carolina kinda games (sorry if you are for them--but you understand), I'm talking Bama v. Texas A&M, LSU, etc. And clearly, I didn't care about any of this when Bama sucked--spill your drink on me kid--it will give me something else to deal with than the reprehensible activities going on on the football field. But if the teams are good and the game is requiring your undivided attention, please don't bring your kid and expect someone else to watch them. It's not fair to me and it's really not fair to your sweet little child!
 photo SAM_1629_zpsa821e113.jpg
Forrest hanging with Emily Ann, the sweet little girl who sits behind us at games. She is so cute and well behaved, plus she will brush your hair during timeouts!

6. Obnoxious idiots
I don't care if we are up by 50, you need to be respectful. I don't care if we are losing by 50, you still need to be respectful of everyone around you. Yes, be elated that we slaughtered that team and by all means, rain down your frustration that we lost in over time at the last second. I'm right there with you, but really, you need to keep it in check and not let yourself become a burden or nuisance to those around you. That's really what this list is about. I know that football games are all about fun and shouting and high five-ing, but when you are squished in with thousands of your fellow fans, you need to understand that you are not the only one there trying to enjoy the experience. Watch your mouth if children are sitting next to you, if you get drunk and are screaming or falling or slurring or harassing people, someone is going to get the cops, and you shouldn't wonder why. If you have little kids, make sure they aren't ruining someone else's game experience that they paid good money to see. There is no need to cheer when a player is injured (excuse yourself, Florida fans, for cheering when Tyrone Prothro got hurt in 2005, shame on you) and there is no reason to make a spectacle out of yourself when something goes right or wrong (Dear LSU cheerleader--there was no reason to call me a "B" when I was cheering on my team during the last seconds of a tough game--especially since you were on the field in your uniform--true story). Have fun, dance, drink to excess, scream, cry, hug strangers, but, understand, that everyone is there to have fun, and your actions just might ruin that fun. I'm not advocating Emily Post's manners, just a general awareness of the other fans around you.

Ok, thoughts? Am I way off base here? This is probably another reason I'm officially old. 
What are your game day pet peeves? 

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life Lately

Hi! I'm Catherine and I've been keeping things from you, blog, and I'm sorry! I've just been having so much fun talking about other things, that I have neglected to keep you in the loop of my life. Here we go--picture style.

My mom did the flowers for Forrest's office open house and I thought they were beautiful!!

 photo null_zps2f51ef02.jpg

Even Brownie agreed!
 photo null_zps9448d5d9.jpg

When I went to Tuscaloosa for sorority rush I got to have dinner with my pledge sister and one of my very bffs, Randi!

 photo null_zps1891519c.jpg

We got to dog sit Snuggles for Deborah on Saturday and he was so much fun. He really is the most snuggliest dog ever! Ruffles tolerated him but of course wanted to be the center of attention!

 photo null_zpsc1a51a11.jpg

We took Snuggles to Mentone, Alabama to meet Deborah so she could pick him up. It is about an hour north of our house so it made her drive shorter. It was a darling little town and we had some of the best brunch of all time! They also had some pretty neat recycled sculptures. I loved this elephant!

 photo null_zpsc517fd67.jpg

On Monday I took the dogs to get their shots and a bath. Sonny walked back with the tech like a good boy. Ruffles was dragged down the hall way, on her bottom most of the way, while she was howling. Oh, what a diva.

 photo null_zps4322fdfa.jpg

I have made some yummies lately! Check these out!

Roasted Mushroom Medley
2 Pounds Mixed Fresh Mushrooms
2 Garlic Cloves, Chopped
1/2 Cup Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper
1 Teaspoon Chopped Fresh Rosemary
1 Teaspoon Chopped Fresh Sage
1/4 Cup Chopped Fresh Parsley
1 Teaspoon Balsamic Vinegar

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
Wipe the mushrooms with a clean, damp cloth and trim stems.
Slice the mushrooms into pieces no larger than 2 inches in size.
Mix the olive oil with the garlic, herbs and seasonings in an ovenproof casserole dish large enough to fit all of the mushrooms.
Add the mushrooms, and mix well, coating the mushrooms with the flavored oil.
Bake for about 30 to 40 minutes, or until cooked through.
Remove from the heat, and drizzle with the balsamic vinegar.

 photo null_zps28a63b37.jpg

Crockpot Jambalaya
1 lb skinless, boneless chicken breast, cut up into small pieces
1 lb andouille sausage, sliced
1 28oz can diced tomatoes with juice
1 large onion, chopped
1 large green bell pepper, chopped
1 c chopped celery
1 c chicken broth
2 tsp dried oregano
2 tsp dried parsley
2 tsp Cajun seasoning
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1 c instant rice

1. Place all ingredients except rice in slow cooker. Cook on low for 7-8 hours, or on high for 3-4 hours.

2. Cook rice according to package instructions. Add rice, as desired, into each individual serving of jambalaya. Store rice separately from rest of stew.

 photo null_zpsaa58c4b0.jpg

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Weekend in Review

Wow--what a weekend! I have some fun pictures to share!

 photo null_zpsc766d8c2.jpg  photo null_zps58b30931.jpg
We spent Friday evening at the Center for Cultural Arts auction.There was both a live and silent auction and we had a blast! The food was great, tons of our friends were there, AND I left with a beautiful new bracelet! Thanks husband! I even got to model one of the furs that were for auction. People kept petting me--it was weird.

 photo null_zpsd88d76cf.jpg
We actually had SUNSHINE on Saturday! Forrest and I took advantage and went straight to the lake. It was wonderfully pleasant and relaxing. Ahhhh!

 photo null_zps58300c75.jpg  photo null_zps7bf0a0f9.jpg

On Saturday evening we celebrated the marriage of Megan and Jon Player. Megan and Forrest went to school together since K5 and I went to high school with them. It was truly an amazing evening. Megan looked stunning as she walked down the aisle with her beaming father. Her mother teared up so of course I lost it. The wedding was in a courtyard downtown and it was absolutely magical. You know I have a thing for outdoor weddings. The couple could not have asked for a more beautiful night. It has rained all summer, but the couple got clear sky. There was even a cool breeze, which is unheard of in Alabama in August! The meal was delicious--pasta, grits, potatoes, ham, salad--need I go on? I LOVE wedding reception food but this was more like a catered meal. I'm still dreaming about it. The cake was butter pecan, which I had never had but loved, and the grooms cake was actually different types of cupcakes. We had a fantastic time toasting the couple with so many friends from high school--none of us wanted to leave! Congratulations Megan and Jon!

 photo null_zps0cbd1030.jpg  photo null_zps7ea19327.jpg

On Sunday I was pleased to be a part of the installation our our AOII alumni chapter. We have so many sorority sisters in our town and have been meeting for years, but now we are an official group. There was a sweet ceremony and of course a reception after. Alpha love!!

Hope you all had a fab weekend and that your week is shaping up nicely!! We are all just really working for the weekend, right? I mean it's the first weekend of college FOOTBALL!!!
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Legally Blogging

The Legally Blogging idea was dreamed up by three ladies who all met in blog-land and instantly clicked. You could say it was love at first sight. The immediate connection stemmed from the one thing they had in common: Law. Obviously, as time went on, they discovered they had much more in common than just law, but that was a great starting point.

Here they are!

They decided to join forces and start a blogging series, to show that lawyers aren't always what you'd expect. The main goal of the series is to connect with other legal ladies out there and meet some great new people. Every week, the hope is to showcase a new person in the series.
Series so far:

At this time, Legally Blogging will be going on indefinite hiatus. Catherine, Jackie and Allison have loved bringing these posts to the blog world, but are ready for a little break. Check back in two weeks for the last Legally Blogging post!

My name is Grayson, and I’m an attorney in the awesome state of Alabama. I have decided to participate in a Legally Blogging series where I tell you a little about myself, how I became an attorney, then answer some questions. Here we go!!!!!

I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. Once I hit 17 and graduated from high school (Go Panthers!), I decided to head 93 miles away to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to attend the University of Southern Mississippi (To the Top!).

Having been involved in theater my entire life; I decided a “real life major” for this passion would be Broadcast Journalism. However, my junior year, I took “Media Law” and decided law school was the right choice for me!

A year later, I graduated with a double major in Broadcast Journalism & Political Science, with a Minor in French (Oui!!!).

During my undergraduate education, I worked part-time at a school/residential facility for developmentally disabled children. I knew going into law school I wanted to put my degree to use as an advocate for the developmentally disabled population.

However, while attending law school at Ole Miss (Hotty Toddy! Go Rebs!) I completed an internship at the District Attorney’s Office in Mobile, where I determined life as a juvenile prosecutor would also be a big help to the community, and allow me to be a “trial attorney” as well. I must say; the first time you get in front of a jury and deliver an opening statement…you are HOOKED!!! As such, I spent the last year of law school specializing in Criminal Law. Love this graduation picture…

Unfortunately, I graduated during the worst dip in the economy (December 2009) and was unable to secure employment of any kind – so, I decided to use this time to work toward my last educational goal…to get a PhD. I followed up law school by heading back to the University of Southern Mississippi to begin my doctoral degree in Administration of Justice (with a cognate in Political Science).

I spent 2010 and 2011 completing my PhD coursework, publishing textbooks, taking the Alabama Bar, doing more research than I knew possible, and teaching Criminal Law to undergraduates. I’m still not sure how I got so much done in such a short amount of time…

Again, I found it difficult to find a job and took a great offer as a temporary Associate at a large plaintiff firm in Mobile, working on the BP Oil Spill claims, which was followed by a short month as Corporate Counsel for a small media company. It was as though I sold my soul…

However, I have now secured a spot working at a large non-profit organization and feel like I might finally be where I am supposed to be…working with the developmentally disabled population that inspired me to go to law school in the first place, along with other individuals who need help throughout the Southeast.

As you can see, you never know what direction life will take you, or what may happen next. Who knows what the future holds for me…but I like the fact that I have a lot to look forward to and I appreciate all the possibilities being an attorney affords to me.

Why did you start blogging?
I actually began blogging in law school during the 2008 presidential election. When I was in my late teens through most of my 20s, I was very “into” politics. I created the blog “Law Student G” to discuss life in law school and the election. Once I graduated from law school I stopped blogging and focused completely on teaching/research.

However, once I began working in the “real world” and had a little more time on my hands, I became addicted to Pinterest. As an extension of that, I decided to start blogging again – instead of politics, I could discuss life as an attorney, share vegan recipes, and any projects I was working on.

I will say, I do not blog as much as I would like to, and after I complete my big move in the next couple of weeks, I plan to schedule more time to update my blog at least once a week! So, stay tuned!!!!

What do you like to do when you're not blogging?
Most recently, I have spent my spare time packing. I am moving 45 minutes across town in the next few weeks, to be closer to my office.

I also recently transitioned from being a vegetarian to a vegan. I have been experimenting with cooking vegan recipes, and started a much needed workout routine. I took jazz dance classes for 13 years growing up, and I wouldn’t mind adding that into my workout schedule once I get moved – so, I’m looking into that!

Additionally, I have always loved musical theater. I grew up participating in community theater and plan on auditioning for shows in the area soon. I just missed an audition for “Legally Blonde,” but hopefully they will have something similar to try out for soon!

Of course, I also take time to spend with my friends, family, and wonderful dogs – PomPom (7 year old Pomeranian) and Gatsby (2 year old Teacup Chihuahua). Aren’t they the CUTEST?!?!?!?!?!

What do you find is the biggest misconception about lawyers?
That We All Became Lawyers for “Big Money.” As I previously stated, I initially went to law school because I wanted to be an advocate for the developmentally disabled. I also became interested in juvenile prosecution or court administration. None of these avenues could ever make me rich…and that is OKAY! Sure, I want to be comfortable one day, but I didn’t go to law school to be rich. In fact, most law school graduates and attorneys are not considered wealthy.

What's your favorite vacation you've been on?
EASY - The day after my undergraduate graduation I boarded a plane to Europe for a month long vacation (Germany & France) and put my French Minor to use in Paris…I almost did not come home!! It is now my ultimate dream to retire to Paris (however unlikely, it is a nice goal…)

The last question everyone answers deals with home renovations. Being an apartment renter, I do not have the luxury of that yet! J

I hope you learned a little about me. I am so happy to be a part of the Legally Blogging Series!!! 

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Mouthwatering Mondays

Welcome to this edition of....

Mouthwatering Mondays

I along with 8 other ladies have joined forces to bring you this exciting weekly linkup. Every week we will have a theme to follow. The schedule for the coming weeks will be posted at the bottom of the linkup so you can plan out your posts in advance. Find your favorite recipes to go along with the theme and be sure to take lots of pictures!!

There are only a couple rules to play by!

1. Follow all your beautiful Hosts using at least one of the methods provided below.

Babies Bosses & Boyfriends: Blog / Bloglovin / Twitter
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2. Grab a button, place it on your blog, and link up your post for your favorite recipe following the weekly theme!
Mouthwatering Mondays

3. Check out some of the other fantastic links & Have a blast!

And it is as easy as that! So get your favorite recipe book out and practice up! NO strings attached just a fun and friendly weekly linkup for working moms, single moms, Stay at home moms, housewives, or even the single lady looking for a great idea!!

The schedule for the coming weeks:
  • Aug 26: Healthy Meal (Ex: Gluten Free) 
***NOTE: COMING SOON Mouthwatering Mondays will be revamped and revised!! 

If you are interested in becoming a host or have any ideas on new weekly recipe topics please let me know!! :)


Link up your recipe below!!
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Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm Loving It! Favorite Game Edition!

Today marks less than one week until the first college football game kicks off and 1 week plus 1 day until the first Alabama game. In honor of this momentous occasion, I wanted to share some of my favorite football games with you!

Bama v. Florida, Bryant Denny Stadium, 2005

This may actually be my favorite game of all time. I woke up that morning and crossed campus at the crack of dawn. People were already setting up their tailgates on the quad, and people were already drinking. Why was I up that early? I was taking the LSAT--in a campus building, while people tailgated all around. I had my bag packed with my game day clothes, shoes, and make up (hello, it's the South--we look our best at games). As soon as the test proctor let us go, I made a bee line for the sorority house to change, eat, and get into the stadium. I knew I had done well on the test so I was in high spirits when I entered the stadium. Florida had a new coach, Urban Meyer, who was supposed to be amazing, and our team was actually half way descent that year. I have to say that I have never heard the fans at Bryant Denny so loud before--it was deafening. The only silent moment came when our star player, Tyrone Prothro, gruesomely broke his leg. Silence is a misstatement, because there were Florida fans gator chomping and cheering as his bone was sticking out of his skin and as he lay writhing in pain on the field. The gators had insulted our player, our team, and our fans, and after that moment, there was no turning back. The crowd got louder, the team hit harder, and we ended the game with a 31-3 victory, even though the Gators were the overwhelming favorite. I compare the volume of crowds to that game, and only a few times have our fans gotten to that level. I compare my feelings leaving a game to that game. I hope I never have to feel as desolate as I did when I watched Tyrone being carted off the field, knowing that his great talent would never play again.

 photo PA010376_zpsaf0fb775.jpg
Take that!

 photo PA010374_zps17d169d7.jpg
See the hateful choppers? I'm glad I snapped this pic all those years ago. Who knew I'd need it for this!

(06 and 07 aren't worth discussing)

Georgia v. Bama, 2008

This was my first experience in Athens, GA, and man was it a doozie. My family went to the game together, all 5 of us (this was the season before Forrest and I married). I was a 3L in law school, my sister was a freshman in college, and my brother was a senior at Georgia Tech. We played UGA on a rotation so our team hadn't been to Athens in quite a while. That was Nick Saban's second year coaching, and we were undefeated. Georgia had decided to make this game their "black out game", meaning the team and all the fans wore black. They had much success doing this the year before against Auburn, and the hype was definitely behind Georgia. We spent an interesting day wandering around Athens. My parents were cussed at (seriously, some guy got in my mom's face and said "I wish you Bama fans would jump up my a$$ and die"--to my MOM!) and some friends of us had bottles thrown at them. We even were given the wrong directions twice by 2 separate groups of UGA fans. We could totally feel the hostility and honestly, we were a little nervous. The stadium was loud, but not for long. Our team was up by 3 touchdowns in no time. Now, we let UGA get back those touch downs, but we ended up winning handily. The stadium looked like it was bleeding black as the UGA fans left, totally dejected. Their gamble didn't work this time. We were singing "I said it's great, to be, from ALABAMA" all the way down the ramp from the upper deck. When we got to the stadium gates, however, my dad looked at us and told us we were not to say anything, cheer, make faces, etc at any Georgia people. We could still feel the hostility in the air and dad said he was just too old to be getting into fights for us at this point in his life. We quietly walked to the car. When we were nearly there, we saw this sad little UGA guy, painted black from the waist up, with a red O on his chest. As we passed him my sister turned around and screamed "I bet you are feeling stupid now!!". I swear, I thought my dad was going to hit her. Luckily, the guy kept walking. We actually ended up walking the rest of the way with a group of the players' families (I met Javier Arenas' mom--too sweet) so we felt much safer. We learned that year that it doesn't matter what you wear, the Tide really doesn't care.

 photo DSCF2675_zpsf3602743.jpg
Sweet family--notice we are wearing white to "white out" the black out.

 photo DSCF2680_zps904ab2f7.jpg
Notice the black in the aisles.

LSU v. Bama, 2008

I should have been studying for my last law school finals, but instead, Forrest and I drove to Baton Rouge (yes, there and back in a day--that's 10+hrs in the car) for the LSU game. They had beaten us so many years in a row that it wasn't funny. This was Nick Saban's first year to go back to LSU as the Bama coach and there had been lots of drama about it all week long. Someone hung and burned Nick in effigy, people threw things at the team bus when they got into town, etc. I had never been to Baton Rouge and was really excited. Now, I didn't care for the random LSU people getting in my face and screaming "TIGER BAIT" but hey, I'm a fan, I get it. Our tickets were on the first row, which is field level in their stadium. I couldn't see anything but it was amazing to be that close to the action! Right at the end of the game, we were going to win if our kicker made an easy field goal (it could have been an extra point but I'm thinking field goal). We walked down to the uprights to stand under it as the ball came through, which was dumb because we were in front of lots of LSU fans who were really upset at this point. When the kicker missed, an enraged yet elated LSU man literally PICKED me up and flung me to the side. I'm not lying here. PICKED ME UP! I was stunned and looking at Forrest like "Um, are you going to do something???" Instead, we just started running--ain't nobody got time for a fight like that!! We went into overtime and in dramatic fashion, we won! Oh, the celebration! Since we were on row 1 we got to go on the field and celebrate! It was truly magical!! We ended up staying in the stadium for over and hour cheering, screaming, hugging strangers. I even got to meet some of the players when they boarded the bus!

 photo BamavLSU2008037_zpsda55b918.jpg
Woop woop!!! (notice what we are wearing--it's November--welcome to the South)

 photo BamavLSU2008042_zps14c7c8c5.jpg
Me with our former athletic director, the late, yet great, Coach Mal Moore

 photo BamavLSU2008069_zps6aa9a6cf.jpg
Celebrating with Terrence "Mt" Cody before he got on the bus. Notice his hands--they are the size of my head. That's why he's in the NFL and I'm writing this blog.

Penn St v. Bama, 2011

This was one of the very first games of the season and our first real test. We just had a great season but we lost 3 games so no one was very sure of our team. We were very excited to go to PA for the game, however, win our lose. Penn State and Alabama have 2 of the most storied, traditional teams in the NCAA and it was a treat to be playing them. Happy Valley really was the happiest of places. People greeted us on the streets, they even yelled ROLL TIDE to us as we passed. It was quite the opposite of the UGA and LSU experiences from above! You could feel the Penn State fans' passion for football radiating behind their smiles, and we knew it would be an intense game. Turns out, we were wrong. We won handily, which really did surprise us, and of course we were ecstatic. The trip itself was SO much fun, which is probably why this game stands out so much to me. It was also just before the whole Penn State scandal broke, so I'm sure we got the very best experience possible for the rivalry.

 photo SAM_4176_zps89a9b189.jpg
A beautiful day for a win!!

 photo SAM_4157_zps90cb059f.jpg
Tailgating fun! Bama fans know how to travel!

Bama v. Notre Dame, 2012 National Championship

Ok so technically this game was played in 2013 if you want to be quarrelsome. Once Bama got good and started going to National Championships regularly, I was determined to go myself. Tickets are ridiculously expensive so I didn't if that would actually happen, but I always left my options opened. This year, everything just fell into place. Someone offered us their tickets at face value. We had a hotel reservation in Miami since July, just in case (yes, I have one already for Pasadena--that's just good planning). We found terrible but super cheap flights. We made it happen. Yes, I got the stomach virus then night before the game, on my birthday, no less, but I was determined to be at that game--the fates wanted me there. With my pedialyte and box of saltines in tow, I took my seat in the stadium over an hour before kick off because I was too nervous to do anything else. Notre Dame was good. I really hadn't watched them play during the season because we were always at our games, but the hype was there. As I lay awake, sick as a dog the night before the game, ESPN kept picking them. I was so worked up by the time I got in the stadium I didn't know if I was sick or just jittery anymore. Notre Dame was loud--I felt like our fans were complacent--been there, done that--twice. I just knew that there was no way we'd win 2 in a row, and we would have spent all that money for nothing, even though it wasn't as much as it could have been. Well folks, we all know I was wrong. Up by 1 touchdown, then 2, then 3. It just kept going. My jitters subsided, I sat the majority of the game (which was good since I hadn't eaten in over a day), and we sailed into a gigantic victory. Nothing can top that!

 photo SAM_7189_zps92e73280.jpg
Victory is ours!!

 photo SAM_7183_zps12eab2fe.jpg

Honorable Mention

Bama v. Clemson 2008

This was the first game of Nick Saban's second season. We had a pretty embarrassing season the year before and I honestly felt like we would lose this game. Clemson was ranked something like 9 and we were 25. I really just went because I was a student and got cheap tickets, plus, it was played in the Georgia Dome so I figured it would be a fun experience. It was. Our team came out like steam rollers--methodically marching down the field, driving it down the Tigers' throats. ROLL TIDE!! We're back!!

 photo DSCF2636_zpsff075143.jpg
Mom, Me, my brother, and Dad

Bama v. Michigan, 2012

Forrest and I were determined to make it for Dallas for the season opener last year. It was one thing to play Michigan, and it was quite another to be playing them in Dallas Cowboys Stadium! I remember walking around thinking "aww, these Michigan people really think they are going to win!". I was super cocky because we had just won a National Championship that no one thought we could win, but in reality, I knew that Michigan was a good team and had amazing players and we needed to be on our toes. We were. Minus the drunk girl that had a coughing fit and ended up spitting pickle all over Forrest, it was a successful game!
 photo SAM_6722_zps45f75be8.jpg

Happy weekend! Are you a football fan? Are you gearing up for the season? Were you at any of these games?
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