Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm Loving It!

This week I'm loving my new blog design! It's it adorable? My friend Leslie at Sweetie Baby Blog Designs made it all come together. Leslie actually did my old design earlier this year. I was not new to the blog scene but I was new to blog design. I didn't really know people designed their own blogs because I just had my blog for myself and used a template off line. When I decided to "umph" it up and really use it as a way to write and connect with people, I knew Leslie would be the perfect one to do it for me. She and I dated and married boys from the same fraternity in college so we were always together and parties and things like that (ahh, those were the days). (And come to think of it, so did Lauren--do you read her blog? You should--she is expecting twins). Since I had so little knowledge about blog design, I'm pretty sure I told her I wanted it to be purple and gray. That was it. She came up with the whole theme on her own and I was SO pleased with it! It definitely captured the "me-ness" of my blog, which I loved. It sounds like me because I write it, and it even looks like me, if that makes sense! Well, about a month a go I got news from the magazine that I write for that I was able to tie my columns for them into my blog. I was thrilled because this was my goal when I started writing for them. There is only so much entertaining advice that you can put into a page restricted column. My idea was to have the column be the base and then build off of it on my blog with photos, pinterest, recipes, links, examples, etc. With that announcement I decided that I probably should make my design a bit more professional and less busy. Again, I turned to Leslie. She never missed a beat and starting trying to find out what I wanted immediately. I say "trying" because I know I was less than helpful. I would send her emails saying things like "I want it sophisticated but cute" "I like swirly but not too swirly" "fancy casual" "I love ALL the fonts!". Super helpful, right? Well, she took all of my crazy and created this! Aren't you in love? I know I am!
Leslie can do any and all blog designs and obviously, she can make something beautiful with just the tiniest bit of information! You can follow along with her on her own personal blog, Lambert's Lately. Actually, her blog was one of the ones that inspired to start my own! You can keep up with all of her travels, her amazing shopping skills, and her adorable daughter Emma Ramey on her blog. You won't be sorry!
Leslie--thank you SO much for both of my fabulous designs. Thanks for putting up with me and my thousand emails and for knowing exactly what I want, even when I don't. Roll Tide! :)


  1. definitely loving it , pink suits you well :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. She did a great job! It is so clean and pretty!

  3. the new design looks fantastic! of course i love pink, so the color scheme is so fab!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  4. Love the design! It's amazing what good work can do to really showcase other good work! :)


  5. It has Pink in it!! My favorite. Love it.

  6. I love it b/c I'm a huge fan of HOT PINK.


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