Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dancin' Shoes

So, you may or may not know this, but I am taking ballet classes! I actually danced for 12 years before I went to college and have honestly missed it ever since. One of my most favorite days of my life was my senior recital, when I got to perform my solo. I honestly have missed dancing ever since I had to stop 11 years ago (wow, I've been out of dance nearly as long as I was in it). Something about dancing was so cathartic for me. No matter what high school drama was going on, no matter how busy I was, no matter how stressed I was, dancing made it all melt away. I'd get lost in the song and the movement and just be me--just be free--for that hour and a half, once a week. I wasn't a professional or anything, it was just fun. I would dance out all of those emotions, and you know in high school you have about 8 millions flowing through you all at once. In ballet there is a right way to do things--the technique guides you and restricts your movements but at the same time, within that set of rules, there is beauty, grace, and fluidity. As a Type A, I like rules--I like boundaries--I like that there is a right way to do something and if you practice it, you will be able to execute it correctly. Within those rules, I became centered.

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When I found out the local dance conservatory was offering adult classes, I literally jumped at the chance to sign up. It is more of a workout that anything, and we have ladies of all ages in the class. I love the stretching, pointing, flexing, kicking, and turning. Towards the end of the class, we work on a combination to add to our dance. It isn't hard or involved, but it's still dancing and it makes me feel great! I am definitely not as flexible as I used to be and I don't remember it taking me as long to learn the combination as it does now, but hopefully that will all come back with practice. It's only a 6 week class but I'm already excited to sign up for the next class in January! Even so, it's not the same emotionally as dance used to be for me.  Hopefully, I can get to a point where I'm less concerned about doing it correctly or looking crazy and just "being" in the dance, like I used to be. Maybe I'm not there yet because I don't "need" dance to be that release for me any more--maybe it's just something fun to do now. Regardless, I love it, and I'll keep dancin' until they make me stop!

Do you or did you dance? Did you have that same emotional connection with it? Have you gotten back into an activity that you did as a child?? Is it different for you now as an adult??

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  1. This is so brilliant :)
    I hope there will be a video of you dancing to come! In wish we had adult dance classes local to where I live. I've never been coordinated and is probably look the fool, but what fun it would be to try!

  2. That is so cool! I took ballet for a year as a kid when my school offered it, but then I guess it decided it wasn't worth their time and money and dropped the program, so there ballet went for me. I'd love to pick it up again, or pick up gymnastics or something, but I don't know if there are any places around offering lessons right now and if there are, I can't afford them. But it's something to keep in mind for the future.

    - Lix | A Classic Notion

  3. To this day my biggest regret in life is giving up ballet when I was 10. I never thought to look into finding an adult class; I'll have to be on the lookout for one now!

  4. I LOVE dance! It relieves stress and takes me far away from everything that is going on in my life. I have been doing Sh'Bam at my gym and its a fun dance workout class. We do a little bit of leaping and kicking, sometimes some turns, and as I get bigger, its harder to do these moves that used to come so naturally to me! I love that you are doing ballet again. xoxo

  5. Aw I danced from age 3 to college....and I totally miss it! I find myself dancing around the house when I watch dance related shows or movies. I wish I knew of a studio around here offering classes like that!

    Its such a bummber that once you leave high school you pretty much have to go pro or quit dancing. There just isn't much out there for adult dancers that aren't making it a career!

  6. I'm a dance school reject as in one studio told my mom I couldn't come back, another wouldn't let me stay past christmas and another switched me to a half year class cause I couldn't handle jazz class. But I still dance when no one is watching hehe

  7. How fun!!! I used to be a gymnast and took adult ballet for about 2 years but I stopped a while ago. I loved it!! It really is a great work out. I love the movement, I love pointing my toes. I love it all. I have a ballet ex video I do at home. If I can work it back into my budget and schedule I will go back.

  8. I danced through college, and then taught until I was a month pregnant with my son. I miss it everyday - not the teaching, just the dancing. I still dream about it. Good for you for taking class again. I should do the same.

  9. As a child, my parents wanted us to try everything to find what we liked and were good at. I did many different sports and jazz dance (as a ten year old) and ballet (as a four year old). I hated Jazz Dance. I did't have fun, I couldn't keep up or keep a beat. I can't dance. I can move gracefully and amazing-ly on a soccer field or a volleyball court, but not on a dance floor. Thankfully, I have a husband who can dance like no tomorrow, including jigs, clogging, and ballroom!
    Our Fairy Tale

  10. That is fabulous! I would totally do that if I had the chance!


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