Friday, September 13, 2013

Dear Johnny Manziel, (I'm Loving It)

I mean for real.
I am at a loss for words (but not really, because I'm writing this letter).

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Over the summer, I read all these articles about poor, pitiful Johnny. He won the Heisman as a freshman and now he is famous and can't go anywhere without being noticed.
Sad day.
He can't even hang out at bars and drink underage without people hassling him.
How terrible.
He over sleeps at a very prestigious quarterback camp, run by the friggin MANNINGS, and he blames it on being young AND his roommate.
My mom even said that she felt sorry for him.
Really--for what?
In all of these articles, he says that all he wants to do is be the best football player--and be a normal kid. I'm sorry--but that is impossible Johnny--and I'm wondering if anyone ever told you that. I'm not saying that people following you around the grocery store is ok, but when you want to be the best at something, people are going to idolize you. Being the best comes at a great price. I mean, let's look at other sports stars. David Beckham, Kobe Bryant, A Rod. I don't even follow these players' teams and I know just about everything there is to know about these guys personal lives. I mean, I can name all of Beckham's kids; I know that Kobe had an affair with a girl on the road and to say "I'm sorry" to his wife, he bought her a lavender diamond ring; and I know A Rod dated Madonna and wasn't there something about him having STD's? Maybe I made that one up--anyway--my point is, if you want to be the best, you are going to be famous and people are going to go all "fan" on you. I'm going to do it, the people in your town are going to do it, random football fans are going to do it.
GET OVER IT. Why are you surprised? Are you at all grateful?
I can't imagine how terrible it is to have people follow you, to take your picture, to not leave you alone. I totally get it. I do--I promise. I don't fault you for that. I value my privacy very highly and I'm sure you do as well. You don't want people knowing you're drinking under age, getting thrown out of fraternity parties, jacking up opportunities. I'm not even faulting you for that, really, because you are a kid and kids do stupid things. BUT--you are also Johnny Football, the freshman Heisman winner, and with that, you are automatically different. People are going to follow you, scrutinize you, judge you. You are by FAR one of the greatest quarterbacks I have ever seen play, and I've seen Peyton, Eli, Tebow, Cam, and heck, MY quarterback is AJ McCarron! With this tout, a tout that you yourself have said you want--to be "the best"--comes great responsibility. You aren't a normal person. You can't go out unnoticed anymore. It is what it is. Yes, it sucks, but it would probably be a good idea to start dealing with it, managing it, controlling it, rather than acting like an idiot. You don't get to be a stupid kid anymore and fly under the radar. That crap you pulled at the Rice game? Shameful. You may as well have put on a bear leotard and twerked all up on Robin Thicke in the middle of the field.

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  VIA (again, in case you have lived under a rock for a while and have no idea what Miley did at the VMA's)

All that did was call more attention to yourself--more NEGATIVE attention to yourself. Why not, instead of getting yourself kicked out of a game where you are winning by your OWN coach because you act about as tacky as a player can act, you control the conversation about yourself--in the words of the supremely wise Don Draper--"CHANGE the conversation about yourself". Or, better yet, silence the conversation all together by acting like an adult.Maybe you should quit blaming the press, fans, the school, and take some responsibility for your own actions. Do you think that Tim Tebow went around unnoticed in Gainesville? I'm going to go with no. Did he hate that? Probably. But he was the epitome of class, of sportsmanship (even if he did cry when we beat them--but hey, the guy is passionate), and all of the talk about Tebow was positive because he was doing positive things. Do you think AJ McCarron wouldn't rather go out drinking on Thursday nights than studying film? Hey, maybe he does, I don't know the guy, but if he does he doesn't let it affect his game AND he doesn't act in such a way that he calls negative attention to himself. That's all I'm saying--chill. Lock it up, act right, take ownership of what you do and be grateful for all of the praise and adoration you are receiving. No one stops me on the streets to congratulate me on a great motion hearing, or wants to take a picture with me because of my witty blog post. This blessing/curse of fame takes you to a whole new level of personhood--the celebrity. You can deal with it gracefully, like Tebow, or you can continue a la Britney and wind up bald, married to randoms and who else knows what. You are SUCH a great talent--and this is coming from a Bama fan that witnessed you beat us in our own stadium, knocking us out of Championship contention, if not for some very lucky and timely losses in other conferences. Just play, man, keep your head down and your mouth shut and play. Now, I fully intend on my team beating you, and handily, but I just felt that maybe no one had told you any of this and perhaps it could make your life a little easier. Maybe like my mom, I feel a little sorry for you. Good luck, Johnny, I hope you get your act together. You are really too great a talent to be in the news for things other than your amazing play making ability.
That's all for now--I may be sending a different letter after September 14.
Until then, I remain your respectful fan,

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  1. I couldn't agree more! I have nothing to add. What was he thinking?

  2. This was my favorite post you've ever written. You are SPOT ON.

  3. Well said. You managed to put into words what I think everyone is feeling, and very eloquently, at that. Great job.

  4. Ahhh, LOVE this! He drives me crazy with how immature and disrespectful he his! SO glad 'Bama beat them this weekend!!


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