Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm Loving It!

Hi guys!! So this week, I'm apparently loving giveaways. I don't want to be one of those bloggers who has no substance to their blog and only has giveaways--I promise. I hate that, actually. However, I just so happen to be a part of a few awesome giveaways going on this week and of course I wanted to give you, my fab readers, to part take. You can enter Jackie's giveaway, or Rebekah's--they each have such awesome prizes! I also want to thank DressU for hosting a giveaway on this blog last week--the winner has been chosen, so check your emails!
I'm super lucky today to tell you about some books that I have been loving on for quite a while--what I call the "Little" books. I'm honored to be able to tell you about them because some of my very dear friends, Josh and Wendy Torres actually wrote them! I went to law school with Josh and his lovely wife Wendy was in charge of the ambassador group that I was a part of. Josh and I actually graduated early together and took the Bar exam together. I will never forget that experience--Josh was missing like, 2, on the practice tests, and I was pumped to be missing 8. Josh and Wendy are one of those precious couples--sweet, smart, loyal, trustworthy--perfect. They also have the most adorable little girls--omg, I mean seriously--they are precious. Anyway, after law school, Josh and Wendy started what I refer to as the "Little" series--This Little Elephant, This Little Tiger, and This Little Dawg. You guessed it, they are football themed books for the Universities of Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia, but other SEC mascots make appearances. The are children's books that really can be a special keepsake for your little fan. They came about because Josh couldn't remember the words to the nursery rhyme "This Little Piggy", so he improvised, and became an author! As someone who desperately wants to be a writer, I'm astounded at the fact that Josh and Wendy have published books. I mean, they travel the South speaking about not only their books, but how to be a writer, publishing, etc. I seriously need to go listen to one of their talks! You can even hire them to come speak to your school or group and writing/publishing, the importance of reading, or just their books in general! They have SO much knowledge on the whole publishing process and are a wealth of information--quite the valuable resource for any of us bloggers/aspiring writers out there!
 Anyway, back to the "Littles" Josh and Wendy are offering MY readers 20% each book purchased from the above sites--make sure to enter the code at check out! These are perfect gifts for the "Little" fan in your bunch! The code is valid to December 26, 2013! It is:


You can also win one of 3 books (school of your choosing) by entering the giveaway below. You know the drill! You can actually get lots of entries on this one! Please pass this on to any parents of Alabama, Auburn or Georgia fans! 

I'm truly inspired by the Torres family and hope that maybe the can help you, AND me, follow in their footsteps of authoring books. The have just started a BLOG, and are branching out into other areas, such as partyware and decor. Stay tuned for more from the Torres family!! You can check them out on their website HERE to find out more about their books, their publishing, and to book them for appearances!

Have a question about the writing/publishing process for Josh and Wendy? Comment below and they will respond via email! 
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  1. thanks for being part of my giveaway - and yeah, it so seems like they all occur at the same time! so cool that your friends are published authors. so impressive!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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