Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ode to a Rainy Summer

Oh, wettest summer in the history of my life, there are some things we need to discuss:

1. I am in fact grateful that because of you, it never got all that hot down here. I'm pretty sure we never saw triple digits even once in my neck of the woods, and that is rare. That jacked up my temperature perception, yes, but over all, I'm going to take it.
2. I am a very interesting shade of pale this summer because I really got maybe 6 good days of laying out time. Maybe 7. I'm not some sun worshiper that bakes all summer long, in fact, I'm always slathered up in some SPF 30, but it is nice to actually be able to sit in the sun and read, and I typically do that ALL SUMMER LONG. Not this year my friend, not this year. My summer reading has definitely suffered. I usually whip out books in the double digits during summer but I think I'm at about 3 right now. Boo.
3. I think I have been in the water about 6 times as well. A couple of times at the pool, a couple of times at the lake, and 1 nice day at the beach. I suppose I'm again grateful that I wasn't eaten by a shark or that I didn't contract one of those parasites that enters your nose from the water and then like, eats your brain and stuff; but sometimes there is nothing better than chilling on a float and watching your stress melt off into the distance.
4. I have discovered a new found interest in men's tennis, however. No, not because I play or was able to go watch Forrest play, because it was always raining and therefore no one was able to play consistent tennis this summer, but because you rained out my entire 4th of July weekend, I had no choice but to watch the only thing on tv--Wimbledon. I watched the entire men's finals (save for a tiny nap in the middle) and was crying when Murray won like he won it for me AND all of Britain. I mean really. I don't even know how you keep score in tennis. So thank you, I guess, for that.
5. I am NOT excited about all of the mosquito bites I have procured this summer due to the over abundance of water EVERYWHERE which allows our favorite southern bug to lay eggs and procreate like crazy. If I do in fact contract West Nile I am blaming you, for sure.
6. I did NOT get to wear my adorable straight leg seersucker pants AT ALL this season and now it is after Labor Day so I will have to wait until next year to even get a chance, assuming I can still fit into them. Every day that I planned to wear them I woke up to a monsoon, and seersucker pant cuffs do not need that. I'm not amused with this.
7. I will credit you with my love for all things Mad Men and Don Draper, however. I typically feel lazy when I lay around on sunny days or sunny evenings. Not this summer--those days were few and far between so Forrest and I had nothing better to do than invest ourselves in a new show.
8. Thank you for the storms, btw, which you know my dogs love. Ruffles jumps up into the bed at the tiniest hint of thunder and spends her night on top of one of us, depending on how bad the thunder is. If it is really bad, she prefers Forrest, and he can't stand her sleeping on him because he gets hot, so I'm inevitably waking up trying to pull her onto my side so she can make me sweat instead. Sonny prefers to pace the house and sometimes will even bark at the door. Thrilling, to say the least, especially since this year it stormed as much at night as it did during the day.
9. The reason my house hasn't sold yet? Oh yes, the rain, or at least I'm blaming it on the rain (yeah yeah--10 points if you get the reference). EVERY time someone is scheduled to see our house, the bottom drops out. Yes, if you want it to rain, just call my realtor and ask to see my house. Nothing is more frustrating, I assure you, to have made your yard looks like a veritable HAVEN and then have it rain so potential buyers don't even get to be impressed by it.

Ok--I think we are square, rain. You know where I stand!

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  1. This was the first summer for me too that I didn't get a tan bc of all of the rain. I didn't mind it tho bc it kept it cooler here in GA than the summers in the past that I lived here. You should wear your seersucker anyways while its still warm!

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  3. Haha! Love this! I hate when the rain ruins plans . . . which seems to happen ALL the time. Murphy's Law, right?

  4. It's been the complete opposite here in SoCal, and I would LOVE for at least one rainy day. I say you rebel and wear the seersucker pants on the first sunny day anyway!

  5. I'm a So Cal girl too but I do not like the rain at all! It does get cold enough for boots and scarves though which I love.


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