Thursday, October 17, 2013

5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween All Month Long

If you read my post yesterday, you know that I'm not doing Halloween this year. I just don't have time to deal with all of that--sorry. BUT, just because I'm going AWOL this Halloween doesn't mean YOU have to! My friend Dori from Shop at Home is sharing some tips to help you celebrate Halloween all month long. Clearly, I had to get someone else to do this post because I'm a slacker this year, so take it away Dori!

Hi! I'm Dori! 
I am one of those people for whom Halloween begins on Oct. 1 and is celebrated throughout the month, culminating on the famed Oct. 31. While I'd like to narrow down my categorical list for all things Halloween into say, my fave books, or movies, I don't think I can, because my love for this season comes with way too many cool things to be a part of -- so why limit the greatness when I can share what I've spent a lifetime learning to love.

Here's a list of the best things to do in order to celebrate Halloween all month long:

1. The books: Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice -- nothing brings on the night like a good vampire book, and this is the best one ever written. And depending on how voracious a reader you are, you might want to take terror into a whole other dimension and read John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles. Just get used to sleeping with the lights on. Get these books for less from Books A Million when you shop online with coupons and Cash Back from Spooky fun for less? Yes please!

2. The candy: Did you know that chocolate actually tastes better when wrapped in orange and black foil? Supermarkets stock up early for the onslaught of trick-or-treaters that we all anticipate, but the truth is -- it's for all of us. Let that sink in to your teeth and enjoy those tasty treats all month long.

3. The TV movies: If you ever wanted to go full-on couch potato and not feel like a loser -- this is your season. The Syfy channel is running a nonstop horror movie festival called, 31 Days of Halloween. If you're lucky, in one sitting you can catch The Shining, Alien and The Exorcist. Of course, that's a long sitting. You'll need snacks (see No. 2).

4. The stuff: If you have ever had the urge to drink your coffee out of a skull, this is the time of year that allows you to find that perfect monster mug -- and then some. Hit places like Home Goods and Target for bat-covered dinnerware, haunted house pillowcases and of course, skeleton accessories by the hundreds. So start shopping --the black cat candleholders await!

5. The costumes: This is your one chance to dress any way you choose and get away with it, so carpe noctem! Even if you're just going to hang around and give out candy (if there's any left after the month long festival of couch potato-ing) there is no reason you should greet your trick-or-treating guests without a costume of your own. I like to open up the door, decked out in full-out spooky costume garb. I let the little ones freak out for a second or two, and then pull out the Milky Ways while cracking a smile.

Thanks for that girl! I hope you all found Dori's tips helpful?
So, since I'm out of the Halloween game this year, I want to know from you: 
What is your favorite part of Halloween? Do you decorate? Go all out? Dress up? Are you slacking this year like me??? I KNOW I'm not the only one out there! 

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  1. What a great post! I love this time of year. I am totally slacking this year and haven't put any decorations out. I'll probably just skip the Halloween decor and put out general Fall decor. Visiting via Alabama Women Bloggers. :)


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