Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to survive a busy week

Take a few deep breaths, scream into a pillow, and put on your big girl panties. I'm having a seriously busy week this week and I am feeling on top of it, as it is only Monday, so I felt like I could talk about how to deal with it. (Ask me on Friday if I've changed my tune). The key to handling a busy week is to know in advance that your week is going to be crazy. I have known that our Service Guild rummage sale preparation would be this week for a year now, so as it got closer, I began to monitor my work calendar. Well lo and behold, I have court EVERY morning this week as well. That means, I needed to get my act together and make a plan! You can stand there crying and worrying about it or you can attack it. I choose attack. Here is a quick check list of how to keep your sanity when your world gets crazy:

1. Be a slave to your planner--yes they are heavy and take up all of the room in your purse but nothing helps more than a good planner. It is important during the craziest times in life to write things down as you think of them because when you're busy, you are going to get distracted and forget things. Use your planner also to get ahead of your game. If you can plan everything out you will see exactly what you need and when. Baby sitters, someone to let out the dogs, etc--you can put it all down in your planner. Something about the actual paper planners help me way more than my online calendar, but use whichever works best for you! This is probably a no brainer, but it all starts with the plan and thus, the planner.

2. Do things early--I grocery shop on Sunday and do laundry on Thursday. Since this week is out of control, I wanted to make sure that I got all of these kinds of tasks completed so I didn't fall behind, but I didn't want to let something like laundry send me over the edge. To that end, I shopped for this week last weekend and I'm doing a little laundry each day. Of course, all this is in my planner so I stay on task. A lot of people might say to just skip the laundry, and that is a good idea--no biggie if you can't get to things like this during your week. To me, however, I hate having mundane things pile up so I try to squeeze them in so they are finished too.

3. You gotta eat----or at least, the Baileys do. I hate for Forrest to have to eat out every night or have to eat a random assortment of chips and cookies, so I got on the ball last week and made about a million freezer meals. Then this weekend when I was making soup, I made a double batch. Now, he can eat all week and all I have to do is throw food in the crock pot in the mornings and we will both be able to eat easily and quickly when we get home from work. Plus, once you get started with making freezer meals it really doesn't take that long (and it's really fun if you have some wine while you are working). I have 10 bags of food and now 2 frozen bags of soup. I freeze everything in gallon freezer bags so they lay flat and take up as little room in my freezer. Although I used some of my favorite recipes, I got a lot of recipes and tips from THIS site which I found through pinterest. I will post recipes and tips as I cook these meals, but if you are curious as to what I made, I used the recipes on the site for BBQ Cranberry Chicken, Creamy Chicken Hotdish, Cilantro lime chicken, and beef tips and gravy. I'll share the other recipes soon!

4. Realize you can't do everything--With the rummage sale taking up 4 hours each night, I'm just not going to be able to do everything. Accepting this is key--otherwise, you won't ask for help. Forrest knows that I won't be home so it will be up to him to handle pet duties and to keep the house straight in case someone wants a showing (even though it will be a nightmare, PLEASE, potential buyers, come see our house this week!). I've just gone ahead and crossed running off of my list. I can't run afterwards because it will be too late and I'd really have to get up at the crack of dawn to run and shower and be "court ready", and I'm just not a morning person. That's ok--one week of not running will not kill me. Plus, I'm getting lots of exercise while lifting boxes and wandering around the rummage sale. I will need to be a little more cholesterol and calorie conscious, but that is something easy I can do since I planned out all of our dinners.

5. Actually ask for help--It's ok not to be super woman. As scheduled and organized as I can be, I know that the key to not losing my sanity when I'm on overload is to ask for help. Get your mom or a friend to do an errand or two for you during the week. Your husband or boyfriend can help out a little extra around the house. This week, I've asked for help with my blog, so you will be hearing from 2 fantastic bloggers later in the week. This way, you can meet new bloggy friends and my blog won't have to go silent for a few days. Again, this goes back to planning. If you know ahead of time what you need help with, you won't feel bad about asking someone last minute.

6. DVR--thank you, whoever invented the DVR. Yes, this is silly, but sometimes during a crazy week I think about all the fun stuff I will have waiting for me on the DVR when I get a chance to slow down. On Sunday I am officially going to be the couch commando and watching hour after hour of my favorites!

What do YOU do when life spins a little too quickly? Any tips? Do you do any of the same things I do? 
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  1. Hi Catherine! I'm a new follower of your blog, and this was a great post! Something I will definitely be following. I have a question: what planner do you use?


  2. I take my planner EVERYWHERE. I would never be where I'm supposed to be if I didn't. lol

    Voyage of the MeeMee

  3. Ohh yes, the DVR really makes a busy week more tolerable. And I cannot keep everything straight without my planner. Great tips!

  4. I laughed at your last point because if I am also having a crazy busy week... I also think about all of the tv watching I will have to do on my i-pad during the weekend and it brings a smile to my face!

  5. good luck with your crazy week! but it sounds like you have really planned ahead and things will be taken care of. i also try to make a plan when i can so i know what i need to do and when. for sure a big help!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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