Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Goals

Welcome October! The month of football, scarves, boots, and pumpkins--exciting! I wanted to do a quick run down of what I hope I accomplish this month. You guys better hold me accountable!

1. SELL OUR HOUSE!! This goes without saying. We need to sell so we can get ready to have a new house!!
2. Start packing--this might be slightly premature but I don't see why I can't start packing away summer items. It just seems smart to me to have unused items boxed and out of the way now so I don't have to do it later.
3. Get hooked on my planner--yes, I love my planner and would be lost without it. Sometimes, however, I feel like I "remember" what I wrote and so I won't open it all day long and then I will forget to send an important email, make a phone call, etc. I actually do remember a lot more things when I write them down as opposed to putting them into my online calendar, which is why I need both.
4. Eat better--I'm actually doing fairly well with sticking to my Mediterranean diet but I do have the occasional epic fail (football season is to blame). I really need to get better about eating fruit during the day, which means I actually need to buy it and prep it so it can be ready and waiting during work. I do really well when it comes to cooking for us and when it comes to ordering at restaurants, but take me to a party and I have no self control.
5. Exercise more. Now that it gets darker earlier I have been slacking in the running department. It's hard for me to get home from work and run before I eat or cook dinner--this girl has to eat! I need to do better about having a quick snack available at home so I can eat that, run, and then get to dinner. I also want to start attending yoga and/or pilates at the gym. I think some flexibility work will do me good after taking ballet.
6. Be a better friend--I feel like once the fall starts, I fall off the planet. We are so busy during the week and then we go to or watch the games on the weekend. This means I have little time for friends! I need to do a better job of calling and texting people and even setting mid week dinners to catch up.

Ok--what do you guys think?? Will you help keep me on track? Do you have any goals for the month??

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  1. I hear ya on the packing i'm moving back to my adopted hometown in a few weeks and I need to start now! My number one goal for november is to get back in touch with friends from high school


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