Monday, October 7, 2013

These are My Confessions: I'm a coupon quitter

Please tell me that I'm not the only one that was blown away by that Extreme Couponing show. You know, the one where they buy like 56 bottles of mustard for 3 cents total? Yeah, after the first one I was hooked. Not necessarily on watching the show but on figuring out how I too could get free mustard. I'm not that "mathy" of a person but I figured it out pretty easily. I used a couple of online sites that told me what was on sale at my local stores and they had the coupon match ups underneath the sale item. I didn't even really have to think. For a while I was doing my regular shopping at Aldi, then hitting up the drug store for health and beauty items, and then on Wednesdays I'd hit up a grocery store with my coupons. I got really good at it. I never went crazy or anything--I mean no one needs 56 bottles of mustard. I only bought things that we would actually use. I remember thinking how easy the process was and that I felt sorry for people who didn't know that they could get their groceries for next to nothing. I felt like I'd never quit. I also was a conscientious couponer. I would tell people when they got in line behind me that I had coupons so they could choose to change lanes. I'd let everyone go in front of me so I didn't hold other them up, especially when I was checking out 6 different times at the drug store. (PS--you need to use different credit cards to do this or else your credit card company might just shut your card down for suspicious activity. Lesson learned.) I never had more than probably 10 coupons at a time anyway, but still--that's just good manners. I did feel a lot of coupon "pressure" though. I mean, it's Easter Sunday and I'm in the drug store trying to score free Skittles. I really felt like I couldn't quit--not like I was addicted to it, but that if I stopped, someone else would scoop up all the good deals that week and I'd be the chump that missed on on Jergen's lotion for 10 cents.
Well, I did quit. Not on purpose, and I don't even think I realized that I was quitting, but someday, somehow, I just stopped. I missed out on a deal for whatever reason and suddenly didn't care. My pantry is stocked with pasta for probably the next 3 years. I have enough lotion to keep me smooth and moisturized until way after my next birthday. Yes, I hate that sometimes I get into the shower and realize, once wet, that we are totally out of shampoo--that never happened when I couponed. BUT--I don't hate that I have more room in my cabinets. Since we are trying to eat more "Mediterranean", I have been focusing on purchasing more fresh and healthy foods--none of which go on sale or have coupons. Plus, the whole drama of getting the coupon inserts, cutting them, going to the store, etc, was exhausting. Maybe I don't want to go to the drug store EVERY Sunday--but when I couponed, I was a slave to the deal. If you didn't got on the right day, you weren't guaranteed to get everything you needed the next day, so you were out of luck. I did leave the drug store with $11 that they gave ME plus a whole buggie full of stuff once (just once), but would I rather have been doing something else? Yes.  I hated feeling like I was doing something wrong by spending the day at the lake with my family instead of shopping for discounted shampoo. That's just now how I want to live my life, you know?
Now, I'm not knocking couponing AT ALL. I can tell you right now that it works and it is a great way to keep your house stocked and your grocery bills down. I just lost the time, patience, and inclination to do all that just to save 20 cents. Maybe when I'm feeding more than 2 people it will make more of a difference? I will always be a bargain shopper and strive to be cost conscious, which is why I shop at Aldi instead of big name grocery stores, but I think sometimes it's ok to have to run into the the store and pay full price for whatever item you need right that minute. Maybe one day I can come up with a better system to make the process work better for me. Or maybe not. Who knows.

And while we I am confessing,  did you know that I am Miss October for Alabama Women's Bloggers? I'm on their site today talking about my phobias today. Please stop by and check it out!
Happy Monday friends!
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What do you all think? Do you coupon? If so, how do you keep yourself grounded when it comes to balancing family life vs. a deal? Are you a coupon quitter like me? Did you share some of my reasons?
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  1. I hear you on the extreme couponing. I got into it a bit awhile back, but have seriously scaled down. I still clip coupons and scour sales for what I NEED, not what ends up being a freebie that I don't use.


  2. I'm not a couponer, largely for the reasons that what we want to eat is fresh meat and produce, not lots of boxed and canned convenience foods that aren't really what our bodies need! (And I totally shop at Aldi.)

  3. I tried getting into it after seeing that show, but I realized I don't NEED 10 tubes of toothpaste. Plus I admit I was confused by so much of it. I probabaly needed the site you used becuase the ones I went to for advice and help only confused me more.

  4. I'm impressed that you figured it out. I can't even figure it out!! But it's interesting to note that it is exhausting and time consuming. I've always thought that. A lot of the extreme couponers Ive seen on the show don't work full time so they have more time for it. I'm pretty sure I'd be overwhelmed by the process and it does seem way too time consuming but I'd at least like to know how to do it.

  5. I have always been intimidating by the couponing thing! Probably because I'm not a "mathy" person either. Maybe I'll try it when we have an actual pantry... At this point, I don't think that 3 years of pasta would fit in our cabinets!


  6. Couponing seems like a lot of work to me - I don't have a printer nor do I get the Sunday paper so I'm just not into it, although I kind of would like to have a lot of free health and beauty items!

  7. Haha...Loved this post! I always wanted to try but there are all types of coupon restrictions in NY so it's next to impossible to get the craziness shown on extreme couponing...Maybe one day I'll try!

  8. Great post! I tried to do it, but like you said it was just so absolutely exhausting. And it always seemed like it was the name brand thing that was on sale and that I could just get it cheaper by buying the store brand to begin with. I do miss feeling like I was robbing the grocery store, but WAY too much energy.

  9. I feel you . My mom did couponing and it was always a head ache for her to manage all the stuff . I am glad you're gonna manage it , don't be so hard on anything love !!!!!!!
    CONGO MONGO for being Miss Octobie.


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