Monday, November 18, 2013

Giving Up the Crown

It's hard to believe that we watched my sister give up her title and crown the new Miss Alabama USA this weekend. We have been on this pageant journey for the past 3 years and I am honestly sad to let it go. It felt so strange to go to the pageant and NOT be stressed out. I wasn't a bundle of nerves, I was able to eat and sleep, and I actually remember the pageant. Usually before her pageants, I was a complete basket case. You would have thought I was competing with the way I was behaving! While watching the other girls compete this year, I had to feel for their families and friends, because I know what they feel like. I know what it feels like to have your loved one win, and not win. I know the anxiety every time the emcee (Hi Beau!) says, "And the next young lady the judges have selected is.....". I know the thrill of victory and I know the devastation of coming so close you can taste it. I was beyond thrilled for Jessica, the new Miss Alabama USA. Her family was one of the BEST cheering sections at the pageant last year and she was 2nd runner up. When my sister won last year we got to go back stage and there was beautiful Jessica, and I just felt sad for her and sadder maybe for her family, because we had been there the year before, when my sister was first runner up. It's hard, even for the families, not to win. This year we were all behind her and overjoyed that she won! Plus, I'm hoping that she needs some assistance at Miss USA and I'll be happy to lend a hand, of course, as you know how much fun I had there this year! (and if you don't know, click HERE)
The best part about the evening was my sister getting to do her final walk. If you aren't pageant people this may seem a little hokey to you, but it was a moment in MY life that I will never forget, and so I know it will be the same for her. She recorded a speech thanking everyone for their help and support over the year and discussing what her year meant to her. During the voice over, Carrie Underwood's "Ever After" from the movie Enchanted (a favorite of ours) played while she floated around the stage in her Miss USA gown. She was gorgeous, looking just like a princess, while a Disney movie song was playing behind her. It literally was the stuff dreams are made of. I was sitting in the front row, with tears in my eyes, in awe of the woman that my sister has become. This is my baby sister--6 years younger than me--so young that we really didn't have anything in common until we were grown up. To see her out there, to hear her eloquent speech, graciously and humbly thanking everyone that has been a part of her journey, made me so proud, and so sad. She isn't a little girl anymore--she is all grown up. Because she is so much younger than me I have always felt a little bit like her mom as well as her sister, and I can't imagine loving any of my children more than I love her, or being as totally dedicated to their activities, hopes, and dreams, any more so that I was with her and this pageant business. I seriously nearly lost all control when she thanked me specifically in her farewell speech (literally, the Miss Alabama Teen USA's boyfriend had to hug me to make me stop crying). Just knowing that I mattered to her in that way was beyond satisfying.
It has been a wild ride,and I hate to see it all go, but I know that all good things must come to an end, and I can't wait to see what the rest of the world holds for my sister (and me).


You can watch her final walk here!

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  1. Probably my favorite blog post. EVER. I am a pageant person, that is why I adore reading your blog! Especially these posts! Your sister truly kicked butt this year and she is flawless! Obvi you are too, since you guys are TWINS. I can only imagine your tears because whenever I hear their final walk speeches I cry. And 99.99% of the time I dont have any relation to them!

    I also LOVED her gown. Allyn wore it at Miss America. I think it's sherri hill? Not sure. I love it! I can't believe your pageant time is now to an can always become a pageant coach?! haha

    I didn't realize your sister was 1ru in Miss AL the year before! This song is precious too.
    Sorry for commenting on so much! I just love when people post about pageants because half the time I seem like I'm the only one who does ;) It's nice to have a blog to read that I can relate too 100%!

  2. It sounds like it was a very bittersweet moment. I am glad that it has been such an exciting year!

  3. That must have been such an emotional roller-coaster! Your sister is so pretty & I LOVE her dress! You guys look so much alike!!


  4. Congratulations to your sister for her successful year as Miss Alabama! I can totally feel the pride in this post.


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