Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On being a girl

Last night we ate with our "Lake Family" to celebrate October, November and December birthdays. This group includes the group of friends we have that all have lake houses near each other. My dad grew up with most of them, and in turn I grew up with their children, so we really are like a family. We get together every few months to celebrate a group of birthdays with dinner out at a restaurant and of course a cake! Last night was no different than any other of our birthday nights but I was very impressed with the conversation revolving around and including the younger girls of the group. My cousin Sara was home from her first semester of college and she was sitting with Hannah, who is a sophomore in high school. While they could have been talking about boys, parties, tv, etc, they were talking about school. What were college classes like, their upcoming finals, choosing majors, and studying in the library. Our friend Joni was also talking about her daughter Emily who couldn't join us because she was on a mission in Mexico for Thanksgiving, and how she would love to be able to continue working there when she graduates college. Wow, right? Wow. Of course, these are fun girls. Sara and Emily are in sororities, Hannah is one of the best tennis players in the state, and they each have plenty of friends and big social lives. It was really refreshing to me to hear this conversation because young girls are inundated with so much "clutter", as Nick Saban would say, that you hardly hear about girls actually doing school work, going to class, thinking about doing mission work in life. TV shows and magazines would have us believe that all teenage girls are shallow, one dimensional humans, interested in are boys, make up, shopping, and reality tv. Are these girls interested in those things? I'm sure they are! However, these things do not have to take over their lives, and I was glad to see that they understood that. I think it is really hard to be a young girl in today's world. Everything is about flash and glam--no meat, no substance. There doesn't seem to be much to encourage young girls to try hard and put in effort into anything. These girls are growing up and forming their identities as adults. Do they want to make themselves like the images of girls they see on tv or do they want to make themselves well rounded, ambitious women, strong enough to do whatever their hearts desire. I hope that they will be smart enough to make their decisions because it's the right decision for themselves and to make educated, well thought out choices and not simply go with the flow or pick a path in life because it seems the most glamorous or what "everyone else" is doing. It's not about boys and make up all the time. Life is about hard work and choices and sacrifices, no matter what path you choose. Girls should want to have fun and be girlie but at the same time, they need to be more than just a "girl".
Am I making sense here? Do you see what I'm getting at?? 
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