Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thoughts on driving...

This weekend on the way to the pageant we nearly had what could have been a terrible wreck. A truck pulling a trailer tried to change lanes, except that there was a Toyota in the lane already. My mom saw it and laid on the horn, which made the truck pull back into their own lane but the Toyota, which was directly in front of us, slammed on their brakes, so we nearly slammed into them. My mom pulled us over into the median and before we knew it we were in the grass, thankfully upright and unharmed. I know it was all an accident but it was very scary. I have been critiquing people's driving the entire time I've been allowed behind the wheel, but good gracious, people are so rude and they seem to care so little about those around them, which is so silly to me considering the fact that they are driving giant machines that people get killed in every single day. Here are some of the things I have noticed in the 48 hours since our ordeal:

1. Texting and driving is a no no. Yes sometimes I have been guilty of this, I have to admit, although  now I only do it when I am stopped. However I see people texting ON THE INTERSTATE, traveling at 80 miles an hour. Are you kidding me? If you do this, sorry but I'm not sorry that I'm calling you out. It's dangerous and to do that shows that whatever random thing you are texting is more important than your life or the lives of those around you. Here is a novel idea---CALL the person you need to text. That was why the phone was invented, fyi. However, see number 2.
2. DO NOT SLOW DOWN because you are on the phone. Seriously, this is dangerous as well! If you know you slow down when you talk, use cruise control, or get into the slow lane please. When you hold traffic up behind you cars try to get around each other and you could be causing all kinds of problems simply because you can't do 2 things at once. It's not just considerate, it's safe.
3. When merging or changing lanes, let's use our blinkers, shall we? That is why they are invented. You don't think anyone is behind you? Well they might be in your blind spot, hence the need for blinkers. Plus again, it's just courteous to use them. Also, it's probably a good idea to actually glance at your blind spot to make sure there really isn't a car there. Mirrors don't show everything. It's better safe than sorry.
4. If it's raining, perhaps you should slow down. It truly baffles me when I see people flying along in the pouring rain. Don't they realize that they are not only endangering themselves, but everyone else as well? If you have to be somewhere and it is raining, just leave a few minutes early so you can drive slower and safer. (I feel crazy that I'm typing these words, but people clearly do not remember this info).
5. This kind of goes along with number 2, but if you are in the far left lane, aka the fast lane or the passing lane, you should be going faster than the people in the slow lane. Plain and simple. The point of the fast lane is for faster moving cars to be able to get around the slower traffic. If you are slower traffic do not fear, as there is a lane all for you. I'm not advocating that every one needs to be speeding, I'm just saying that if you are going 50 and the speed limit is 70,  you need to be in the right lane so all of the people who want to go 70 can do so. See, everyone wins. Again, when you are the slow poke holding everyone up, they feel the need to pass, drive on the shoulder, speed, etc, to get around your very self absorbed self. If anything, traffic is going to slow down, and cars are going to start getting closer together, and that is when wrecks occur. If you are slow, own it, and move over.

Do you agree with me on these? What else would you add to my list? Are you an offensive or defensive driver??

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  1. Driving in Atlanta for 10 years, then dealing with idiots driving from St. Clair County into Birmingham every morning for the last 3 years....I have had enough of people and their stupidity behind the wheel. I have seen so many accidents happen for ridiculous reasons that could have been prevented. My husband and I were rear ended on the same day back in June of this year. That's right...2 separate accidents on the same day because people aren't paying attention. Our insurance company told us we should play the lottery or something that day.

    I may or may not be guilty of road rage because of my low tolerance (ok zero tolerance) for peoples driving habits! Just this morning I saw a girl doing full make up on 59 South during rush hour. I don't want to know what her face looked like when she was done with that eye liner! You would think the points you make above are common sense. They are not. :(


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