Monday, December 16, 2013

Ashley Getting Married

If you didn't know from the copious amount of wedding posts I did last week, my cousin Ashley got married this weekend. I love weddings, but a family wedding is so special. I have watched Ashley grow up and it was so special to watch her get married. Forrest and I spent Friday night at the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I went to rehearse my reading for the ceremony, but ended up being Ashley's proxy. That was so meaningful to me because she was  my proxy at my rehearsal. Now Forrest has "married" Ashley and I have "married" Jeremiah--too sweet and funny.
I honestly can't describe the wedding day very well. It was a flurry of emotions--shrieks and squeals and sniffles and tears. We took family pictures with the bride prior to the ceremony and oh my gosh, was she lovely. She wore her mother's dress, with a few updates. Since pictures are worth 1000 words, I 'll let them do the talking for me. I don't think I can be as eloquent as I would like to be!

 photo DC212FD6-7CC2-47CB-9374-C1F725030841_zpsnwxrwmux.jpg
Ashley looked absolutely stunning in her mother's gown. I loved how she added the sash! Her veil was made with lace from her mom's veil.

   photo C5C50EFD-3757-4D8E-8180-A71C8A761E4E_zpswxjvqav5.jpg
Getting married! Something about saying the vows that people have said for hundreds is so sacred. Despite the solemn look on Jeremiah's face, this was the highlight of the ceremony!
   photo EBE71B5A-EBCE-47EB-9ED4-AC0D74B1C953_zps16kniysr.jpg
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Bishop!!
   photo E264ED4A-870F-4AC1-8446-251DA8D143CD_zpsuoicr3en.jpg
Not the best picture ever but I wanted to show you the back of Ashley's gown. This was their first dance as husband and wife. She danced with her father next, and they SHOCKED the crowd by doing a choreographed dance---not just ballroom, but there was some "Wobble" in there as well!

   photo 56637463-5D4F-420F-A44A-F976F932DF13_zpskfallyjw.jpg
Toasting each other!

   photo 372A8826-2B6F-44B0-8929-2C8408EDCBBC_zpsdy9zxuuj.jpg
Garter toss
   photo 350701A4-745D-4E73-8F4A-FE55DAC4D3DC_zpseusig4lu.jpg
It was seriously FREEZING when they couple left for their honeymoon. I am not sure if I have ever been that cold! I didn't feel bad for Ashley and Jeremiah though, as they were on their way to St. Lucia, while I was on my way to Gadsden.
   photo 4547E4F3-5501-4EC5-87D6-2CAABE7A9FD8_zpsedmbvgff.jpg
My handsome husband and I--married nearly exactly 4 and a half years before.

   photo 94BAD13A-EFE8-4A9A-8F18-A4926A6690FB_zpsfjn2isn9.jpg
Loved dancing the night away with my sweet sister! I may have gotten a cramp from Wobbling too hard, but this old gal still has it in her!

Ahhhh--wasn't that lovely? I took about a million pictures and will probably share some more as the week goes along. Hope you had a great weekend too!

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  1. looks like a gorgeous wedding and sounds like you had an awesome time. that is so sweet that she wore her mother's gown!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. Congratulations to the new couple! Your photos are lovely and they really convey how special the event was.


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