Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Goals

Who can believe it is December? I honestly feel like it was summer just a few short weeks ago (maybe because I'm already tired of being cold). When I was a kid time seemed to drag until Christmas and now here we are right up on it! Here are my current goals for the month:

1. Take winter clothes to consign--I mean really, they are already in a tub ready to go. If I don't get a move on, the stores will be stocking swimsuits again! Consigning is an easy way to make a few dollars so I do it twice a year.

2. Finish all Christmas shopping, decorating, and wrapping THIS WEEK! I only have Forrest's gifts left and I think 2 others but I know what they are getting so I need to get a move on and order them. I have a few little things that need to be wrapped but otherwise everything that I have is wrapped. Once we get the tree decorated (hopefully Wednesday) we can put the gifts under the tree! I decorated on Friday but I have a few things that require Forrest's help that I just haven't gotten around to yet.

 photo A1FC0E3F-E6BA-4571-8EAF-56C5AFAA1765_zps1p04xegp.jpg
About as far as I have gotten with the tree. The cats LOVE IT, as usual, and are acting like fools right now. I'm not sure what it is about the tree that makes them so insane!

3. Pack: One of my worst fears has come true--we haven't sold our house and it is time to start getting ready to move into the new house. I wanted the house to be staged and pretty when people came to see it but I'm running out of time for that. I actually already packed up all the books, photo albums, and magazines. I'm probably going to move on to out of season hanging clothes and superfluous things from cabinets and drawers. After Christmas I'll pack up all of the Christmas stuff and serving pieces and probably all of the fine china and other entertaining things like that. I'm labeling each box with what is in it and what room it goes to in the new house. I'm numbering them all from 1 to whatever and I will check them out of my current house and into the new house. Hopefully we will not lose anything! If I can start packing up a few things each night hopefully it won't be overwhelming when it's time to move in next month.

4. Select colors for new house or at least a theme for each room. Can you believe I haven't done this at all? I like everything and I'm very particular about what I don't like. I don't really feel motivated to do this because I can't move in yet so I think that is why I'm being lazy about it. Do any of you have any great design sites you recommend? I've pretty much seen all that Houzz and Pinterest have to offer at this point!

5. Have a good attitude about Christmas! That sounds crazy but I'm always SO stressed during the holidays that I never get to enjoy them. That's why I worked so hard to get things accomplished early so I could have fun this year! What do you do to make your holidays stress free???

How did I do on my November goals?
1. Didn't sell my house, so boo
2. Did pretty much finish Christmas shopping--hooray!
3. Was very committed to working out! Started Pilates once a week and ran or walked twice each week.
4. I did sponsor some new blogs and got some new sponsors myself! Yay!
5. Decided NOT to do Christmas baking this year unless I just have oodles of time.
6. Obviously didn't take clothes to consignment shop because they are now part of the Dec goals.
7. Did start packing!

Ok, that was a fun recap! What are your goals for this month??
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  1. Oh wow, that tree is immense!!

    Good luck with your December goals!

    Corinne x

  2. ah that sucks about the house not selling yet. my fingers will be crossed for you! good luck with the packing and decorating :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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