Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Birthday!

It is most definitely a Monday folks! Worse than that, it's been a Monday after a holiday which equals straight craziness at my office. I've kind of risen above the fray because today is Forrest's birthday! Hooray! We are officially the same age for one more month and a few days. I love birthdays and I think they should really be done up right. Our plans have been in flux for Forrest's birthday but they are finally coming together. We had a little party at his office at lunch and hopefully he will get finished in time to go somewhere yummy for dinner and we will top it all off with some fun this weekend! I've had his present wrapped since August and I'm dying for him to open it! We have celebrated 11 birthdays together now--man that makes me feel old. I'm such a lucky girl and I know it!

 photo F1FD1C67-75B6-4715-831D-D577A69EB572-263-000000130F13A9DB_zpsae965fb9.jpg

Happy birthday sweet husband! Looking forward to celebrating many many more!
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  1. Based on that photo I predict some MIGHTY GOOD LOOKING CHILDREN if you two decide to reproduce! GT

  2. aw happy birthday to forrest - hope you guys had a great day!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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