Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm Loving It! CHRISTMAS!!

This week I'm loving CHRISTMAS!! It's definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the Bailey house already!

My happy helpers!

 photo 839C30D7-6764-4D5B-9E6A-C0383E33B538_zpsqoompkqu.jpg  photo 38D7F732-EA03-4713-97A8-0ABC3D6D7156_zpstooquoyu.jpg

LOVE this casual Christmas place setting!  photo CE145BFC-60A2-403D-AAEB-238D81779E51_zpsv0wrz2jn.jpg
 I stacked 3 types of plates--my every day china plate, a striped or polka dot salad plate, and an ornament shaped dessert plate. Top that off with some gold flatware and you are all set!

 Wrapping is basically finished!!  photo 40185845-2396-4A3D-B17D-16559457B4AD_zpsgp6vwmuz.jpg

Despite the fact it is gloomy out it is really hot here right now (I'm talking 75). I'm not complaining, although the gloom doesn't do my front door justice. It is SO glittery!

 photo ADE85DEC-8CC4-47FB-A4B3-4BFF3D7BDBF2_zpsckzscfqe.jpg

LOVE the glittery snowflakes! So does Stella!
 photo 1899C5FC-5A2B-48DD-AEA2-E1EBAA9B0818_zpsvdplrfbk.jpg

I'm digging the coffee bar, of course, because of the purple!

 photo 365FCA9B-FBF6-443E-A0FD-005A846748A4_zpswlnqkgzx.jpg

Even though I'm not hosting any holiday parties this year, I always do a table setting. These are simple vases with split peas and gold candles!
 photo 0BC8503B-EC8D-48FA-A031-C25B9C820878_zpsj3kfst1b.jpg

The stockings were hung by the front door with care...
 photo F334DB59-1CE1-4E2B-B87B-21C05A3ECFD8_zpstzap0h0i.jpg

Have you gotten all of your decorations up? How early do you start decorating for the holidays?? 

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  1. Oh, all of your decorations are adorable!! I don't have as many decorations as you guys do, but ours are all up, too. And those presents look so fun and mysterious...

  2. Your decorations are awesome , SO festive :)


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