Friday, December 20, 2013

I'm Loving It

Today I'm loving Christmas vacation!! It's as simple as that! Now, while I don't technically get a real vacation, I do get some time off. We have our work Christmas party on Monday afternoon and then we are off until the day after Christmas. Of course, the Courthouse is basically shut down so we won't really be doing much at the office, just handling paperwork and putting out fires. Then of course the next week is New Years so we have some time off then. I'm just really looking forward to a couple of low key weeks around the office. Of course, things will be anything but low key at home, what with all the Christmas-ing we will be doing, but that is a fun kind of busy so I'm super excited to get all of that under way! I'm also going to be taking a blogging vacation next week. I may get a post or two in during the days I'm at work, but I'm giving myself a break from all responsibilities  and that includes blogging. I'll still be around Instagram and Twitter so follow along if you wish! A Merry Christmas to ALL!!

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  1. 1. Your tree is awesome and 2. we have the same blinds!!

  2. so jealous you get christmas vacation! love the tree!

  3. enjoy your time off and have a great Christmas!!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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