Thursday, December 5, 2013

Stages of Football Grief

I thought I wasn't going to be able to talk about it, and honestly I can't talk about it out loud yet. My team lost on Saturday. Yes, we lost big time, literally in the last second. We didn't look all that great for the entire game and then it was just over and we didn't have the most points. Not only did we lose, but we lost to our in state rival, and got knocked out of SEC Championship contention as well as, more than likely, national championship contention. Yes I sound like a spoiled whiny brat to be upset over one loss. We have had one loss in each of the last 2 seasons as well but we ended up winning the championship anyway. This time, we know the writing is pretty much on the wall. Carla and I were texting yesterday about how we still hadn't gotten over it and she mentioned she was cycling through the stages of grief. I totally knew what she meant, and if you are a football fan,  you will understand these too!


-That did NOT just happen!! Tell me that did not just happen! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!
- He was out of bounds!! (or "he crossed the plain" or "that was interference", what have you (proceed to rewind play on DVR about 800 times--realize that even though parents have used gift of DVR about 5 times in last year that it was totally worth the money at this moment).
- They have to review it! They have to review it! (they don't review it)
- refuse to discuss it at all, with anyone
- swear off Facebook and twitter for a few days (I highly recommend this)
- read NO articles about the game UNLESS they are about how your team still has a shot at the big time
- NEVER turn on Sportscenter again
- Immediately delete recording of game on DVR


- curl up in your bed and turn the lights off (my sister) or change the channel and cry while watching Finding Nemo (Deb)

- realize that your birthday plans (turning 30 in Pasadena at the National Championship game) and your husband's plans (SEC Championship birthday party, red and white themed) are now ruined. Cry some more while googling alternate plans

- leave the party you were at early to go home and wallow

-don't make it to the next event because you are just too sad to be cheerful


- blame the coaches ( well honestly they probably know more about it than us so we should  keep our mouths shut. We love you Coach Saban, Cochran, Smart, etc! Please don't leave us!)

- NEVER blame the players (these are children playing a game--you cannot blame a child for a loss and you should NEVER take to social media and blast them. I'd like to see you out there kicking field goals, catching passes, etc!)

- blame yourself (WHY didn't Forrest eat his lucky game day biscuit? WHY did I wear a new shirt to watch this game--it was untested! This is what I get for not going to those 2 home games where we were guaranteed a win--I'm sorry Coach Saban I'm SOOOO sorrrrrrrryyyyyyy!!!!!)

- blame the refs: (is shaking your butt really a false start? that was NOT holding my friend! Where was the targeting call!!!) (or similar lamentations)


- If so and so loses and so and so wins big then we will go to the X bowl (look up flights)
- Realize that in the past 4 years we have won 3 national championships and you got to witness one of them.
- realize that now you can put the money you saved for a national championship ticket into another cool trip (look up flights)
-realize that if certain things happen and the team that beat you wins they might go to the national championship, meaning the state of Alabama could possibly win it 5 years in a row
- follow all of the players from your team on twitter (favorite and retweet their inspirational tweets like it is your job)
- remember that you are 11-1 and just a few short years ago you would have KILLED to be 11-1--count your blessings and your wins and appreciate every second that you are a BAMA fan (or whatever kind of fan)

I love my team, win or lose. The sting of a loss after a season full of winning is hard and unexpected. It feels like a broken heart, actually. BUT, the love for my team and the hours of fun that the provide us will always be there. We were Bama fans when we were losing 6 games a year and so of course we are fans when we lose just 1 game. It keeps us humble, it keeps us hungry, it keeps us appreciated. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into making my Saturdays fantastic, guys!! ROLL TIDE!!

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  1. Gaaaaah , I feel you . Well , it pretty much goes for my WWE craze!!
    Noor | Noor's Place

  2. I feel ya. I hit every stage of this. I too highly recommend staying away from social media afterwards. I still see some random Facebook posts that make me angry...then I block that person and try not to reenter the stage of denial or sadness.

  3. Oh my! I do blame myself when my favourite team loses. You never know that my karma would have turned to my team, uff!

  4. Denial: You. Have. Got. To. Be. KIDDING. ME!!!!
    Sadness: Me to Mom, "Thanks for hosting our first and last family Iron Bowl Party."
    Anger: Haley, referring to our dog, who usually watches the game with me but couldn't attend the party, "WHY couldn't Dad pet Otis?!? Why, I ask you?!?"
    Acceptance: We'll get 'em next time!! (OK, I'm still working on this one ...)

  5. HAHA! This is awesome. I am sorry about 'Bama's loss, though as someone without any emotional investment, I found it to be a pretty entertaining end to the game. ;)

  6. Oooo yes. Must have been very hard to be On the other end of that game! I don't follow college football, but I love pro sports and feel your pain...


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