Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Day I Woke Up in a Sitcom

So I didn't post yesterday because I had the wildest day ever. I actually hate to say that because nothing bad really happened, it was just beyond frustrating. Murphy's Law was all over me. I will attempt to explain. We were showing our house at 8:30 so I got up extra early to finish some last minute cleaning. I didn't bother to get dressed, other than throwing on some jeans instead of pj pants, and I didn't brush my teeth or wash my face because I knew I wouldn't be gone from the house for very long. I was congratulating myself on thinking ahead and scheduling a grooming appointment for Ruffles that same morning because they like me to get her there super early so she can go first. Ruffles is a total diva and doesn't like to go in the kennels at the grooming shop, so they groom her first and then she gets to tend the front desk (literally, she sits in the receptionist's chair behind the desk, like she runs the place). Plus, it takes about 15 minutes to get to the groomers so I figured the errand would put me back home right about the time the potential buyers were leaving. Forrest took Sonny to Farrah's and I loaded the cats into their carrier with zero drama, packed up Ruffles, and we were off to the groomers. It didn't take long at all and I had some time to kill, so I drove back into town to get some breakfast. I never get drive through breakfast so this was a treat. While in line, my cats start scrambling inside the box. I banged on it and told them to stop fighting. Then the smell hit me. They weren't scrambling from each other, they were scrambling from the stinky mess one of them made in the box. Seriously, this was the foulest thing I have ever smelled! This has NEVER happened before--they are always so well behaved once they are in that box! I mean, I've had to carry them with me into the office for a couple of hours during a showing and they managed to hold it. I have no idea what went wrong this particular day, but it went very wrong. I know the lady at the drive through window thought I was crazy when I rolled up with ALL of my windows down in the 40 degree weather, with the smell of evil permeating out of my car. At least it was time to go home. I was proud of the cats for sitting in the front part of the carrier, away from the smell. At least they had their wits about them in that respect! I pull up my street and of course, the people are still in our house. I pulled into the Hayes driveway and waited there until they left, eating my chicken biscuit with the stink cats. Trying to keep positive, I may or may not have been humming "Smelly Cat" from Friends. Anyway, people leave, without making an offer, and I carry the box of stink into the house. Just in case, I take them into our office and close the door. I should have known something was wrong when they timidly stepped out of the carrier, together, with only their front paws. I pulled Brownie out to assess the situation and that's when I realized--this was no ordinary mess--it was everywhere. They were covered in ick. All positivity goes out the window at this point. I do NOT have time to deal with this nor am I as a person equipped to deal with this. It is physically impossible to bathe these cats alone--Forrest and I figured that out early on and now we just take them to the vet and pay for baths. It's totally worth it. Before I let them set one more claw on my floor, I shut the carrier door and we headed straight for the vet. All is not lost, right? Just throw some money at the problem and be done with it. I roll into the vet with the box of evil, drag it in and start explaining to the techs why on earth I'm polluting their waiting room with this nonsense. At that exact moment, a couple runs in screaming "Our puppy isn't breathing!!! HELP!!"...and all hell breaks loose. The couple is crying and the techs jump into action, hollering for the vet and trying to save the limp little puppy. I am NOT GOOD in a crisis situation, especially an unexpected one. I just stood there with tears in my eyes standing next to the box of stink, waiting. The husband couldn't watch and asked me to go into the treatment room and give me an update. Against my will I did it for this guy because I would want someone to do it for me. Happily, the puppy had started to perk up and I even saw a tail wag. They determined that she probably had a seizure and once she came to all the way, took her back to treatment. Suddenly the stink cats seemed like so much less of a problem, although the sweet tech said not to worry, that they would handle the mess for me. I don't think I can reiterate enough that I love our vet's office, plain and simple. Shaken but relieved, I get back in the car, drive back across town to my house to start getting ready for work (all of this has happened before 10 am I of course have a real job that does not include chauffeuring around animals. Well I hit the door and the groomer's call--can you come get Ruffles now? I could have said no but our groomers are so nice to put up with Ruffles' diva-tude that I of course rushed out there to get her. This marks the 3rd time I've left the house without washing my face or brushing my teeth, but hey, you do what you have to do. Ruffles was of course minding the office so I was glad I took her off of their hands. By the time I finally get back home and dressed, it's time for my 12pm lunch meeting. During the meeting I get a text from my office saying I need to meet with a client at 4:30. Fantastic, but that means I have to get the cats right after the meeting because they have to be picked up by 4:30, and again, I didn't want to leave some dirty cats at the vet when they had other more important things to deal with like seizing puppies. So, I drive back across town, pick up the cats and heavily apologize to the vet for what they probably had to deal with, drive back home, unload them, cover all the furniture with towels and sheets just in case, and head to work, for the first time that day. It's now 1:30 pm. I realized I needed to go to the bank and take out some cash for the housekeeper and since I was passing it anyway, I pulled in. I also had some deposits so I made those first and then pulled up to the ATM, which promptly crashed. This required 2 bank workers, me standing outside in the drive through lane in the shade and in the cold until finally, they just handed me some cash from the teller window and sent me on my way. I arrived at work at 2:16 pm. We open at 8:30 am, in case you were wondering. Anyway, through all of this nonsense and backing and forthing, I just kept thinking how lucky I was that the worst thing I had to deal with that day was cat poop. Yes, I ran all over town with a box of ickiness, and then continued to run around for hours, but I really felt lucky that my "bad day" was not worse. I have a groomer that takes care of my dog's individual needs, a vet that will do even the grossest jobs for me AND will drop everything to save puppies, a job that didn't mind that I rolled in 2 hours and 45 minutes before we close (thanks Dad), a new house which is the reason why I'm showing our current one, a bank that dropped everything to help me, and even a car to drive all over the county.  Yes, I was completely spent and frustrated when I got to work, and I laid on the couch and watched movies all evening long last night, but it could have been quite worse and I was and am really thankful. I did feel bad about missing a day of posting but you know what? The world did not end. We live our lives out loud, in the stinky and the frustrating, not on the screen. That's a good thing! I think it's important, during the holidays especially, to think about what we have and to be grateful, because there is someone out there who has less and is happy, whose day was worse and is thankful, and doesn't have the luxury to write about it. Today I'm thankful for a good night's sleep in a warm bed, a sunshiny day without cat poo, and perspective and optimism. What are you thankful for?
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This pretty girl may not look like it, but she is thankful to be groomed!
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  1. I hope your day is going better today! Your dog is too cute & I love that she tends the office! Also that puppy story at the vet sounds traumatizing, but I am so happy it's better!



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