Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I said brrrr! It's cold in here!

I hate talking only about the weather but it really is a big deal down here. We were in single digits, people, SINGLE DIGITS! Excuse me but I did not sign up for single digits. I would have moved north if I wanted single digits! Do any of you non-southerners know what happens in the South when you mention single digits, ice, snow, freezing, and the like??? Panic. Actual panic ensues. Grocery store shelves are wiped clean--of bread and milk. Let me take a minute to discuss this phenomenon. Milk I get--you can put it outside when it's cold and it stays fresh. Plus it's healthy and kids need it. But the bread? I have this inner dialogue every time a power outage is threatened. Do the people who buy bread also by peanut butter and jelly? If so we never hear about it on the news. I hope they aren't buying meat and cheese, because if the power goes out then they could go bad. Although, I'm assuming that they would keep outside, like the milk? This is why I don't need to be left alone to think too much--I digress. Back to the panic. Aside from bread and milk, all of the batteries and candles are gone (I literally saw someone in Walmart on Sunday with a buggy full of scented candles and D batteries--only candles and batteries.). Then the generators get sold out if there is any major sporting event on during the time of the projected outage. This year of course, the winter hit right when Auburn played in the national championship game. I'm sure generator sales skyrocketed!! The best thing about the whole siutation is that it never snowed (except for flurries) AND they delayed school due to the temps and I never lost power. However, the entire downtown area lost gas service and people were dealing with 40 degree temps IN THEIR HOUSES, a situation that milk and bread just wouldn't solve. Anyway, I'm rambling on about this because it is so out of the norm, so out of our comfort zone, that it's all people are talking about.
Personally, I hate the cold. I actually hate the 60s. I need at least 70s to be adequately happy. My skin looks terrible all winter because it gets so dry and flaky. Then I over moisturize and it breaks out. It's a terrible, viscous cycle. Then today, when I woke up and it was 11 degrees, I had no idea what to wear to court. What is a 30 year old girl supposed to wear to court when it is 11 degrees? I couldn't wear my snow boots which was really disappointing, and I don't think I'll be able to unsausage myself from the 2 shirts I currently have on, but suffice it to say that I'm wearing a lot of clothes right now. Last year when we went to Miami we experienced the 80s in January--and then I understood why older people move there to retire. The cold is for the birds, and the sun is where it's at! If you guys need me, I'll be at home in my bed with the heated mattress pad turned on, dreaming of summer! To all of you who were whining when it was 70 degrees right before Christmas because it "didn't feel Christmas-y", I blame you for this.

 photo C82D0882-8DA0-4FF8-ACD8-5F471ACF749E_zpsrvqbqimw.jpg
On the way to work! Brrr! It was 9 when Forrest left this morning!

 photo 68309637-AD66-4B20-A936-EADDAFB39559_zpsepzdsymx.jpg
Ruffles is not good at cold weather either. I'll find her in the same position when I get home from work, I guarantee!

Thrill me with your cold weather stories! I know I don't have it as bad as those of you with SNOW!! 

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  1. I lived in DC for law school. One day I woke up, took a shower, and turned on the TV for the news. The little ticker at the bottom of the screen said it was 10 degrees so I put my pjs back on and stayed in bed. 10 degrees?! I can't even.

  2. So after reading 129380129 cold weather blog posts, I've decided that I'm perfectly content in 70 degree California winters, even if it means no snow. I've always wondered about the bread too- personally, I'd grab all the fruit and cookie butter I could fit in my cart!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts


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