Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Resolutions

Happy happy New Year! I love how the new year brings on declarations of bettering one's self for the upcoming year. It's kind of like saying you will start a new diet on Monday--may as well start the week or the year off right, ya know? Here is a quick run down of my resolutions--you keep me honest, ok?

1. Exercise

I know this is EVERYONE'S resolution but it's a good one. I had gotten into a pretty good workout routine at the end of the year (Christmas excluded) and I hope to continue with that in 2014. My plan is to run on Mondays and Wednesdays (at the gym while it's still cold and dark) and then go to pilates on Thursdays. Then on the weekend I need to walk/run the neighborhood at least once. None of this takes that much time and I enjoy it so hopefully if I can get into a good routine it will become a habit.

2. Mediterranean diet

I've been doing this diet loosely all year but I want to step it up. I need at least a couple of servings of fish per week, and I'm only going to eat red meat when it is served to me--I'm not going to cook it or order it at a restaurant. (I kind of know I will break this a few times already, but that's ok--I'm going for over all here). I also want to make sure to incorporate more fruits into my diet. I love fruit but honestly I'm lazy--it just takes so long to cut up! I need to get over myself and just do it!

3. Cooking

I hope to vary up my cooking a little bit more this year. The smartest thing I ever did in 2013 was to do freezer meals. It totally saved us over the holidays--I honestly haven't cooked in weeks! I want to continue to do that but I want to find some new, healthier recipes. I also got some new cookbooks over Christmas and I would like to try to cook something new every week or every other week at least.

4. Communicate with friends

I actually think I'm pretty good at staying in touch with friends but we can always be better, right? I count texting and facebooking, but I want to do better about calling friends. There is nothing like a good phone chat in my book!

5. Travel

Traveling is my favorite thing to do and so I hope to lots more of it. We have lots of credit card points so we will be able to fly basically for free this year! (I'll do a post on how to do this soon!) That being said there is really no reason not to take a few trips and so I hope to take advantage of that this year. I love nothing more than exploring new places!

What are your new  year's resolutions? How do you plan to stick to them?
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  1. Happy New Year! I'm terrible with #4 and I will try harder with this one too.


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