Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snowpocalypse, in pictures

 photo 5D87DC24-BDD9-4FD1-8BC4-4F275AC38579_zpsn2cjmnki.jpg
My car at work. It was not snowing and sunny when I got out of it an hour and a half before this was taken..

 photo 0A44E1BF-A974-423E-82E0-86F9537F0C72_zpstqo6cqyb.jpg
Not looking too bad yet...

 photo DB903D34-9563-4B80-95A0-809CE337BC78_zpskkhllr72.jpg
Now me and all of my friends are trying to get home all at once...

 photo justinstruck_zpsaf311365.jpg
Justin valiantly tried to get us all home, but instead we decided just to slide down and park next to this nice tree..

 photo 5CBA5A7A-7850-4695-BCC0-DAA67DCAEC69_zpszqjljwxt.jpg
This is one boy that was not at all upset with the snow!! He loves it! Here he is taking a little rest from playing so hard!

 photo A28D20D5-A747-4631-82E4-03D518469D3E_zpsnq0pf1si.jpg
Such a pretty sight. Notice the tire tracks--those were from the gator that rescued us after the wreck and drove us all home! Thank you Tim and Amy!! Also, of course Sonny is laying there with his ball, ready for action!

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  1. It's crazy that it's snowing in the south! Sonny is too cute :)!

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