Wednesday, February 5, 2014

House Inspiration

I know you know I have decided on a living room color scheme and I'm not showing it  yet, but I thought it would be fun to show you some of the inspiration pictures I've been working from for the rest of the house!

 photo greenkitchen_zps128bb160.jpg

I'm currently crushing HARD on apple green kitchens. The current cabinets and countertops are white and will probably stay white, although we want to reface the cabinets and I want new countertops. I think the green looks great with any color--red, blue, pink, yellow, anything--so I'm leaning towards it for now.

   photo courtyard_zps2c011106.jpg

I'm sure you have seen some fantastic outdoor spaces on Pinterest, but let's be honest--those things are majorly expensive to create. We actually have a courtyard at the new house that looks a lot like this one, minus the giant fountain. While I do want to get some cute outdoor couches, that might have to be a next year's purchase. We currently have furniture just like this and I think with some lights and lots of potted plants the courtyard will look magical!
   photo stripebathroom_zpsb931e4e7.jpg

I want our bathroom striped exactly like this, just a little bit deeper blues. Our current bedroom is white, blue, and chocolate brown and we are going to continue with that at the new house. We will keep the room a neutral khaki wall color but I wanted the bathroom to have a little pizazz. I think these stripes will be just
the thing!

   photo giftwrap_zps524ae183.jpg

I'm getting a gift wrap station in my laundry room! Forrest is going to make it for me and I am beyond excited. It won't look exactly like this but I want everything on the walls with dowels sort of like this one and I'll have a table for cutting, etc.

   photo entry_zps3fc33840.jpg

My entry way currently is laid out identically to this one. However I want to make it even more exact by adding molding on the stair wall and painting the inside of the door black. Also I want a funky light fixture, and man oh man are they expensive. Any websites with great buys on lighting?

   photo greatroom_zps1b464667.jpg

I like the layout of this room SO much. We have a fireplace in the great room so I'm using this picture as my lay out inspiration.

   photo diningroom_zps011e059d.jpg


My husband is building us a farm table like this one for the dining room. I haven't found any chairs that I like and I'm not a huge fan of these but I'm really open to ideas right now. If you know where I can get decently priced dining room chairs pleas share!

Eeeeek!! Looking at all these pics makes me super excited, yet so overwhelmed! I have SO much to do!

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  1. I have the same dining room inspiration picture for our eat in kitchen. Would love a post on your husband's build of the farm table!

  2. Oooh, I want all of the things! Now I just need the money! We've looked at remodeling our backyard (right now it's just dead grass and a swimming pool) and it is probably more expensive than the interior of the house!
    -Rachel @ <a href=">With Love, Rachel </a>


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