Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm the Kind of Girl..

....who waits until the last minute to write a post. Sometimes this backfires on me but today it worked out because I found this fun link up for today!

I'm pretty sure when you have a blog the whole world gets to see the kind of girl you are, but today, I will break it down a little for you all. You know, in the spirit of linking up and having nothing else interesting to talk about.

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So today, I'm the type of girl:

--who is always hungry. I am only starting with this one because I'm chain eating Hershey's Kisses at my desk like they may be the last food I see for a long time. I could literally eat just about anything, any time.

--who doesn't like to sweat. Ick. Gross. Please don't make me start sweating! I can't stand the way it makes you feel. My husband tells me that no one likes to sweat, which I assume means I need to deal with this, but I really hate it. Now, that doesn't mean I don't put myself in situations to get sweaty--I run, go to football games in Alabama September heat, and lay out at the lake and the beach, but it doesn't mean I like it. That's the only think I dislike about summer.

--hates to be cold (haha, you simply can't please me when it comes to temperature). The only think worse than sweating is being cold. I HATE it. Once I'm cold I'm cold--there is no warming up for me! This snowy winter down here has been sheer misery for me!

--who gets obsessed with books. Once I find a book that really draws me in, I can't stop reading. I don't care if it's 3am and I have court the next day, I WILL finish the book (and I will be awesome in court the next day). I'm also the kind of girl that feels sad when I finish a book like that.

--and in the same vein, I get hooked on TV shows. Sherlock? Well I drowned the first 2 seasons of that show in like 3 days. The same with Mad Men, Orange is the New Black, and Downton Abbey. I feel like binge watching tv is the way tv was meant to be watched, except that I know it isn't, but dang it, Netflix makes it so easy!

--wants to be everyone's friend. I just like having friends. I like hanging out with all different types of people and doing different types of things. In my opinion, the more the merrier. I just really like including as many people as possible!

--who won't give up. I'm relentless, but I think in a good way. Sometimes I know when I've been beaten and I can recognize that and accept it, but if not, I am not backing down. I'm going to get what I want or need and I'm going to work tirelessly to achieve that! I think that's why I love being an attorney

--who doesn't want to miss out. I can't stand regrets, and while some are going to come, I try to avoid them at all costs. That's why I'll try just about anything, at least once. I'll eat anything, go anywhere, do anything just so I don't miss out on a life's experience.

--who is blessed beyond measure, and I know it. I am so grateful for everything in my life--friends, family, job, everything. I am a lucky girl and I hope that in my actions, I show my appreciation.

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  1. Sweating. Gross. I hate that. HATE IT! I think we picked the wrong state for that business. I got a reminder of what humidity felt like today too! Haha. My hair was no impressed.

    I totally get hooked on TV shows too and then legitimately get depressed when I am caught up or they end. Then I just don't know what to do!?

  2. Lol! I am the same way about books! Once I finish a series I find it hard to move onto the next because I am still stuck in book world. Sighh, #bookwormproblems


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