Monday, February 10, 2014

My next calling in life...

Well, this weekend I found my true calling--judging pageants. I was asked to judge a local middle school pageant and I must admit I had the best time! Since my sister is officially out of pageants, I was kind of having withdrawals. I mean, Miss Alabama and Miss USA took up a good chunk of her life for the past 3 years or so, and in turn, they were a big part of my life. However, I had to give up my pageant life cold turkey when she passed on the crown last fall. Well, enter pageant judging! I was thrilled to be a part of another pageant so I jumped at the chance when asked to judge. When I got there I was beyond nervous. However, judging came naturally, I suppose, because of following pageants with my sister. I was excited to see how other pageants were run, and it was really fun to see such young girls compete. They looked like precious little angles! I loved seeing them all glammed up in their gowns--I think really, that was my favorite part. There is nothing like a beautiful dress and a little mascara to make a girl feel like a million bucks! Each grade had 3 alternates and 3 placed winners and then there was the over all winner. The funny part to me was that the announcer kept saying that "the judges have some difficult decisions to make". Well that's not exactly true. There were 5 judges and we each gave the girls scores in 4 categories. We had no discussion among ourselves as to the scoring--the girl came out, we scored, and we moved along. We didn't even add up the scores ourselves--we had our own tally person sitting behind us (thank goodness--I would have been so nervous to be in charge of my own math). Then they had other people totaling up the scores. I really think that is the best way to judge this kind of pageant because it makes it the most fair.  Anyway, I say all this to say I had NO idea who was going to win or even place because I didn't know what the other judges thought about each girl---it was all math. When they started calling winners I was really really nervous and anxious to learn the outcome!!! Over all it was SUCH a fun experience for me and I hope all the girls had a great time. Since it was a school pageant it wasn't really that big of a deal (although EVERYTHING is a big deal when you are 13, if I recall) so I hope they were able to have fun with it whether they placed or not. To the girls in the pageant--you were all so lovely! I hope you learned a lot about yourselves and had a wonderful time! Win or lose, it takes a tremendous amount of confidence to do what you did and therefore you should truly be proud of yourselves!
After this weekend, I'm dying to judge another pageant. I feel like I have enough knowledge to know what I'm doing but I'm a little removed from pageants enough to be fair and to bring a fresh approach for judging! Hosting a pageant soon? Well, you know where to find me!
 photo 92575D33-B912-4B11-B424-9E62C9D8F1D1_zpsvuu1anlt.jpg
Me and two of the other judges (there were 5)--my bff Farrah and my high school buddy Drew!
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  1. This sounds like so much fun! It's great that you got do it with your friends!

    Crumbs & Curls

  2. Oh my gosh judging a pageant seems like so much fun! I hope you have the opportunity to judge more!


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