Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kendra's Night Out

I am so excited to share this post with you today! I was asked by travel guru Kendra Thornton to help her design an ensemble for a night out at Ghost Bar in Las Vegas. Ghost Bar is one of Vegas' hottest spots and is located in the Palms Hotel and Casino. I was unable to get to Ghost while I was in Las Vegas last summer for Miss USA, but I do know a thing or two about dressing the part. One thing I struggled with in packing for Vegas was looking appropriate. Ghost Bar's dress code is "Stylish Nightlife"....well that does that mean to me, a 30 year old lawyer, and of course to Kendra? I struggled to find the right mix of sassy night life and age appropriateness. I didn't want to be wearing an outfit I was uncomfortable in or one that screamed "This woman thinks she is 17". I know it's Vegas and all, but still. I felt like I was able to achieve this balance and so I'm excited to share it with you, Kendra, and her readers today.

First, here is a little info, sent from Kendra, about the challenge and her evening out...

"While I love spending time with my family, I’m really looking forward to my upcoming getaway to The Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, but I need your help. I want to look great while I enjoy my time with friends. Your challenge is to help me create a fabulous outfit to wear on an evening in Sin City. To help you, I’ve included a brief description of one of the hot spots I plan to visit.
The Palms has several fun bars and clubs. One of my favorites, because of the spectacular views it provides, is GhostBar. Located on the 55th floor of the resort, GhostBar affords some of the most amazing views of the Las Vegas strip. I especially love the views from the glass panel in the balcony floor. This intimate lounge provides a more low-key atmosphere than many of the bars at The Palms. I plan to enjoy my visit here with a couple of drinks and perhaps a couple new friends.

This city has a unique style unto itself. To find the best hotels and hot spots in the city I read all the reviews I could from the experts on Gogobot. Whether I catch a show, enjoy some time gambling in the casino, indulge in dinner at one of the city’s fine dining establishments or catch up with friends over cocktails, I’m sure to have more fun if I look stunning. I can’t wait to see the fabulous fashions my readers recommend, and I look forward to taking your fashion advice out for a fun evening in Sin City. Doesn’t every mom deserve a night out once in a while?" 
To that Kendra, I say YES! So with out further adieu, here is my pick for Kendra's night out wardrobe...

Kendra Thornton collection

In this example I have given two options: one that is a little more "Vegas" and the other that is definitely Vegas, but more versatile.

On the left, I've chosen this darling color block bandage dress. The bandage dress is HUGE in Vegas, but has the ability to make its wearer look huge if not worn appropriately. Kendra will look great in a form fitting dress such as this one, but if she feels uncomfortable with her clothes being so tight, she can always go up a size and achieve the same basic look with this dress. The other option is this black leather mini dress. It's short but not too short and is fitted but not skin tight. I think this dress, when worn with a little cardigan, can be worn out to dinner or to parties when Kendra is back at home and she won't have to worry about looking too "Vegas".
Shoes--ahh shoes. One thing to remember about Las Vegas is that it is big. The casinos are giant and you have to walk a lot to get anywhere. To that end, it is very important to consider one's footwear, even if you are just going to a club. Not only will you be dancing and standing to talk to friends in the club, but you will have also probably had quite a stroll in your heels to get to the club in the first place. Comfort is KEY. However, when I say comfort, I don't mean to insinuate that you should break out your flip flops. That is SO not "Vegas". Sky high stiletto heels rule the night in Sin City, so to look the part, Kendra is going to have to find the perfect pair that not only looks good, but that also feels good. Most definitely she is going to want to try on her shoes and wear them around, even in her home, just to break them in and make sure they will work for her. A pair of heels with a platform are going to be her best bet. They are perfect for adding a few inches without toppling you over. I've again chosen two options for her. The first are super cool and trendy strappy heels. These shoes scream "Vegas" to me and they will look great with either of these dresses. However, I think that this pair of shoes coupled with the bandage dress would make for a killer outfit! The second option is a simple nude pair of pumps. These are still super high due to the platform so they will be Vegas appropriate, however since they are plain they can be worn to work, church, parties, etc. Some people would rather their shoes fade into the background and their outfit hold its own and if Kendra wants that, then these shoes will achieve that with either outfit, and if she wants to take the black dress up a notch, the strappy shoes will do the trick!

Moving on to accessories! Typically on a trip I pare down my jewelry for easy packing but when going to Vegas you should really up the ante when it comes to your night life accessories. However, you can still use affordable pieces that can be used when you are at home--we aren't talking anything too crazy here. For Kendra I've chosen this gold statement necklace that will look great with either dress and still be functional at home. I've selected two pair of earrings that can go with either dress--a more tailored, simple pair of gold bow studs and a more "out there" pair of gold dangles. She really can wear either pair with anything so they are quite functional. It will just depend on how "busy" she chooses to be! Next I've selected a bracelet for each dress--a simple pair of bangles for the color block dress and a chunky cuff for the leather dress. Bangles and cuffs are very trendy right now so these would be wearable at home but will look perfect in Las Vegas. I always feel naked without a bracelet but Kendra might decide that earrings and a necklace are enough, or just a bracelet and earrings. The beauty of these collections is that they mix and match well! Finally I've added a simple gold clutch. Kendra will definitely want to have her phone and wallet and lipstick with her so a purse is a must, but no one wants to be saddled with a giant purse, so a clutch is the way to go.

Ok guys, what do you think?? I hope that Kendra loves this collection and I hope you do as well, especially if you are off to Vegas soon!
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