Tuesday, April 22, 2014

House Wish List v. Reality

Back in August I did a post about my house "wish list". Now that we are moved in and settled, I wanted to take a look back at that list and see how on the mark our new house is! 

Wish                                                                      Reality

double ovens (wall mounted)                                        nope--but I do have 2 ovens--one is downstairs
large double door refrigerator                                       there are 2--one up one down
granite counters (not marble--I will jack that up)          no, but we are installing granite next week
farm sink or under mounted sink                                    coming with the granite!
pull out drawers in cabinets                                           yes! most of them pull out! 
-eat in area, perhaps with banquet?                            no banquet but eat in kitchen
butler's pantry (because they make me feel fancy)       I'm turning cabinets into this
island with prep sink and extra storage                         nope
large pantry (either walk in or with pull outs--I hate stuff getting lost in the far recesses!) nope (but it is a descent size and there are LOTS of cabinets anyway)

Master Bedroom:
-nice size but not giant-no use wasting space              yes! 
-his and hers closets                                                       yes!!
-his and hers bathrooms! (this is my ultimate dream--my grandparents have this and it is awesome) not so much 
-in the alternative, large vanity with double sinks and lots of storage    YES!!
-jet tub   YES!!
-glass door walk in shower with lots of water spouts     shower, yes, hotel spouts, not so much

Living Area:
I would love a separate casual den and formal living room, or at least a great room that is large enough for our piano. I am really more concerned about the "flow" of the house--I'm always thinking about hosting parties and where my guests would be. I also want an actual foyer so you are not walking right into a room, but I'm not a fan of 2 story foyers--the whole balcony things scares me--kids like to climb and I'm afraid of heights. Not a good combo.

--we have one giant great room so the piano will go there. I think the party flow will be good, although the kitchen is not connected to the living area. I don't mind this, though. There is a big foyer with no balcony--hooray!

Outdoor Space:
-fenced in yard                                            We are going to have to add a fence
-pool!!                                                          nope
-deck/courtyard                                         we have a patio and a separate deck
-grilling area                                                the grill will go on the patio

Other spaces:
-I would love a bonus room/play room area for future kiddos               check
-basement/man cave                                                                             check
-work out area (for our treadmill, weights, etc)                      I'm converting a storage area for this
-I also want part of the basement to be underground so we can be safe from tornadoes (if you live in a tornado prone area, you understand this obsession--this is probably number on on my list) this was a must so I definitely got it

-PLENTY of storage space--I'm talking closets out the wazoo-     HOORAY! CHECK!! 
-coat closet by the front door (empty and waiting for guests with coats) YES!
-mudroom-so no guests have to see all of the crap that we bring in daily  NOT SO MUCH
 -formal dining-I know these are kind of on their way out but I LOVE them and they make me feel fancy. We are always hosting so we would definitely use it!        YEP
-at least one bedroom on the same level as the master (so any hypothetical infants would be close by)                                                                                                yes
-powder room near living area but not right in it so you can use it in private    YES
-dedicated laundry room-I don't have that now and I really really want one please!   YES

Ok well that was pretty spot on! I hadn't seen the list since I wrote it so it was kind of nice to see how we ticked most of the boxes. Truth be told we had already seen the house we bought at that time so maybe I was secretly holding out for it? After being in for a week, we are really enjoying our new house and neighborhood. The organization is coming along and is just as much fun as I thought it would be! It's definitely a work in progress and I'm having to be really calm about all the mess and unfinished projects, but I know everything will get done in due time. Thanks everyone for your congratulations! Pictures to come!!  photo null_zpsd9522814.jpg  

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  1. I feel you on wanting a part of your basement underground!!! We sort of got that when we were looking as well. I REFUSED to buy a house without a basement/safe place. Sounds like you got or are adding a lot of what you wanted!!!!

    His and hers bathrooms?????? One day......that would be awesome!!

  2. nice job - looks like you got a lot of things checked off of your list! I have lots of things on my dream list for our next house, so maybe I need to start writing them down :)


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