Monday, May 19, 2014

Running and Resting

Ahoy and happy Monday! I'm in a particularly good mood today for a Monday so I'm going to roll with it. Maybe I'm still on a little high from the weekend. I don't know. Who cares. Anyway here is a rundown, in pictures (and words, who am I kidding) of the weekend that has got me feeling so good.
I'm starting the weekend off with Thursday, because it was a weekend in college so I think it's still allowed, plus we had a really great Thursday! First, I was honored to speak at Career Day for a local elementary school. What could be cuter, right?? It was really hard to describe what a lawyer does to 6 year olds, but they seemed to have a fun time. Popular questions were do I get to work with the cops, have I ever seen hand cuffs, and what time do I wake up in the morning.
   photo D52B626F-65A0-41D7-9783-1B009D2B7697_zpswyuers6q.jpg

That night we went with the Vanderfords and Obriens to a fundraiser for Samford University. Brittney's dad is on the board so we had a table right down front! Of course Forrest loaded up on silent auction items--you know those are his favorite events! The speaker was Todd Blackledge from ESPN. He was a wonderful speaker--very very inspiring!
   photo 5F20E3AB-9245-4534-A3FD-65F7B35D3B19_zpsk8ehgl4l.jpg
Since I had just been to NYC with all of the celebs, I had no problem going up to Mr. Blackledge and asking to have my picture take with him. He was very nice!!

Friday was a great day because our new kitchen counter tops were installed! They aren't totally ready and I've been without a kitchen sink since then, but I'm still pretty pumped up about them! Pics to come! We were low key Friday night because I was running a 5k the next morning with my running buddy, Kelly!
   photo D97D4216-14F6-43F7-900F-34E90FDB890B_zps1g8ndr9k.jpg

Ta da!! We each placed in our age divisions! Woohoo! 3rd place never felt so good! We CRUSHED our time from last year and even all of our practice run times with a final time of 29.25! I know that isn't fast to some people, as the ladies winner ran it in 21 minutes, but to us it was a giant victory. I may or may not still be carrying the medal around in my purse in case someone cares to see it.... After a shower and a nap, I met my church Young Married girls for lunch and a spa day! It was the perfect way to reward myself after a race well run!!
   photo EF781AA4-C778-4A2F-9988-B744ED062178_zpskwrvk1th.jpgPedi complete with hot paraffin wrap! My feet have forgiven me for the race now!

 That evening we went to Birmingham with Chip and Lucy, our friends from the Peru trip. We hadn't spent any good quality time with them in a while and we needed to hang out with each other while we were wearing cute clothes and not sleeping in tents. We ate at Bottega---delish--and ended the night at Garage Cafe, a bar I had never heard. It has all this cool architectural stuff there that an architect uses in his work so there were all these neat things lying around like pieces of wrought iron, concrete sculptures, random sinks, and who knows what all else!  photo 1D13124F-E882-4B9A-9B6A-B0C2CFFBBDD5_zpsqnt0hwbu.jpg
Tiramisu at Bottega--my favorite dessert! Yes I ate the whole thing but it was ok because I ran, remember?

Sunday, ahh Sunday. Since I had gone to Mass on Saturday night I got to sleep in and wallow around in bed while it rained. Is there anything better than relaxing while it rains outside? I also got very busy catching up on my DVR at the old house and did some actual work at the new house. Slowly but surely our house is coming together. I've really got a plan of attack in place now so we are moving full speed ahead!! Even though I was productive, it was a very relaxing day, one that Forrest and I both needed!! Hope your weekend was great! I'm planning on getting some posts up about the Peru trip this week so stay tuned!
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